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  • Anyone Else Stressed Out?

    Does it seem like there is too much "have to do" stuff in life and not enough "can't wait to do stuff"? I don't know about you, but I hate having to save receipts and I am not good at it. Scanning them takes too much time too. Hence, when I was asked to produce a receipt for Hail repair to my car from 2010 and could not find it I was stressed over the possibility of losing $1900....the adjuster told me to find the receipt and bring it back that same day or Monday. It's not that I love money so much but that's quite a bit of money to fork over at once and I felt like a failure and felt presumed a con artist.. for not finding the receipt. I called the bank that had my lien, they had no record of a check made out to me and to them from the Insurance company. When I asked them if they would write a letter attesting to that...the lady said she'd check and call me back..of course she never did. I called my agent and he had no record of a hail claim for that year. I could not remember a hail claim that year. I went back and faced the adjuster, 2 days after the suggested deadline. He was not there. A new adjuster said...oops it was not was 08...still I had no receipt. Then he explained he'd look to see the marks that would indicate a previous repair. Hallelujah! he found them...relief washed over me. A huge burden was lifted within minutes of his examining the car. I wish the first guy has done that...but mark one more "have to" off my list!

  • We Appreciate the Love

    Had a great time last night hanging out before the show with everyone. Really felt the love and hope you all felt it right back at 'cha. Thanks to all who have supported us and the music we've played since it was new (and we were much newer too). So many nice people who listen. Together we are powerful. Long live rock!

  • Here's a phrase you don't hear every day!

    Occasionally Jan will do the "Other News" stories and have to preface them with a "note content" warning. That of course means it might be offensive to some people. The story this morning was one of those but it had in it a line that you just don't hear everyday: "he was caught performing a sex act under a juggler's hat." How can you not be intrigued?? Here's the whole story courtesy of ABC News. (NOTE CONTENT)

  • Don't close it!

    So the county is considering closing Lake Afton Boys Ranch/Judge James Riddel Boys Ranch to save money. Money that the Kansas legislature diverted from Sedgwick County and gave to their struggling state budget. The county has a 9.3 million dollar shortfall. SO, let's close a juvenile faciility that actually has a tremendous record of keeping young men from returning to jail. We all know how often juvenile crime leads to the revolving door of inmates being incarcarated over and over...Well, the Boys ranch has an excellent track record of stopping that revolving let's close it. In fact, an average of 65% of these juveniles have not returned to criminal activity in the 12 months following their release. So, even the most calloused observer would surely wish to spend this money now and save it in the future whne there would likely be more victims and prosecutions.

  • I love a good play on words!

    Everyday there are a million quips on Facebook and occasionally one will really crack me up. The one posted on the Fox Facebook page yesterday for example:

  • FPO

    So I went to Barry Manilow and I liked it.

    Yeah, you won't find me at many concerts that don't rock...but I had the opportunity to be the guest of my good friend San at barry Manilow and we had lots of fun. Barry certianly seems like a nice, kind, generous guy and he brings out a lot of memories of the the 70s with his songs and videos. Also, I did not sweat before his here's photo of me not wind-blown and not sweating :>).

  • FPO

    I could have been a mogul in Winslow Arizona!!

    In 1972 a band called The Eagles released a song called "Take It Easy" It was the beginning of a "Long Run" of songs that would solidify this band as one of the greatest classic rock bands in history. Of course there is a line in that song: "Standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona such a fine sight to see, there's a girl my Lord in a flatbed Ford slowin' down to take a look at me"

  • FPO

    Way to Go Union Rags

    The Belmont was thrilling after all! It was very sad not to have racehorse, "I'll Have Another" making a run for the triple crown at the Belmont on Saturday, but a win by "Union Rags" was also a very heartening story and made for some great drama at the end of the race...and the second place horse at the Belmont was owned by the same guy who had a different horse place second in both the Derby and The Preakness. See the Union Rags story...this was an story done before Union Rags lost in the Derby.

  • Oh Medallion, Where Art Thou?

    Phil and I think we know where the medallion is and I am afraid nearly everyone does and it has probably been found already. It is so frustrating to not be out there yet...should've gotten up at 2am, I think that is when this morning's clue came out. The adreneline is pumping!

  • People Can Change

    My mother used to say that "a leopard never changes his spots", but she was wrong. I read recently that people surveyed regarding believing old adages such as the one above tend to believe them if they are in adage form, especially if they rhyme. However these same people surveyed did not believe the same statement when it was expressed as, "People never change" for instance. That whole concept fascinates we say something can make it more believable. Oh, and the reason I know my mom was worng? I will be covering that soon in another bog...a great story that i cannot wait to be able to tell.

  • Stop Putting Off Being Kind

    This year I embarked on a new campaign to stop deferring any chance to be kind. For years I have given to charity, picked up hitchhikers and given money to homeless it is getting more personal. Now when I see someone whom I admire and/or made a diffference in my life I stop and tell them how they influenced my life and why I appreciate them. Most recently I stopped and offered a lift to an older gentleman who is smart and often published, in the letters to the editor column of The Wichita Eagle. He accepted and we had a nice conversation. I recommend doing this, it probably makes me feel better than the person I talk with.

