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  • SO, Are you cheering for Louisville Tonight ?

    There are two ways to look at tonight's game. We can hope that Michigan punishes Lousiville for beating the Shockers by a mere 4 points or we can cheer for the Cardinals, because we don't lose to losers. I am going pro Lousiville! How about you? Email me at

  • Coach Marshall is a Tremendous Strategist at Tournament Time

    Sure Coach Marshall is a tremendous strategist all the time, but his track record becomes absolutely phenomenal when you look at tournaments. At Winthrop , his first job as a head coach, he took the team their FIRST regular season conference title, coached them as they won the BIg South Conference title as well and then on to their very FIRST national championship appearance. That was his first year there! During 9 seasons at that school, he coached Winthrop to 6 regular season titles, 7 Big South tourney titles and was named Big South Coach of the Year 4 times. He was the first Big South Conference coach to have his team go undefeated in tournament play.

  • Trash Talk is starting in LOUIS ville

    We have heard from one of my friends in Louisville that there is some trash talk going on about the game Saturday. We expect to hear from some of those trash talkers and we are prepared to play angry with them...just like WSU will. Listen to what goes down!~Jan

  • How Can We Argue about WSU with the NY Times?

    The New York Times just became my second favorite newspaper:

  • Remember BIg Irv's Amusement Park?

    Back in the day...Big Irv's Amusement Park existed for just a day. You may remember it. I worked for another Wichita radio station and we told listeners there would be a bus in the Westlink shopping center parking lot to take them to a new, underground amusement park, "Big Irv's". We went into great detail about the roller coaster underground etc. April first circa 1995, a long line of people filed onto the bus...after a few minutes we yelled "April Fools" and gave everyone on the bus a commerative "Big Irv's" t-shirt. With the internet, it would not be possible pull off something like that today. :>)~Jan

  • KU V. WSU...So You're Saying There's a Chance...

    Joshua Wood is a great Eagle writer and has broken down the actual mathematical odds of KU and WSU being in the final two teams in the tournament. He says it boils down to about 5% for either team being one of the final two. Then I asked him what the chances are of the two teams meeting each other in the championship game...he said the odds of that are one-half of one percent....I am reminded of that famous line from the movies "So you're saying there's a chance. No matter what...go WSU and go KU. We are so happy for you and proud of you!

  • Words I can't Say on the Radio

    So, ifI am slow in my analysis of WSU basketball during the tourney, here's why. I cannot refer to teams based on their mascot names...such as Sh*ck*rs only as WSU and I cannot say the initals of the tourney and I have to use terms like the "super 16" and "extra special 8" or just say "eight remaining teams", etc. This is because the terms we are all used to are copyrighted and cannot be used in any promotional type way...breaking the habit it so hard, we are just not saying the terms we are all used to even in the news on the Fox for fear we will slip-up when talking about a bracket challenge or something similar. Just so you know~Jan Isn't it kinda crazy?

  • I LOVE the WSU team

    Anyone who has followed the Wichita State men's basketball team has to love all the players. They are classy, smart and tough to beat. They have fought through tremendous adverstiy after losing starters to injuries...staying the course and welcoming back the players who were able to return. Win or lose I love them, but winning is sure a lot more fun for us and especially for them. My personal thanks to them for all they have done to promote their University and this city! Kick butt in LA.!

  • I feel so cheap... have Louisville Going All the Way

    It's hard this time of year to cheer for anyone but the home state college basketball teams... I am ashamed to confess that I have WSU making it to round 2 or 3, KSU making it to 3 and KU making it to the championship game two, then losing to Louisville...I actually hope all the teams go further!!!

  • Poor Carnival Employees!

    Not only passengers may suffer due to a lack of proper ship maintenance oversight! Carnival is going to have to do something major to lure consumers back after having another problem and having to fly passengers home who were on the Carnival DREAM. I have cruised on the Carnival triumph and Elation some listener reading this post may have been right there with me. Everything was great on those cruises, largely due to the great employees we had contact with on the ship. Now the Carnival image is so tarnished, the calls to book have to have slowed way down. The really bad news is if people don't book cruises, then there is the possbility of lay-offs. It's probably not the workers who caused the problems, but they will suffer the most if Carnival doesn't do something fast to get cruisers on board!

  • So What If I Say "Cool"?

