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  • Beavers and Otters, Oh My!

    I have a friend who will not swim in water that is not clear. No lake swims for her! I thought of her when I recently saw 2 news items in which swimmers we attacked. A 33 year-old woman in Minnesota was swimming in "Island Lake", training for a triathlon when an ottter attacked her and bit her 25 times...her wetsuit kept the bites from being catastrophic, but the otter got away and now she has to have rabies shots. In Spotsylvania County, Virginia two girls, ages 8 and 11 were atttacked by beavers while swimming in "Lake Anna". The beaver's big teeth did some damage, but a quick-thinking Uncle was able to shoot the beaver with a BB gun and kill it. There will be tests run to see if it is rabid. And you thought snakes were the reason not to swim in the lake! Have you ever been attacked while swimming? Email me with your story at

  • You've Never Screwed Up This Bad, Have You?

    A security company in London has some 'splaining to do. With the Olympics just two weeks away they admitted to the committee that they did not have enough manpower to provide the amount of security required. Seriously? Did they not know the enormity of the project? Get the dates wrong? Now the British governement is having to fill-in with 3500 soldiers and police. I assume that will come out of the proceeds once intended for the security firm hired...ouch. See you never screwed up that bad! Tell us your biggest screw-ups at work. Email me at

  • Something I wish I had thought of first...

    I South Carolina, a funeral home is getting a small Starbucks. It won't be sign outside, just a place families and friends of the deceased can go to get some coffee. The owner of the mortuary says the funeral home, started by his grandfather, orginated in a general store so these seems quite natural. It makes sense to me. How about a coffee shop in the doctor's office, the tag officce, other places too! Hey...don't steal my idea! I think these are way overdue!

  • Keep The Toys Coming

    I get it that people enjoyed the Toy Run for years and collected a lot of presents and food for kids. It's too bad that there doesn't seem to be a good safe way to escort 3,000 motorcycles through town. If there is a way someone should suggest it and revisit the idea. I was, however, disappointed that many people were focusing more on their enjoyment of the ride versus a rally than on the reason it's held...helping people in need.

  • That is BA, not to be confused with BS

    I always thought that BA stood for what I didn't get at K-State when I realized I needed to take Spanish 5 in order to get one. Now at that point it had been 3 years since I took Spanish 4 so no recuerdo nada. I quickly switched to getting a BS degree which I suppose says a lot right there. Anyway, some how, over the weekend I got into a discussion with our son-in-law about how if something is really cool, phat, etc. it is now BA..short for bad ass. I told my son-in-law I would use this term as often as possible so that I too can be considered at least somewhat BA. Nothing says irrelevant more than saying "Phat" or "cool" when you should say BA. How come only younger people get to change the word for "cool" and they don't even text us to tell us?

  • I plead the fifth

    Do you ever feel so frustrated that you could just explode? You want to get it off your chest, perhaps blog about it but you don't for fear that it could be used as evidence against you in court! LOLOLOL!!!!!!

  • Adios Andy

    I loved Andy Griffith. He was a movie actor before he found the role for which he'd always be remembered. The role of a kind and decent sheriff who never abused his power. He was sweet to his family and respectful to everyone. A lot can be learned from a character like that and I think Andy Griffith the man would agree.

  • Think of it as a really short week, twice

    Phil asked me today when I thought Independence Day would become a Monday holiday and I said, "never". I believe the significance of the 4th is too great. I am fine with getting a holiday in the middle of the week...seems like more of a bonus to me. what do you think? By the way... the founding fathers thought the day of celebration would be the 2nd of July..something about the day of the signing vs. ratification I think.

  • FPO

    I will Be Watching, Will You?

    AT 6:30 tonight you will find me in front to the TV for the NBA draft. I'm excited to see where Thomas Robinson will end up. I am hoping he gets selected second to Anthony Davis, but I wonder if anything other than money will be on his mind...I mean once you get in to multiple millions...does location start to matter ? Will it be Washington his former home or Charlotte where a new start might be perfect for him and his little sister? Just hope he is very happy wherever he goes. Let me know your thoughts

  • Please Tell Me Unibrows Cannot be Made Cool

    So Anthony Davis wants to trademark "the unibrow" so someone else's brow doesn't end up making them money. Afterall, his brow is the one to be feared. Actually all unibrows should be feared as they are pretty hideous. I remember when Mike Meyers made fun of a certain national TV anchor...appearing on SNL as this person and sporting a unibrow. That anchor did not have a unibrow. I can personally attest to that, but the point is Mike Meyers knew having one took away credibility, did not add to it. Maybe it could be fear the "brows" as Anthony has distinct ones..even when separated. Seems like a nice guy...wonder why he started the unibrow thing? What's next?...fear the chest hair and some players will have it billowing out,,,truth is talent, skills and critical thinking are what really should be feared...but I admit there's no way to make that into a cool "fear the brow". Can you think of any other mantras that worked really well and players lived up to the hype?