  • FPO

    I have created my own celestial event.

    Today is the Transit of Venus. When Venus appears as a small black dot passing across the Sun. I thought it was yesterday. I kept looking at the today it appears that there is a small black dot passing across everything I look at!

  • Oh Yeah, I remember that Song

    I had a great time at the Survivor/Rick Springfield show. I hear that Rick loved our crowd! I was not that big a fan back in the 80's, but I loved hearing "I've Done Everything for You" and had forgotten that Rick had done the song. He and his band sounded fresh and rocked it. Survivor had many songs I had forgotten about and I also enjoyed local musicians Uche and Crash who were great!

  • Life's Bittersweet Moments

    Had a very nice time hosting a reception for a delightful, newly married couple last night. My husband's ex-wife and her husband hosted with us. We four had our picture taken together for the couple. The groom was our daughter's widower, the bride was our daughter's best friend. We love them both, just as our daughter did. The Petroleum Club was the setting for the evening and the staff there did a fantastic job (that's an understatement really) of organizing, catering, assisting and making the evening wonderful. We hope our daughter knew and was smiling.

  • Macaroni Wars

    Macaroni and Cheese seems like a simple dish. Not so, actually. My husband and I disagree as to what kind of Mac and Cheese is best. One of us likes a base of a creamy white sauce, with sharp cheddar cheese, browned to where the cheese is crispy. The other likes multiple cheeses melted over the boiled noodles and topped with bread crumbs which are browned under the brolier. I am wondering what type of Mac and Cheese is most popular?

  • I'd really like to give 110% but....

    Here's something that bugs me. It doesn't bug me a lot though. It doesn't ruin my day or send me into a tirade when I hear it, it's just a very minor pet peeve. People, usually athletes in interviews will say: "I gave it 110%" I say: "That's impossible." I know what they are trying to convey when they say that. It means they are going to give it all they've got right? Well, if you give it all you've got...that's 100%! That's giving it your all! You can't give 110%!! 100% is 100%! If all of a sudden you perform better and at a higher level than you normally do, that is your new 100%. Either that or you were never performing at 100% right??? It's like saying: "I'm going to eat 100% of that pie." If you eat all of the pie you've eaten 100% of it. Where did the other 10% come from? There are of course people who will beg to differ. People who will argue that indeed it is possible to give 110%. The absolute best example of two people debating the existence of the elusive number are the characters Nigel Tufnel and Marty DiBergi in the movie "This Is Spinal Tap." After all, giving 110% is kinda like turning it all the way up to 11.

  • Florida, where everything heinous happens!

    Everyday, Jan and I scour the news sights online to try and find weird and unusual stories. Stories a little off the beaten path. Sometimes they are stupid criminal stories, other times they are fun heartwarming stories or stories that start off bad but have a happy ending. seems that everyday at least 50% of these stories from AROUND THE WORLD happen in Florida!! 50%!!!!! That's why Jan and I have this phrase that everything heinous happens in Florida. Over the weekend I was talking to somebody about this and they didn't believe that so many stories came out of Florida so we logged on to a computer and went to to see if one of the stories on their front page came from Florida and if so, was it heinous. Lo and behold...the top story on the msn page when we logged on was this:

  • Just When I was Learning to Like KU

    Yes, I was really starting to forget that I bleed purple and find some love in my heart for KU. Then I find out they are supporting something I am not in favor of, making entry guidelines to KU tougher to meet. A kid could even have a great GPA, but if he or she doesn't score really well on the SAT, she or he won't have a shot at KU. Some kids just don't test well. If students are paying for the opportunity, I think they deserve a shot. I excelled far more in college than I did in high school. It used to be that state schools had to take you if you graduated from a Kansas high school. Then stricter requirements were created, now KU wants theirs to be even more strict. K-State and WSU are not planning to increase their standards. Makes KU look pretty elitest to me. Wonder if all their athletes can ace their SATs. What do you think about all this?~Jan

  • Maybe They Look like Really Big Dogs

    Each year we watch the Triple Crown Horse races. Tension fills the air at our house as we worry about the safety of the jockeys and the horses as well as the success or failure of our favorite. I don't know if our dogs, Happy and Halle were picking up on the tension this year...or if a camera angle that made it look as though the horses were headed towards us freaked them out, but our dogs went berserk, and went nuts barking to protect us from the thundering herd. The dogs probably thought they won that battle when the screen went to commercial. Anyone else have dogs that bark at the TV?

  • I can sign my name really well...I have practice!

    Very few people write in cursive anymore. I don't. If I'm going to actually write something I always print. Except when it comes to signing my name. That is the only thing I write in cursive. I pay my bills the old fashioned way, I write checks and send them in the mail that way I can actually practice signing my name. I did however get more practice signing my name than I will ever need to ever ever again!!! Yesterday I finally pulled the trigger and bought a vehicle. I hadn't purchased a car since 2005 and I was due. It is a used truck and I think I got a pretty good deal but without going into all the details I will say one you really need to sign 5,000 forms just to buy USED TRUCK????? Geeeeeeeezus!!!!!!

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