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  • Stranded on A Ship? Yuk

    Okay,, there may be worse things than being stranded on a ship, but still I really feel for passengers on the Carnival Triumph which has been adrfit since a fire on Sunday. No hot food, no hot water, no air conditioning. People are dragging mattressess to cooler areas than their many are sleeping on the decks. A tug boat is coming to the rescue...hopes to arrive on Thursday and they will be towed to Mobile, AL. This is a change in plans as they were suppose to be towed to Progreso, Mexico tomorrow. At least some of the toilets on the ship are working now...they had been using bags that they had to turn in to the stewards. I have been on the Triumph. It's a nice ship. Sorry it's not so nice right now. Phil says he'd be fine with all of it since they are refunding...seriously, Phil? Let me know what you think at

  • I know Charlie Sheen's Heart is in the Right Place, But

    So Charile Sheen is asking rogue former LAPD officer and Chris Dorner to get with him to come up with a plan to end his time on the run. I get charlie is trying to help, I just hope law enforcement invited him to help, which seems unlikely. If I were LE looking for civilian help in capturing a suspected killer and former cop with a rambling manifesto, Charlie would seem an unlikely helper. What do you think?

  • The Best Big Game Commercials Are Unpredictable

    I have a favorite commercial from last night. It's one that scored will with most viewers, but it is my favorite...the kid who's dad let's him borrow the Audi. I liked the lack of sickeningly sweet predicability. Did you have a favorite that is not necessarily anyone else's favorite? email me at

  • Let's call it Wichichili?

    I am sure that the winner of the chili competition today will be someone who uses a Manning-Clampitt Chili brick. I know they've won multiple times and I have only won once...without the brick. Manning-Clampitt is a local company and I have noticed on line that many people rave about the Manning-Clampitt chili woman from Oklahoma was bragging to people in Wisconsin that she is lucky enough to be able to come to Wichita and get it. If you've never had it, and want to sample it...get a bowl of chili at NuWay...delightful for over 80 years...I am pretty sure they use Manning-Clampitt. Maybe next year I'll just order up a doz bowls of Nuway chili and toss it in the crockpot...If you can't beat 'em, join 'em and let's do call it "Wichichili".

  • Would you Like a Bike Path between SE Wichita and Derby?

    Sedgwick County is supporting an application to the state for federal funding for a bike path between Derby and SE Wichita. Sounds safer than riding down K-15. It will probably be aviation themed,are you in? If you have a comments about the proposed bike path...please Email me at jharrison@1045thefox.

  • Happy Birthday, Kansas!

    Today our state turns 152! Proud our state came into the union as a free state, and survived Quantill's raiders in 1863. Kansas history is actually pretty interesting. When I see a Confederate flag on a vehicle here, I wonder if they know their Kansas history... Including the attack in Lawrence by Quantrill's raiders that killed 150 men and boys and burned one-fourth of the town.

  • Do You Have the Best Chili Recipe?

    The Chili Cook-off here at work is February 1st and Phil and I are looking for a recipe that can make us winners. To be honest, I haven't won this contest in a long time and I am eager to win. We will have a local celebrity judge in to make the call. If you have what you think is the best recipe, please email us If we use your recipe and win...we'll supply you with all the ingredients to make your own batch!

  • Why Are Nibs So Hard to Find?

    I have been looking for cherry NIBS for my husband for part of his Valentine's Day gift. You can find Twizzler's cherry, even bit sized Twizzler's in cherry, everywhere but NIBS are available only at a few truck stops....I don't mind travelling to a truck stop if someone knows of a specfic one that carries Cherry NIBS. Please let me know at

  • Katherine Webb Is Now a "Star"?

    AJ McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb was unknown until she was seen on National TV cheering on her boyfriend . Now ABC wants to feature her in a "Celebrity Diving" reality show along with stars like Ndamukong Suh, Keisha Knight-Pulliam. Show premieres March 19th. Will you watch?

  • So Now I Am Going With The 49ers

    It's been difficult attaching myself to team in the big game, as I was a fan of Denver and KC was in no way a possibility for post-season play, and then of Atlanta for the sake of Tony I am going for SF, frankly because I think they will win and it is time a West coast team won. Any comments?

  • I So Want Tony Gonzalez to Win

    See it's not about the Atlanta Falcons for me...its about Tony Gonzalez. Usually the Big game is no big deal for me, because the teams I have any allegiance to are never in the Championship game. However, I think a great deal of Tony I am cheering for Atlanta...if you have your windows open you just might hear me!

  • Was T'eo Embarrassed to Admit He was Duped?

    Manti T'eo says he thought he was having a significant relationship with a woman on line for years, but never met her. Then he says he believed she died on the same day as his grandmother. Seems like he was very trusting and able to "smell a rat". Maybe he was indeed a victim in this and did figure it out, but by then he felt he was in too deep to pull the plug on the story. I feel for him if that is the case. It appears he was forced to come clean when a journalist noted he could find no obituary for the girlfriend. It will be interesting to see what comes out when the person who apparently created the twitter account for the non-existent girlfriend makes a statement today. I suspect I will have harsh feelings for that person. What a manipulator! Phil and I will have more on this!

  • Do You Ever Wonder, What If?

    There was a time when I was fearless, never doubting that my choices were the right ones. Now, as I reflect on some past decisions I wonder about the "road not taken". Does anyone else do this? Let me know at

  • Even a Duchess Can't Always Get What she wants

  • Cleanthony Don't Leave Us

    Okay, maybe it's selfish, but I would hate to think of Cleanthony Early taking off for the NBA and not being back at WSU next year. Sure he could complete his education later, sure he risks a career-ending injury if he continues college ball, but watching him last night on TV in the round house was pure joy! Thanks, Cleanthony!

  • So, What is the Big Problem with making Barrier's a Restaurant?

    City Council has told residents in the vicinity of Douglas and Oliver that they will not prevent the old Barrier's Jewelry building from becoming a restaurant. Residents were concerned about traffic, noise, trash, etc. It seems those would already be something of a problem in that already commercial area. Can't imagine a restaurant would make it that much worse. Your thoughts? email me at

  • Does is Make You Mad when you still see Christmas Trees up on Jan. 12th?

    Sooo, my friend from New Jersey is coming to visit this weekend. She has a small house and rarely puts up a tree for Christmas. I want to have a belated Christmas celebration with her and I have a present for her that I think she will love! Do I dare leave up the tree in our living room through Sunday? To make matters worse, there are outside decorations on the porch that correlate with the tree in the window. Will I become one of "those" neighbors if I wait until next Monday to take it all down? Let me know at! Thanks!

  • I am hoping the Big Game features the Packers and the Broncos

    I think Peyton has been just absolutely marvelous in Denver and I admire Aaron why not have it a Green Bay/Denver game?

  • He Had to Have Felt the Pressure..

    I know Collin Klein is pretty unflappable, but when 25,000 K-State fans showed up at a stadium Pep Rally yesterday, he must have been thinking, "Wow, I'd hate to let these people down". Klein is a leader and leaders surely feel the heat...even if they don't show it. Good luck Cats! Let's increase our bowl record to 7-9.

  • RIP World's fastest Gunslinger

    As a "shootist" myself, I really find this guy amazing. Bob Munden passed away last month. Here he is in his prime.~ Jan

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