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  • Can You Imagine Being Held By a Kidnapper?

    Good news from Cleveland where three women, believed dead, had actually been held by a kidnapper(s) and were freed yesterday. Imagine what they went through. Police believe they may have been tied up most of the past decade. How was yesterday different? What happened that allowed one woman to break free? The full story will be heartbreaking, but still interesting. Was "Stockholm Syndrome" part of the senario, where captives start to like their captors, mostly because they haven't been killed? Do any of us really know what we would do in such circumstances?

  • WHY Do We HAVE to Use Lead Shot?

    There are some really stubborn hunters who insist that they need to use lead shot in their shotgun shells, even though it fouls our water and soil and kills the birds that ingest it. That includes our federally protected and most beloved, majestic national symbol, The Bald Eagle. Seriously, they can't pay slightly more to save the lives of the unintended victims? I'm not buying that argument.~Jan Harrison

  • Do We All Agree KC needs an OT?

    If we go with an OT, I am guessing Eric Fisher, though I certainly could be wrong. I still have some concerns about whether we have the right QB. Anybody have thoughts on this? I will be glued to the TV tonight.!

  • A Happy Ending to an Ugly Divorce Story

    Mike Taylor, a guy in Montana, had to have been married to a heartless woman. He lost his Macau parrot in a divorce. She actually sold the bird without his knowledge . She also sold the contents of his storage locker later. Heartbroken, he thought he'd never see "Love Love" again. But strangely, a friend of his spotted Love Love at a bird sanctury in Great Falls. Love Love had been taken there by the woman the bird had been sold to after Love Love bit her. Mike was able to convince the sanctury that the bird was his and even got Love Love's cage back from a guy who bought the contents of Mike's storage locker. Man and bird are doing well! I love a happy ending!

  • So, The Hangover 1 is Now Believable

    When I was a kid I used to dream about a lion sitting on our porch peering into the big glass panel in our 1800's front door...waiting for me on a sunny morning. Pretty far fetched until you consider the plight of a woman attending the circus in Salina. A tiger apparently wandered into a women's restroom and was primping maybe? When a woman walked in and in a big "wow moment" saw the tiger, kept her composure and carefully backed out of the room. When she returned to her seat all her 3 year-old daugher wanted to know is if the tiger washed his hands.

  • The River Festifval is Coming!

    I have a feeling the festival is really going to be good this year. Maybe it's because the admiral is "Mr. Chico" of radio fame years ago. He's a lot of fun and attitudes trickle down. This year The Fox will be part of the Cajun Food Fest! We will be introducing "Big Bad Vodoo Daddy". I am pumped for it. Do you go to the Cajun Food Fest? Why you do go or don't go would be good information for us. Please email me at

  • One-Mile Walk/Run For Boston

    YOU are invited to join the Fox tomorrow (Sat. 4/20) at 8am on the Bike path next to the Hyatt downtown to show your support for Boston! We will walk or run one mile to the Keeper of the Plains and back. Runners from the Prairie Fire Marathon coming in May may join us...but you do not have to keep up with them! Big thanks to the Wichita Sports Commission for helping to get the word out.~Jan

  • There Are So Many Good People In the World

    It's true there are way too many people in this world who seek to do bad things to others. We should not forget, however, that there are way more people who don't want to hurt anyone and would help a stranger in whatever way they could. Know someone who is incredibly nice or thoughtful? Tell them thanks for being on "Team Nice" in the human race.

  • Will We See More Security at Large Events Nationwide?

    I am wondering today, in light of the terrible tragedy in Boston, will there be TSA agents and more police at major events throughout the country? Will this tragedy do to the process of geting anywhere near a large event do what 9/11 did to the process of getting on a plane? I wish police for every community could afford bomb-sniffing dogs. Your thoughts welcome on anything that might change in terms of security measures. Just email me at

  • Imagine a Frat House Without Beer

    Back in the 70s, when the legal age for beer, maybe it made sense for Fraternities and Sororities to have beer at their parties. However, after the law changed and alcohol for anyone under 21 became illegal, it made no sense to allow alcohol at Fraternity and sorority parties. After mutiple student deaths across the country from alcohol poisoning, including one at KU in 2009, many frats are going dry. So far, 2 of 19 frats at KU are not allowing alcohol in the house, 9 of 19 frats at KSU don't allow alcohol, 4 or the 5 frats at WSU are alcohol free as are all of the sororities at WSU. I think its a good idea, students 21 and over can still have a drink elsewhere. What do you think? Email me at Thanks~Jan

  • Ship My Pants!

