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  • What does the sticker on your car say about you?

    A study says drivers who put personal messages on their cars are more likely to think they own the road and drive aggressively. The one I saw today really makes me worry. Across the back window of a relatively new car comes this message, "I'm not speeding, I just really have to poop." Are you kidding me? First the statement is never factual regarding the speeding part and presumably not factual most of the time regrading the pooping part. Who the hell wants to know this? Then this same person features a RIP "whomever" message next to this lovely statement about their need to poop being so important. Seems to me to be disrespectful to the departed person. Maybe they should just have the message "Cure diarrhea related illnesses".

  • How Many of Us Would Be This Honest?

    A cab driver in Vegas discovers nearly a quarter-million dollars in cash left behind in his cab. He returned it. He got a $2,000 reward from the owner of the cash. Takes a special person to return cash in that amount! Takes a special person to lose that amount, must've been a millionaire...I misplace a lot of things...but over 220K in cash?...I could probably keep track of that.

  • Fans, The Bottom Line Is...

    Eric Winston had his heartfelt say about what he at first identified as 70K fans cheering Matt Cassel's injury. Then fans fired back saying he got it all wrong...they reported it wasn't all 70K fans and many of the cheers were either for Cassel getting back up or for QB Brady Quinn coming on to the field. Regardless of what actually happened we should all try and be considerate and quit trying to demoralize each other, Let's all try and be thoughtful, and while we can criticize players performances, let's not be haters.

  • Save the Hot, Sweet Pickle

    So, the nice people at Dillon's heard me whining because I can't find Private Selection Hot, Sweet pickles on the shelf any more. Teresa called me from Dillon's and explained that they can't stock them because of a lack of demand. It must be because not enough people have tried them! Teresa offered to order them for me. I went in and filled out the necessary paperwork last night to get 4 jars...I intend to share...then if you're with me... buy 'em. Details soon!

  • Why would someone steal my cable??

    Why would someone steal my cable??

    And when I say "steal my cable", I don't mean my cable service I mean the actual CABLE that goes from the pole to my house! Last week I suddenly had no cable t.v. or internet. I called the fine folks from Cox Communications to come out and fix the problem. The guy came up to my porch and said "come here I want to show you something." He took me around to the side of my house and there it was, or should I say there it wasn't. The cable from the pole to my house was completely missing! Perfectly cut and removed! Why would someone do that?? I have no enemies (really I don't) and I wouldn't think there was enough copper in that cable to make it worthwhile is there? I was freaking out because the new season of Dexter was going to begin last Sunday and what then? I couldn't miss an episode, especially the first one!! Hmmm...maybe I do have enemies. Because cutting my cable just before the new season of Dexter would certainly f*** with my world! LOL. Oh well I will probably never know the real reason for this mystery but Cox hooked me up, I saw the incredible first episode of Dexter and life is good.

  • Jail Pod For The Mentally Ill?

    The Sedgwick County Commissioners say they want to move ahead in creating a mental health pod for the county jail. Commisioner Jim Skelton says it will reduce liability ...I hope that is not the only reason Commisoners want to have a specialized Mental health pod. I would like to think there is some concern for the prisoner's health and safety.

  • Could He Win the Heisman?

    The Bleacher Report has a running feature on who will win the varies as the weeks roll by, but this week, they have Collin Klein listed as the 4th of the 5 current possibilities for the Heisman...I confess I think a lot would have to go wrong in West Virginia before Collin would win, but I hope I am wrong. In any event, it's a great position for Collin to be in. Go Cats!

  • Roger Are You Listening?

    The issues with the REAL referees needs to be resolved! How much does the NFL make? How much do they pay players? Treat the real refs fairly and end the problems with current officiating. Turns out the job of a referee is not everyone can do. For the record, I also feel badly for the refs filling in. They are in way over their heads and I know it isn't fun to be constantly ridiculed.

  • I did it because I was Sleepy!

    I am one of the many, many people who do not get enough sleep, and now that the Jan and Phil show starts at 5:00, I am trying to figure out a way to get to sleep even earlier. Reading in bed helps, but surely there are other ways. My doctor says I am a late "spiker" as we all have times of days when we get energy "spikes" (my terminology not his) and my last one is around 7pm...later than most people's...if you have a way of getting to sleep when you are not sleepy...please let me know. Email me at

  • Strange Sounds Continue at Our House

    I promise this is not about Halloween being a month away! As I mentioned previously, strange sounds have been occurring in our house. Sounds of people running on the stairs...sounds of a large, soft object being dropped and dragged, sounds of a non-existent box falling over in the basement and now sounds of a metal crowbar being wielded outside our house...anyone know a medium who conducts seances?

