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Senator Dole Says Some Republicans Are Too Far to the Right

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Senator Dole said yesterday at WSU that he felt is was time he made some stops around the state and say "thank you".  I think we all know that we should thank him.  Senator Dole is clearly feeling the effects of aging, but his mind is still sharp as a razor at nearly 91 years of age. Among the things he said:

The Republican party needs to come together and one faction is so far to the right they are going to fall out of the capitol.

He urged people in congress to get to know each other as people and urged President Obama to invite members of congress to the white house for informal get togethers as Pres. Reagan did.

He joked that he was thinking of making a run in 2016 and also said if he is not around in 2016 he will vote "absentee".

I was glad to get to visit with him for literally 10 seconds and thank him for endorsing the airport name change and present him with a glass "thank you" acknowledgement.

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