    Looks like Kmart has finally said, "F it, we're not Target and we're not Walmart... we're @#$%*! Kmart."

  • Dang Funny Birthday Card

    I hate birthday cards that insult the person receiving it. I wouldn't go to the trouble of picking out a card to insult someone...I'd just insult them...simple enough. I know, I'm not serious. I am not big on insulting anyone, really. SO, I was delighted when I found a card that was not too sappy and not insulting to my friend, Ken who was having a milestone birthday. I stepped outside my comfort zone and bought it even though it featured a baby jumping up and down inside, farting to music. Normally I would think that was a little too crude. I guess as I get older my crude threshold is getting a little lower, probably a good thing as Ken loved the card!

  • So, Would Taking the Statue Of Liberty Down Help?

    Someone posting on Facebook says that at least 10 movie posters promoting "end of the world" movies feature our friend from France, Lady Liberty taking a hit. Is she a meteorite magnet? Does she tick-off aliens?..Maybe they think she is taunting them with her torch. Why doesn't the end of the world ever start in France? Do aliens love the Eiffel Tower, it's never the target! Great Wall of China? Pyramids? Taj Mahal? Do we take her down to protect the earth?

  • SO, Are you cheering for Louisville Tonight ?

    There are two ways to look at tonight's game. We can hope that Michigan punishes Lousiville for beating the Shockers by a mere 4 points or we can cheer for the Cardinals, because we don't lose to losers. I am going pro Lousiville! How about you? Email me at

  • Coach Marshall is a Tremendous Strategist at Tournament Time

    Sure Coach Marshall is a tremendous strategist all the time, but his track record becomes absolutely phenomenal when you look at tournaments. At Winthrop , his first job as a head coach, he took the team their FIRST regular season conference title, coached them as they won the BIg South Conference title as well and then on to their very FIRST national championship appearance. That was his first year there! During 9 seasons at that school, he coached Winthrop to 6 regular season titles, 7 Big South tourney titles and was named Big South Coach of the Year 4 times. He was the first Big South Conference coach to have his team go undefeated in tournament play.

  • Trash Talk is starting in LOUIS ville

    We have heard from one of my friends in Louisville that there is some trash talk going on about the game Saturday. We expect to hear from some of those trash talkers and we are prepared to play angry with them...just like WSU will. Listen to what goes down!~Jan

  • How Can We Argue about WSU with the NY Times?

    The New York Times just became my second favorite newspaper:

  • Remember BIg Irv's Amusement Park?

    Back in the day...Big Irv's Amusement Park existed for just a day. You may remember it. I worked for another Wichita radio station and we told listeners there would be a bus in the Westlink shopping center parking lot to take them to a new, underground amusement park, "Big Irv's". We went into great detail about the roller coaster underground etc. April first circa 1995, a long line of people filed onto the bus...after a few minutes we yelled "April Fools" and gave everyone on the bus a commerative "Big Irv's" t-shirt. With the internet, it would not be possible pull off something like that today. :>)~Jan

  • KU V. WSU...So You're Saying There's a Chance...

    Joshua Wood is a great Eagle writer and has broken down the actual mathematical odds of KU and WSU being in the final two teams in the tournament. He says it boils down to about 5% for either team being one of the final two. Then I asked him what the chances are of the two teams meeting each other in the championship game...he said the odds of that are one-half of one percent....I am reminded of that famous line from the movies "So you're saying there's a chance. No matter what...go WSU and go KU. We are so happy for you and proud of you!

  • Words I can't Say on the Radio

    So, ifI am slow in my analysis of WSU basketball during the tourney, here's why. I cannot refer to teams based on their mascot names...such as Sh*ck*rs only as WSU and I cannot say the initals of the tourney and I have to use terms like the "super 16" and "extra special 8" or just say "eight remaining teams", etc. This is because the terms we are all used to are copyrighted and cannot be used in any promotional type way...breaking the habit it so hard, we are just not saying the terms we are all used to even in the news on the Fox for fear we will slip-up when talking about a bracket challenge or something similar. Just so you know~Jan Isn't it kinda crazy?

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