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  • Patriot Day

    Today is Patriot Day, and we choose each Patriot Day to remember 9/11 by giving cars to veterans in need through Cars4Heroes. Today it was our privilege to give three veterans reliable transportation so they can continue to make progress towards their own dreams. They certainly deserve that.

  • Hope This is Not a Re-run

    Authorities in New Orleans are saying the levees will hold. I am very concerned, especially for poor people who will have a more difficult time evacuating. I am also concerned for pets. I so hope a category one hurricane means much less threat of death and severe destruction.

  • The re-design of the Backyard Continues

    Well, my husband has a bad back and needs a hot tub, so we bought one. Now it's in our garage, empty, not even plugged in. You see the hot tub sale was going to end and we had to have it delivered despite the fact we were not quite ready. Now the fun begins, because we need a new fence, a concrete pad, wiring and an upgrade to the electrical system, to make it 200 amp service. Cha Ching. Maybe I should have just paid for a massage a week for the next ten years. Anyone know what an electrcial upgrade to 200 amp service costs? Email me at if you have any idea. Thanks!

  • I was on Nightmare Next Door...

    Recently, I sat down to watch Nightmare Next Door...I'd recorded several episodes and saw that it had happened in Kansas so I chose to watch that episode. This was the first time in months, maybe years, that I had recorded that show. Once I selected the Kansas episode I saw that is it was set in Wichita and immediately began looking for landmarks. Saw a lot of our town and the great people here in that show, very sad crime though. Ultimately, Detectives Otis and Gouge go to lunch at a "diner". I studied the diner scene to see which diner it was amd saw the familiar Riverside Cafe logo. Then I discovered something else...and here it is:

  • Is That MJ?

    A guy in Chicago is trying to sell his car windshield with bird poop on it. Seems the bird poop creates a portrait of Michael least the "pooped on windshield's owner" thinks so! I am not seeing it!

  • Please Be Aware that Pets Can be Anywhere

    My husband is the "Lost Puppy Whisperer". but, sadly, Kent came upon a puppy laying in the street yesterday. A tiny Chihuahua whose owner had left him in the care of a friend and somehow he slipped away and into the path of a car driven by someone who failed to notice they had hit him or failed to care. The puppy was still alive and although Kent offered to drive the puppy sitter and the pup to the emergency vet, the puppysitter and a friend took off for the vet alone. Now Kent is wondering if the puppy survived. Please watch for animals as well as pedestrians and motorcyclists.

  • Stephanie and Kobe? Inappropriate? Surely not!

    So I went on record as saying Michael Phelps should have spent more time with Stephanie RIce. The beautiful Australian swimmer was once a girlfriend of his. So this morning I find out that one of Stephanie's fellow countrywomen is accusing Stephanie of having an inappropriate relationship with Kobbe Bryant. She offers no proof, the photos of the Stephanie and Kobbe don't look inappropriate to me and I am not beleving least not yet.

  • Who Can Michael Phelps Trust?

    Michael Phelps revealed in an interview with Bob Costas that he is going to work on his golf game now that he's through with competitive swimming. I started wondering if he would settle down with one woman and who. Here are the women that Michael has romanced in the past and his reported current flame. Not that you can judge a book by its cover...but if you're rich and famous and your new girlfriend has spent the last year flying around on private jets with a bunch of her girlfriends and other rich athletes, maybe she has a type. In any event, here is a gallery of women Michael has considered or in some cases was considered by.

  • I like guns...but everyone with one in a holster? Hmmm...

    Not everyone is cut out to be armed. I am wondering what type of permit will be required for open carry? Is it a good idea? Is it no more dangerous, in practical terms, than concealed carry? What are your thoughts? Email me at

  • Some Days Have A Surprise Inside

    Do you know what I mean when I say sometimes something fun and totally unexpected happens on what's supposed to be a regular kind of day? Last Friday was that kind of day. I love "murder TV" and last week I decided to start recording "Nightmare Next Door". It consists of stories of murder in small town America. I scanned the list of 5 recordings and found one that talked about a murder in Kansas, so i naturally wanted to check it out. The "small town" featured was Wichita. The narrator stretched the truth a bit to make Wichita seem smaller (they did the same thing with Tulsa)but still, the Wichitans interviewed all made me proud. Everyone was smart, articulate and kind. I was loving the show...then things got even better. They went to a local cafe. As I was trying to figure out which "diner" it was (their words) i saw a familiar was a cafe I have gone to since childhood! One where Phil and I years ago autographed two menus...wouldn't you know it ...Detective Kelly Otis was holding a menu and as I studied the menu in search of the "diner's" logo..I found not only the logo...I clearly saw my signature! I am somebody now! I'm on the Investigation Discovery network!~Jan

