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  • VIDEO: I'm going to go to Lucas, Ks. just to use the bathroom!

    One of the top 10 public restrooms in the country is in Kansas! Lucas, Kansas. Home of "The Garden Of Eden" tourist attraction. Read about it here and vote for it here.

  • Great Album, terrible cover. "Paranoid" was released 44 years ago today!

    Many people heard the words "I am Iron Man" for the first time 44 years ago today. On Sept. 18, 1970, Black Sabbath released their second LP titled "Paranoid". The album contains several of the band's signature songs, including "Iron Man", "War Pigs" and the title track. This album is considered by many to be their best work however the album cover art is just plain stupid! To me it looks like a character from a Monty Python skit. The album was originally supposed to be called "War Pigs" and I guess the guy on the cover was a "War Pig"?????? Anyway, in case you forgot what the cover looks like:

  • 8-Track players make their debut in new model Fords on this date in 1965

    On Sept. 15, 1965, Ford became the first American car company to offer 8-track tape players in its new models.

  • VIDEO: Watch the entire first episode of "The Monkees"

    On this date in 1966 "The Monkees" TV Show debuted. I loved the Monkees! I thought they were hysterical! Here's the entire first episode:

  • Thanking Veterans in a Very Tangible Way

    Thank you to all the folks who have donated cars to the Cars4Heroes/Cars4Christmas charity. On Thursday Phil and I will have the pleasure of handing over the keys to veterans in need. It's hard to imagine that after serving one's country overseas a vet could return and be so under employed that he or she needed help getting a car. A car helps provide: job security, freedom, independence, so important in a city with out much in the way of public transit, yet.

  • Here are your week 1 NFL locks...maybe.

    Microsoft's "Cortana" the virtual assistant correctly picked the winners of 15 of 16 World Cup matches. Now it's picking NFL games! Read how it works and SEE WEEK 1 PICKS!

  • If you have this Kansas Quarter, it could be worth $100

    I'm going to start looking through my bags of change! I'm not a coin collector but I do put my spare change in a bag and when it's full I take it to the bank. I'm going to look through the quarters first.

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