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"The Big Prize"

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I am writing this on Saturday, just a couple hours away from the big Fox Workforce Eliminator Finale Event.  Someone is going to win a trip for 2 to Hawaii....FREAKIN' HAWAII !!!   I am so excited!  The reason I get so wound up about these things is because, growing up, I was a radio contest freak.  I loved to try and win prizes and a couple of times, I did.  I was caller number 8 and won Alice Cooper tickets when he played Henry Levitt Arena on his Billion Dollar Babies tour.  And that was back in the days of rotary dial phones so it was extra challenging!  Another time a radio station was giving away just random stuff and the idea was, they would get a caller on, name what prize they were vying for and the caller had to guess the retail value of that item.  I played and ended up winning an engine tune-up kit...I was 14 at the time and of course had no use for an engine tune-up kit but stil, I WON A PRIZE!   But in all my radio contest playing, I never won "The Big Prize".  The closest I got was when I broke up with a girl and, 2 months later she won a car from a radio station!  I was pissed!  If I would have known she was going to win a car.... well anyway.  Someone today is going to do what I never did and always wanted to do:  Win The Big Prize.  And that is what excites me, I can't imagine the feeling of what it must be like to jump through all the hoops it takes to qualify, make it to the finale event, and then win!  Awesome!!  Good luck to all who got qualified in the Eliminator contest!!  It's time to go to Hawaii.



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