  • A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

    If I liked vegetables more, I would stop eating meat. I am not telling anyone else they should do that, but for me animals are a joy and I hate to see them killed for me. I was delighted to learn the story of Don MacKenzie who went to a Seafood Restaurant in Niantic, Connecticut and liked what he saw in the lobster tank. He liked it so much, he bought it. Not to eat it, to free it! Don says the lobster had to be 80 years old and had seen much and he was not going to let it end this way for the lobster he named "Larry". Don bought Larry and took him on a boat ride to Long Island Sound. He let Larry go in an area where it would be tough for a fisherman to catch him again. Props to Don, for the kindness in his heart and the courage to buy the lobster and risk ridicule by ordering it "live, to go".

  • Flossing Your Teeth While Driving?

    There is a driver somewhere in Wichita who may be able to avoid tooth decay, let's hope she can avoid the other drivers. Thanks to listener, Don, who phoned the other day to say there was a woman driving in this town at highway speed while using her knees to navigate and her hands to floss her teeth. Really? I mean sure flossing can help avoid heart attacks...except of the those suffered by the people who see you driving like that. Deliberately driving badly is a very selfish act.

  • I worry about People and Animals in this Extreme Heat

    Roofers and other folks outdoors...I worry about you in the heat. I know you know what to do and you probably do hydrate all the time and wear hats and sunscreen, etc. But it still has to be tough doing an already hard job out in this heat. Pets are a concern too.

  • Beavers and Otters, Oh My!

    I have a friend who will not swim in water that is not clear. No lake swims for her! I thought of her when I recently saw 2 news items in which swimmers we attacked. A 33 year-old woman in Minnesota was swimming in "Island Lake", training for a triathlon when an ottter attacked her and bit her 25 times...her wetsuit kept the bites from being catastrophic, but the otter got away and now she has to have rabies shots. In Spotsylvania County, Virginia two girls, ages 8 and 11 were atttacked by beavers while swimming in "Lake Anna". The beaver's big teeth did some damage, but a quick-thinking Uncle was able to shoot the beaver with a BB gun and kill it. There will be tests run to see if it is rabid. And you thought snakes were the reason not to swim in the lake! Have you ever been attacked while swimming? Email me with your story at

  • You've Never Screwed Up This Bad, Have You?

    A security company in London has some 'splaining to do. With the Olympics just two weeks away they admitted to the committee that they did not have enough manpower to provide the amount of security required. Seriously? Did they not know the enormity of the project? Get the dates wrong? Now the British governement is having to fill-in with 3500 soldiers and police. I assume that will come out of the proceeds once intended for the security firm hired...ouch. See you never screwed up that bad! Tell us your biggest screw-ups at work. Email me at

  • Something I wish I had thought of first...

    I South Carolina, a funeral home is getting a small Starbucks. It won't be sign outside, just a place families and friends of the deceased can go to get some coffee. The owner of the mortuary says the funeral home, started by his grandfather, orginated in a general store so these seems quite natural. It makes sense to me. How about a coffee shop in the doctor's office, the tag officce, other places too! Hey...don't steal my idea! I think these are way overdue!

  • Keep The Toys Coming

    I get it that people enjoyed the Toy Run for years and collected a lot of presents and food for kids. It's too bad that there doesn't seem to be a good safe way to escort 3,000 motorcycles through town. If there is a way someone should suggest it and revisit the idea. I was, however, disappointed that many people were focusing more on their enjoyment of the ride versus a rally than on the reason it's held...helping people in need.

  • That is BA, not to be confused with BS

    I always thought that BA stood for what I didn't get at K-State when I realized I needed to take Spanish 5 in order to get one. Now at that point it had been 3 years since I took Spanish 4 so no recuerdo nada. I quickly switched to getting a BS degree which I suppose says a lot right there. Anyway, some how, over the weekend I got into a discussion with our son-in-law about how if something is really cool, phat, etc. it is now BA..short for bad ass. I told my son-in-law I would use this term as often as possible so that I too can be considered at least somewhat BA. Nothing says irrelevant more than saying "Phat" or "cool" when you should say BA. How come only younger people get to change the word for "cool" and they don't even text us to tell us?

  • I plead the fifth

    Do you ever feel so frustrated that you could just explode? You want to get it off your chest, perhaps blog about it but you don't for fear that it could be used as evidence against you in court! LOLOLOL!!!!!!

  • Adios Andy

    I loved Andy Griffith. He was a movie actor before he found the role for which he'd always be remembered. The role of a kind and decent sheriff who never abused his power. He was sweet to his family and respectful to everyone. A lot can be learned from a character like that and I think Andy Griffith the man would agree.

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