  • Starbucks Diet? Hmmmm or mmmmm?

    So a lady says she lost 80 pounds in two years by eating nothing but Starbucks food. She had their coffee and oatmeal for breakfast, a fruit based boxed lunch, and a pannini for dinner. She chose Starbucks because at the time it was the closest restaurant to her home and work that published their calories. Maybe a person could trade off...Starbucks/Subway...I have to wonder if in those two years she ever cheated with white mocha shots or banana walnut bread!

  • Anybody want to Debate the "Pure Water Wichita" Folks?

    The "do flouride"/ "don't flouride" the water camps are wanting to debate. However, it appears the anti-flouride folks (Pure Water Wichita) want to debate someone other than the pro-flouride folks (Wichitans for Healthy Teeth). Apparently Pure Water Wichita did not like the terms for the debate preferred by Wichitans for Healthy Teeth. If you feel strongly about going ahead with flouridation...let purewaterwichita@gmail know you want to debate them on TV.

  • If You Can't Beat "Em, Join "Em

    So, I am NOT a fan of the Honey Boo Boo show (whatever its called) and I cannot figure out how TLC can still call themselves "the learning channel" with programming like Honey Boo Boo. That said, I did stumble across the Honey boo Boo "name changer" and from now on I will occasionally be known as, Jinxy Honey. I guess its what the people want, however don't expect my grammar to change...I can't go there.

  • Patriot Day

    Today is Patriot Day, and we choose each Patriot Day to remember 9/11 by giving cars to veterans in need through Cars4Heroes. Today it was our privilege to give three veterans reliable transportation so they can continue to make progress towards their own dreams. They certainly deserve that.

  • Hope This is Not a Re-run

    Authorities in New Orleans are saying the levees will hold. I am very concerned, especially for poor people who will have a more difficult time evacuating. I am also concerned for pets. I so hope a category one hurricane means much less threat of death and severe destruction.

  • The re-design of the Backyard Continues

    Well, my husband has a bad back and needs a hot tub, so we bought one. Now it's in our garage, empty, not even plugged in. You see the hot tub sale was going to end and we had to have it delivered despite the fact we were not quite ready. Now the fun begins, because we need a new fence, a concrete pad, wiring and an upgrade to the electrical system, to make it 200 amp service. Cha Ching. Maybe I should have just paid for a massage a week for the next ten years. Anyone know what an electrcial upgrade to 200 amp service costs? Email me at if you have any idea. Thanks!

  • I was on Nightmare Next Door...

    Recently, I sat down to watch Nightmare Next Door...I'd recorded several episodes and saw that it had happened in Kansas so I chose to watch that episode. This was the first time in months, maybe years, that I had recorded that show. Once I selected the Kansas episode I saw that is it was set in Wichita and immediately began looking for landmarks. Saw a lot of our town and the great people here in that show, very sad crime though. Ultimately, Detectives Otis and Gouge go to lunch at a "diner". I studied the diner scene to see which diner it was amd saw the familiar Riverside Cafe logo. Then I discovered something else...and here it is:

  • Is That MJ?

    A guy in Chicago is trying to sell his car windshield with bird poop on it. Seems the bird poop creates a portrait of Michael least the "pooped on windshield's owner" thinks so! I am not seeing it!

  • Please Be Aware that Pets Can be Anywhere

    My husband is the "Lost Puppy Whisperer". but, sadly, Kent came upon a puppy laying in the street yesterday. A tiny Chihuahua whose owner had left him in the care of a friend and somehow he slipped away and into the path of a car driven by someone who failed to notice they had hit him or failed to care. The puppy was still alive and although Kent offered to drive the puppy sitter and the pup to the emergency vet, the puppysitter and a friend took off for the vet alone. Now Kent is wondering if the puppy survived. Please watch for animals as well as pedestrians and motorcyclists.

  • Stephanie and Kobe? Inappropriate? Surely not!

    So I went on record as saying Michael Phelps should have spent more time with Stephanie RIce. The beautiful Australian swimmer was once a girlfriend of his. So this morning I find out that one of Stephanie's fellow countrywomen is accusing Stephanie of having an inappropriate relationship with Kobbe Bryant. She offers no proof, the photos of the Stephanie and Kobbe don't look inappropriate to me and I am not beleving least not yet.

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