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  • Rolling Stones Documentary Premieres on HBO Tonight

    The new Rolling Stones documentary Crossfire Hurricane will get its TV debut tonight on HBO. The film, which celebrates the band's 50-year career, will air at 8 p.m. cst and then will be viewable on-demand to HBO subscribers starting tomorrow.

  • She'd Sure Have to hit the Gym!

    She's nine and she's rocking the gridiron. Will she be the first woman to play in the NFL? She'd sure have to hit the gym..

  • Was Diane Sawyer Drunk During ABC’s Election Coverage?

  • Am I the Only One Who Loves Election Day?

    It's almost like Christmas eve for me as I anticipate the election results. The whole political process excites me. That appreciation was instilled in me at an early age. It started when I was in grade school. I campaigned for candidates by placing their business cards, explaining their stand various issues, in the screen doors of all our neighbors. SO long before the internet. Later I graduated to the illustrious position of posting the chalk numerals on the chalk board in the Election Commissioner's Office in front of the glare of TV cameras. Speaking of the media are celebrities and who they are backing today...

  • Aerosmith's Tyler and Perry Talk New Album, Share Favorites Songs on The View

    Aerosmith has been making the rounds in New York City chatting with the media about their new studio album Music from Another Dimension!, which hit stores this Tuesday. On Friday morning, following the band's appearance on NBC's Today, frontman Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry headed over to ABC studios to talk with the ladies of The View.

  • You Probably Can't Wear The Costume Voted "World's Best"

    Josh Sundquist is well-known as a motivational speaker who recovered from his loss of a leg to cancer at age 9 to ski in the Paralympics. Today he's roundly winning the global contest for the best Halloween costume. It's inspired by the infamous leg lamp from holiday classic "A Christmas Story," which featured an ornery dad obsessed with his fringed table lamp in the shape of a leg. "I had to shave my leg, but I think it was worth it," Sundquist wrote on his Facebook page. This isn't Sundquist's first Halloween rodeo: He won similar applause after going as "Amputee Gingerbread Man" in 2010.

  • No Traffic Lights...Dream or Nightmare?

    My friend Roseann lives in Jersey. Her mom lives in a neighboring town in a care facility. Rose cannot get though on the phone to her due to Superstorm Sandy. She will drive to see her today. Alas, all the traffic lights in Hudson county are out. So, I had to ask myself. if we treated every intersection as a 4-way stop, would that save time or cost us time? Major intersections with multiple lanes would be a real pain. Do you think everyone remembers that when two cars arrive simultaneously at an intersection with no traffic light...the one on the right has the right-a-way? Shott me an email with your

  • Flooded Subways, Electrical Outages..I feel for the people in Sandy's Path

    Hurricane Sandy may only be a category one hurricane, but that seems like it packs quite a punch to me. There are warnings that 11-foot tall waves might result in flooding in the lower part of Manhattan....can you imagine flooded subways/...they are the lifeblood of the city. My friend on Long Island says she is holding steady and not going to evacuate even though she is just barely outside the area from which evacuation is required. The entire Eastern seaboard will likely be affected in some way. Let's keep all of our fellow Americans and visitors to this country in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Doors Guitarist Robby Krieger Says Band's New Live at the Bowl '68 Video Is "Amazing Looking"

    This past week, The Doors released a DVD and Blu-ray featuring an updated and expanded version of the band's historic July 1968 concert at the famed Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Live at the Bowl '68 offers restored, high-definition visuals of the show as well as a remastered soundtrack.

  • Don't you hate it when..

    So dopey me, wasn't sure what kind of cake to buy/make for Phil's birthday. I know chocolate was what to do...there are a lot of people at our office so I decided to buy a white cake and make a pineapple upside down cake. So, I punt nap time and toil to make a pineapple upside down cake. Instead of the usual small 8 X 8...I double the recipe and make a 9 X 13...great until it comes time to flip the hot cake (Must be hot for a successful flip. I've done it a hundred times) Well...the tray I was using for this was considerably bigger than 9X13 and you can imagine...the flip failed and the cake broke in half...sure I tried putting back luck. I think my husband was happy...he got to eat it...and Phil liked the white cake. Sorry co-workers, first come, first served on the white cake. Anyone else had similar failures? Email me at

  • President Obama trumps Trump on the Tonight Show

  • Rolling Stones Release Official Bootleg of 2005 Toronto Concert

    Rolling Stones Release Official Bootleg of 2005 Toronto Concert

    The Rolling Stones have released the fifth installment of their series of officially authorized bootlegs. Light the Fuse: A Bigger Bang Tour captures an intimate club show in August 2005 at Toronto's The Phoenix that kicked off the band's tour in support of its latest studio effort, A Bigger Bang. The 15-song set features The Stones road testing four A Bigger Bang cuts, as well as serving up some classic tunes and a few select covers.

