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  • THE BIG *yawn* GAME

    I love professional football. I love NFL season. And every year I attach myself to certain teams. Usually about 3 or 4 teams are "my teams." Football purists will tell you I'm not a true "fan." True fans stick by their team through good times and bad, suffer through years and years of bad coaches and players and know in their hearts that the drought will end and their team will return to their glory days! Dallas Cowboy fans must be feeling that way about this season.

  • We need a "No Pants" event here in Wichita!

    Sunday was the 14th annual "No Pants Subway Ride." Travelers of all shapes and sizes joined together in some of the world's biggest cities on Sunday to take part in the yearly tradition that was started by comedy group "Improv Everywhere" in New York in 2000.

  • How long after January 1st should I stop saying "Happy New Year" to everyone?

    1 week into the new year and some people are still "Happy New Year" ing. That's ok with me really. For all I care you can "Happy New Year" as long as you want. Is there any set in stone rule on when you should stop saying "Happy New Year?" If I haven't seen someone since December 31st and I run into them in a couple of weeks can I "Happy New Year" them? After all I haven't seen them since last year. But if I use that as the basis for the greeting then technically I could see them in mid July and if I hadn't seen them since December 31st I could still say it! That would seem weird right? And then you get into the "what if I haven't seen someone in several years" dilemma..."Happy New Years??"

  • How often do you curse? 16 times a day?

    Todays "Quirky Question" was: The average American does this 16 times a day, what is it? The answer was: curse.

Wichita, KS

SSW at 6 mph

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  • Polar Plunge 2015

    Polar Plunge 2015

    Peace. Love. Plunge! Join the Special Olympics Polar Plunge 2015 for a truly unique experience

  • PBR 2015

    PBR 2015

    The PBR @ INTRUST Bank Arena on April 25th, 2015

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