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Why the Name is Changing to Honor Ike

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Some people seem to have a difficult time understanding why we campaigned to have the name of the airport changed.  First, please know that the original "cost estimate" was horribly inflated and contained items that were "optional" . The reasons for the change are pretty simple:

#1 To honor the achievements of Dwight Eisenhower who defeated Hitler as The Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces and then balanced the budget as President.  He supported unions and Social Security and helped the fledgling Civil Rights Movement by supporting the desegregation of the military...saying "In America there should be no second-class citizens".

#2 To distinguish our city with a name that is world-renouned rather than a completely forgettable name that is a hand me down from Kansas CIty ...and by the way the middle of the continent is 800 miles North of Wichita.

#3 We are trying to attract convention business to Wichita. Having a beautiful airport provide a great first impression is brilliant, keeping a lack-lustre name with an inaccurate geographic reference..  when we now provide a much better airport experience is not smart marketing.

#4 Speaking of marketing, Dottie Harpool at WSU and Herb Miller at the Universtiy of Texas as well as local marketers agree there are marketing opportunities with the name  Dwight D.Eisenhower.

Thanks to all who see that is wise to spend what will be less than $150,000 on a $124,000,000,000 + airport . Please Facebook that positive message.


Jan and Phil



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