  • I can't help it, this grosses me out

    I read recently than men spend about 25 minutes more per week in the bathroom than women do. That was then our "Quirky question" on Oct. 23rd. I said that "for some reason, I don't know exactly why, magazine racks in the bathroom gross me out". A listener has interpreted that to mean I am telling him what to do, which was not my intent. As a way of apology, I am willing to read him anything he chooses through the bathroom door and I'll even clean the bathroom. I am messaging him on facebook to make the offer. I will let you know what he says...He does have a pumpkin in a Jason Hockey mask as his profile pic on FB, but I think that is just a Halloween reference.

  • Thank You FBI

    Great work by the Feds yesterday, thwarting an attempt to blow-up the Federal Reserve. How many websites, etc. must the feds have to watch to prevent terrorist attacks? The Feds were great, managed to contact a guy from Bangladesh who was wanting explosives etc. to commit a heinous crime against America...they furnished him with fakes and when he tried to go through with his diabolical plan they swooped in and arrested him. I love it! Do we give enough props to the FBI, The ATF, the CIA as well as local law enforement?

  • What does the sticker on your car say about you?

    A study says drivers who put personal messages on their cars are more likely to think they own the road and drive aggressively. The one I saw today really makes me worry. Across the back window of a relatively new car comes this message, "I'm not speeding, I just really have to poop." Are you kidding me? First the statement is never factual regarding the speeding part and presumably not factual most of the time regrading the pooping part. Who the hell wants to know this? Then this same person features a RIP "whomever" message next to this lovely statement about their need to poop being so important. Seems to me to be disrespectful to the departed person. Maybe they should just have the message "Cure diarrhea related illnesses".

  • How Many of Us Would Be This Honest?

    A cab driver in Vegas discovers nearly a quarter-million dollars in cash left behind in his cab. He returned it. He got a $2,000 reward from the owner of the cash. Takes a special person to return cash in that amount! Takes a special person to lose that amount, must've been a millionaire...I misplace a lot of things...but over 220K in cash?...I could probably keep track of that.

  • Fans, The Bottom Line Is...

    Eric Winston had his heartfelt say about what he at first identified as 70K fans cheering Matt Cassel's injury. Then fans fired back saying he got it all wrong...they reported it wasn't all 70K fans and many of the cheers were either for Cassel getting back up or for QB Brady Quinn coming on to the field. Regardless of what actually happened we should all try and be considerate and quit trying to demoralize each other, Let's all try and be thoughtful, and while we can criticize players performances, let's not be haters.

  • Save the Hot, Sweet Pickle

    So, the nice people at Dillon's heard me whining because I can't find Private Selection Hot, Sweet pickles on the shelf any more. Teresa called me from Dillon's and explained that they can't stock them because of a lack of demand. It must be because not enough people have tried them! Teresa offered to order them for me. I went in and filled out the necessary paperwork last night to get 4 jars...I intend to share...then if you're with me... buy 'em. Details soon!

  • Why would someone steal my cable??

    Why would someone steal my cable??

    And when I say "steal my cable", I don't mean my cable service I mean the actual CABLE that goes from the pole to my house! Last week I suddenly had no cable t.v. or internet. I called the fine folks from Cox Communications to come out and fix the problem. The guy came up to my porch and said "come here I want to show you something." He took me around to the side of my house and there it was, or should I say there it wasn't. The cable from the pole to my house was completely missing! Perfectly cut and removed! Why would someone do that?? I have no enemies (really I don't) and I wouldn't think there was enough copper in that cable to make it worthwhile is there? I was freaking out because the new season of Dexter was going to begin last Sunday and what then? I couldn't miss an episode, especially the first one!! Hmmm...maybe I do have enemies. Because cutting my cable just before the new season of Dexter would certainly f*** with my world! LOL. Oh well I will probably never know the real reason for this mystery but Cox hooked me up, I saw the incredible first episode of Dexter and life is good.

  • Jail Pod For The Mentally Ill?

    The Sedgwick County Commissioners say they want to move ahead in creating a mental health pod for the county jail. Commisioner Jim Skelton says it will reduce liability ...I hope that is not the only reason Commisoners want to have a specialized Mental health pod. I would like to think there is some concern for the prisoner's health and safety.

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