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Where the F*** did you get that sweatshirt??

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 In 1987 I was Music Director at T95.  Pink Floyd had just hit the road for their "Momentary Lapse Of Reason" tour.  Since they were not going to play Wichita, my record company representative offered to fly me to St. Louis to see them.  "Hell yes!"  I said!  Before the show I got to go backstage to meet a couple of the guys.  My record rep had, about a week before, given me a Pink Floyd "Momentary Lapse Of Reason" sweatshirt so of course I wore it backstage to the concert.  Problem was, it hadn't yet been approved by the band!  I was standing in the dressing room when David Gilmour and Nick Mason came out to meet everyone.  When I was introduced to them David Gilmour said to me:  "Nice to meet you Phil...where the fuck did you get that sweatshirt?"  It was a classic moment for me and one I'll never forget.  Below is the picture with the infamous "sweatshirt."  

Photo: Happy Birthday to Pink Floyd guitarist/vocalist David Gilmour!  Got a chance to meet him and Nick Mason in St. Louis on their "Momentary Lapse Of Reason" tour!  (note the mullet)
~ Phil ~


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