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The Day I met Dr. Joyce Brothers

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On January 10, 1994 I had a unique and wonderful opportunity. Dr. Joyce Brothers was speaking at the Women's Fair at Century II.   Her speech was great and then thanks to the kindness of my dear friend, Debbie Trimmell-Martin, I was able to visit with Dr. Brothers at a backstage event with no other media present. Debbie is a therapist and had special access. In the room were fewer than 10 people, including me and Dr. Brothers. She spoke with us not like a lecturer, but like we were all old friends chatting.  She was so unpretentious and approachable.  She shared with us that day several things I will never forget:

1) If you are speaking with someone and he or she begins playing with their jewerly, watch or tie you have just said something that offended them.

2) Is someone leaves behind an umbrella, book or similar item after visiting you, it is a sign they want to come back.

3) The closer you are to a goal, the greater attraction the goal has.

She also allowed me to call her over the years and put her on the air with no notice to discuss issues in the news from her perspective.

It was snowy that January day in Wichita and there had been even more snow in the area where Dr. Brothers lives, but she managed to catch a plane to Wichita even after her cab went into a ditch on the way to the airport. She said she had never missed a speaking engagement and she wasn't going to miss the one in Wichita.  I am so glad she didn't. The world lost a truly lovely human when Dr. Brothers passed away yesterday.


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