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"mid-continent" is a meaningless name that does not reflect Wichita..change it!

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The effort has begun to change the name of the Wichita airport!  Phil and I are behind it!The city is currently building a new airport for several reasons. One reason is to build a more functional airport.  Another important reason is to have our airport reflect the size, importance, history and sophistication of our city and state. That translates to more industry and more jobs.  Major companies will not locate here if they think they cannot recruit top level employees to come here.  What creates the first impression of people coming here? Our airport! Mid-Continent was the name of the Kansas City airport and we latched on to it after Kansas City came up with a better name. It referred to Mid-Continent Oil Company.  Wichita is not even the middle of the continent! It means nothing!  Go to to sign the petition we will take to the city council. Please share the petition with your friends on Facebook and otherwise. You will also find a story about this idea elsewhere on this website.  Thanks for taking a look.  

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