  • One of these things is not like the others

    Yesterday I was invited to lunch. People are invited to lunch all the time. I was invited to lunch by the Sisters Of The Adorers Of The Blood Of Christ. They are the Nuns on the Convent at Newman University.

  • Cars need hospitalization too, sometimes

    My car has been a guy wire, a shopping cart and a brick wall...not to mention hail balls from hell and occasional muddy dogs. Next month my car is going in to the rehab hospital and they are going to take good care of it...It will be in intensive care for about a month, but look like a new car when it emerges. I love a newly detailed and polished car minus all body damage. How long will it last? If only I could travel inside my garage!

  • FPO

    Horses are not for Slaughter

    If you know me, you know I love animals and what our congress might do with regard to the slaughter of horses is appalling. WE MUST tell congress how we feel about this and hurry the vote is June 26th. Here is a link that explains all

  • FPO

    My plan missed the 4.

    So as usual I wait til the last minute to do something. I bought a new truck last month and my 30 day tag expires tomorrow! Don't you hate the excruciatingly long wait at the tag office? I knew that people had been waiting longer than usual because of new computer systems so I was dreading the experience. So...I devised a plan:

  • Anyone Else Stressed Out?

    Does it seem like there is too much "have to do" stuff in life and not enough "can't wait to do stuff"? I don't know about you, but I hate having to save receipts and I am not good at it. Scanning them takes too much time too. Hence, when I was asked to produce a receipt for Hail repair to my car from 2010 and could not find it I was stressed over the possibility of losing $1900....the adjuster told me to find the receipt and bring it back that same day or Monday. It's not that I love money so much but that's quite a bit of money to fork over at once and I felt like a failure and felt presumed a con artist.. for not finding the receipt. I called the bank that had my lien, they had no record of a check made out to me and to them from the Insurance company. When I asked them if they would write a letter attesting to that...the lady said she'd check and call me back..of course she never did. I called my agent and he had no record of a hail claim for that year. I could not remember a hail claim that year. I went back and faced the adjuster, 2 days after the suggested deadline. He was not there. A new adjuster said...oops it was not was 08...still I had no receipt. Then he explained he'd look to see the marks that would indicate a previous repair. Hallelujah! he found them...relief washed over me. A huge burden was lifted within minutes of his examining the car. I wish the first guy has done that...but mark one more "have to" off my list!

  • We Appreciate the Love

    Had a great time last night hanging out before the show with everyone. Really felt the love and hope you all felt it right back at 'cha. Thanks to all who have supported us and the music we've played since it was new (and we were much newer too). So many nice people who listen. Together we are powerful. Long live rock!

  • Here's a phrase you don't hear every day!

    Occasionally Jan will do the "Other News" stories and have to preface them with a "note content" warning. That of course means it might be offensive to some people. The story this morning was one of those but it had in it a line that you just don't hear everyday: "he was caught performing a sex act under a juggler's hat." How can you not be intrigued?? Here's the whole story courtesy of ABC News. (NOTE CONTENT)

  • Don't close it!

    So the county is considering closing Lake Afton Boys Ranch/Judge James Riddel Boys Ranch to save money. Money that the Kansas legislature diverted from Sedgwick County and gave to their struggling state budget. The county has a 9.3 million dollar shortfall. SO, let's close a juvenile faciility that actually has a tremendous record of keeping young men from returning to jail. We all know how often juvenile crime leads to the revolving door of inmates being incarcarated over and over...Well, the Boys ranch has an excellent track record of stopping that revolving let's close it. In fact, an average of 65% of these juveniles have not returned to criminal activity in the 12 months following their release. So, even the most calloused observer would surely wish to spend this money now and save it in the future whne there would likely be more victims and prosecutions.

  • I love a good play on words!

    Everyday there are a million quips on Facebook and occasionally one will really crack me up. The one posted on the Fox Facebook page yesterday for example:

  • FPO

    So I went to Barry Manilow and I liked it.

    Yeah, you won't find me at many concerts that don't rock...but I had the opportunity to be the guest of my good friend San at barry Manilow and we had lots of fun. Barry certianly seems like a nice, kind, generous guy and he brings out a lot of memories of the the 70s with his songs and videos. Also, I did not sweat before his here's photo of me not wind-blown and not sweating :>).

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