    So a contributor to the AARP website has come up with a bunch of words she says no one over 50 should ever say...while I can agree someone might look stupid using the word, "Sick" if they aren't from the generation that coined the term, I refuse to give up another word. She says isn't cool for "over 50 peeps" to use the word "Cool". See, I just used it, already. I imagine "peeps" might make the list, so I used that word too! It's cool with me if you email me any

  • I Cannot Wait for the Basketball Brackets!

    I love College Basketball and with KU, KSU and WSU pretty much a sure bet to be part of the March craziness, I am excited. I dream big, with KSU still in when there are eight teams and WSU when there are sixteen remaining and with the Hawks going all the way...though I would be thrilled in KSU or WSU went all the way, of course! How far do you think our teams will make it? Shoot me an

  • I'm a Pompous Pun Purist

    I'm a big fan of the pun. Recently I posted on Facebook that perhaps the Cardinals should have a singing competition to become The Pope and call it: "A Vatican Idol"...or maybe a dancing contest and call it: "Dancing with the Cards". Pretty punny I thought.

  • You Named Your Baby, What?

    A single mom and teacher in LA, Natasha Hill, is going to get $5,000 from a website for naming her unborn baby whatever name is most popular with voters on a website. She says the money will benefit her child ...she'll pay off a small amount of debt and put 3K in a college fund for the kiddo. She also says it's no different than selecting a name from a baby book. The website there will be no brand names and there will be one name for a girl and one name for a boy selected by the voters. I think it might work out fine and I have seen some parents that most people would agree needed some suggestions. What do you think? Email me at

  • Should Kansans Be Able to Buy Wine at Grocery Stores?

    An organization called "Uncork Kansas" will testify before will testify before the Kansas House Committee on Commerce, Labor and Economic Development and express their desire to see wine, as well as non-alcoholic items like mixers sold in grocery stores. The bill in committee in support of these efforts is HB 2206. How do you feel about it? Supporters include thousands of consumers, Kansas Chamber of Commerce, The Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, The Kansas Food Dealers Association, as well as various Grocery associations and others. How do you feel about the idea? Shoot me an email at

  • Would you Sail On The Titanic?

    A billionaire in Australia is recreating the original Titanic. It should be ready to board in 2016. How would you feel about sailing on it I have seen the photos of what it is to look like (as much like the real thing as possible) and it is clearly not modern. The swimming pool is particularly small and odd by today's standards. I can't decide it the whole thing is really creepy or cool. I love history, but something about sailing on the Titanic II is wierd. It's not that I think that it would sink, its more a feeling of claustraphobia that comes over me when I think of being at sea on the thing. I wonder if they will sail the North Atlantic in April on their maiden voyage. If it were free would you sail on the Titanic II? let me know at

  • Here's The Great Salute to Boobs From the Oscars

    I loved the song, "We Saw Your Boobs" from last night's Oscars because I love it when clever wording comes together in song and I found the topic very funny. The expressions of the featured ladies were taken from other appearances, I think it would've been better to get shots with their actual reaction. Did you like the song too? Shoot me an email at Thanks!

  • Is it Wrong to Listen to Christmas Songs in February?

    So, I happen to love several songs that are usually only played at Christmas, even though they are really "winter" songs. Case in point, "Marshmallow World"...I only like it if Dean Martin is singing. Also on the album of his that I have are, Sleigh Ride, Let it Snow, & Walking in A Winter Wonderland"...I like to drive in the snow to those and enjoy how pretty it is..sort of a Christmas "Do-Over"...especially when we did not get a white Christmas. I can be so nerdy. What nerrdy thing do you do? Email me at

  • You Gave Your 16 Year-old What?

    A mom in Gansevoort, New York must've realized he was too young for Chucky Cheese and apparently could not afford to give him a car, so she gave her 16 year-old a party at a local bowling alley..perfectly normal until she sent him two stripper too! Of course, there were tweets, posts and pictures...including one of a guest seated in a chair with a bra and thong clad stripper upside down on top of him. Some of the guests were as young as 13. Now the mom is charged with 5 counts of endangering the welfare of a child...What do you make of all this? Shoot me an email, Jan

  • No Pressure, It's just a World Record Attempt!

    Phil and I are honored to be participating in an event to feed the hungry both here and in Haiti. It happens to be an attempt to break the world's record for number of meals packaged in an hour. While all the volunteers are arriving tomorrow, we have to entertain them along with Mark and Kara from KWCH 12. Only problem...were we to go over time in our entertainment portion and training be incomplete...we could screw-up the whole thing! No pressure!

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