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  • Wichita Drive-Ins' from the past!

    I'm trying to remember all the drive in movie places that used to be in town. Here's the ones I can remember: The Westport was on West St. just South of Star Lumber. It was pretty easy to sneak in to that one on foot. The Meadowlark Twin was on E. Harry just East of where the Wichita Mall building sits. It had two screens. It's hard to imagine a Drive In being in the middle of town! The 81 was, of course on 81 Highway (N. Broadway) the Terrace Drive In was on the North side of town and most of my memories revolve around the K-42 Drive In. The summer of '79 we spent a lot of time there. We would go out early, before dark, and throw the frisbee around. We'd set up our lawn chairs and have a little base camp. Loved it! The thing I remember most from my childhood days at the Drive In was the intermission films. "The Goodies Machine", "Candy Mountain", "Mouth Watering Chilly Dilly's", "3 Minutes til Showtime."

  • Listen to new TOM PETTY Songs!!

    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers have introduced a cool interactive webpage where you can check out some songs from the band's upcoming album, Hypnotic Eye.

  • NO WAY is Wu a Creep

    Kyle Smith of the NY Post says WU Shock is the creepiest mascot! Really? Here's an article from a year ago filled with truly creepy Mascots. Kyle Smith did not do his homework. Checkout some truly creepy mascots.

  • Cleanthony, We Are So Proud!

    Cleanthony Early fits the Knicks like a glove. He is a New Yorker and clearly feeling at home. It has taken him no time to start posterizing. Summer league must be thrilling for him. So happy for Cle and for Toure Murray. Hope they have a stellar season.

  • Boeing, Boeing Gone

    Hard to really believe we have said goodbye to Boeing...but impossible to deny while you are getting a bargain at the big Boeing Auction on Tuesday July 22nd at 10am. Use entrance #6 and you can get bidding on everything from Giant industrial fans to Cafeteria benches and tables. For some people, these will be souvenirs of a great age gone by...for others just another hydraulic tool.

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