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  • Equine Rescue Needs Help

    If you love animals like Phil and I do, please consider coming to an open house Saturday the 19th of April from 10 to 3 at the Southern Winds Equine Rescue and Recovery Center in Udall. You can meet the horses, bid on silent auction items and support the cause. See you there!

  • Fargo the T.V. Series. Will it live up to my expectations?

  • Be in the new Paul McCartney video!

    Paul McCartney is putting together a new promotional video for "Save Us," a song from his latest album, NEW, and he's asking fans to submit a photo of themselves that also include one line of lyrics from the tune.

  • Would you like to be on stage with Foreigner?

    On Monday Phil and I will provide all the details on how some lucky high school choir will get to sing with Foreigner! I can't imagine how cool that would be. Radio folks get on stage occasionally...but we certainly never get to sing. That is probably a good thing!

  • Why the Name is Changing to Honor Ike

    Some people seem to have a difficult time understanding why we campaigned to have the name of the airport changed. First, please know that the original "cost estimate" was horribly inflated and contained items that were "optional" . The reasons for the change are pretty simple:

  • WOW....It's On Facebook

    There is now a Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport Facebook Page! The page indicates the dedication will be March 31, 2015. Strangely enough, I first viewed the page on March 31, 2014! From all accounts, our new airport will be beautiful, very functional (the poor airport staff has quietly had to deal with the dysfuncton of an elderly airport for years and has done so admirably) and will proudly display our Air Capital heritage while honoring the man viewed by historians as our finest post World War II president, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Way to go Wichita!

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