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  • DLR explains...kinda

    David Lee Roth just posted a "public relations" video explaining why Van Halen decided to "postpone" a large portion of their U.S. tour. Watch the video. Does it seem like Dave is talking in circles??

  • If You Say There isn't Enough to Do in This Town....

    You Ain't Paying Attention. There are so many things to do in Wichita these days that I regret I don't have more time. The Ribfest this weekend, Cabaret Old Town's great production of Monky Business, The IMAX theater (The Warren theaters are the best anywhere in the world), then the Riverfestival is right around the corner and there are a host of concerts coming to town or nearby. No more need to complain. Just get off the couch and go!

  • Some People Have No Scruples, Some People Have No Sense

    Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt says people who bought Sketchers Rocker-Bottom shoes may be eligible for a refund. Seems the company which makes them may have made some misleading claims that the shoes improve health. It's unbelievable how many product manufacturers make ridiculous claims. My favorites claims are the ones made by make-up makers. The usually also make and market a group of creams that will make you look years younger and to back that up they say " most women saw noticable results in just 2-weeks" or something similar. Sure they did. Exactly what results? Got carded and they're 40? I don't think so. Buyer beware. If all the plastic surgeons stop practicing I'll think about trusting these ridiculous creams.

  • FPO

    I know why they call them "Bug Lights"

    How can something be advertised as something and then turn out to not be that something that it is purported to be??? In particular: bug lights. You know, those yellow bulbs that emit that horrible yellow light that bugs see and say: "f*** it! I'll find another party to fly to!" ???

  • So, What Should I Ask Rick Springfield?

    I must admit that I am not as good a student of the life, times and music of Rick Springfield as I should be. Phil and I hope to talk to him soon. Sure I could ask about the new album or the big resort party he will attend with fans this Fall, but what question would you like me to ask him? Please respond here or on our facebook page

  • FPO

    My hippie bedroom

    Jan and I were talking about how we had "hippie" bedroom decor in the late 60's to early 70's. I had this Beatles poster in my room complete with black lights, a Coca Cola clock, various other psychedelic posters, and that 7up can light that had a bulb with a flame inside that flickered. Remember those? Oh, and of course a lava lamp!

  • In Defense of the Chicken

    Okay, some people are disappointed there's a chicken on our festival buttons this year. I admit I was at first and then I realized maybe fictional chickens with clever expressions are funny or just plain fun to some people and that's a good tie in to the festival. Maybe people are too literal when trying to tie the River to the Riverfest button each year. Afterall, there is only so many ways to depict a river theme (and I am a lover of our two turbid but beautiful rivers) so let's branch out a little.

  • My best impersonation?...Vidal Sassoon.

    Hairdresser and trendsetter Vidal Sassoon has died at the age of 84. Why does that matter to me? Well it really doesn't but I did do an impersonation of him when I was in High School. I was pretty good at mimicing famous people but for some reason my finest impersonations were Vidal Sassoon and a local T.V. pitchman Kevin Craig, best know as "The Dillons Man." He too has passed away. I imagine the reason I was so good at those impersonations is because I watched a lot of t.v. and at the time Dillons commercials ran constantly plus there was a shampoo called Protein 21 and Vidal was the spokesperson for it and that commercial ran quite often too. In drama class I would regale my classmates with spot on impersonations of these two men. With the Dillons guy my quote would be (in my best baritone): "Take a look at Dillons, you've found your food store." My Vidal Sassoon was quite a bit longer because it was pretty much the first 15 seconds of the shampoo commercial. I can still remember it word for word to this day! It goes like this (in my best English accent): "The very action of teasing pulls and hurts hair now, you have to shampoo anyway so you might as well use a shampoo that not only cleans but puts back the protein that teasing takes out. Protein 21 maybe is not a miracle but it sure can help!"

  • I Wish I Loved Baseball

    I wish I loved baseball. For me, a non-lover of baseball, this is the slump period between the end of basketball and the start of football. I like college basketball and football and professional football. My sports calendar is therefore filled with fun from the end of August to the beginning of April. If only I could love baseball. I like the romance of going to the ballpark on a spring or summer evening, it's just that the game moves too slowly for me. I love the history of the sport, the crack of the bat for a homer! but I just haven't the patience to watch a game for long. I think to truly love baseball you have to love stats. I am not a fan of stats, still I wish I loved baseball!

  • Damn Early Morning Birds!!

    You know how certain sounds or smells trigger things from your past? You can smell a certain food or a certain perfume and it will instantly take you back to a particular period of your life. Maybe someone you knew wore that perfume or you were around that type of food a lot and smelling it again instantly triggers those memories. That happens to me when I hear early morning birds. Early morning birds should be a happy sound right? Don't get me wrong, it is a happy cheerful sound but do you know what it reminds me of? Being up all night after an alcohol and drug fueled party situation. Which used to happen to me a lot back in the mid 80's and early 90's. I had some great times!! Irresponsible yes and I grew out of it thank God! I would get into party mode and go non stop then try and go to bed...never could sleep for obvious reasons! I would lay in bed trying and trying to shake off the party and then suddenly...early morning birds! When I heard that sound I knew a new day was dawning. A day after a night that I didn't sleep, a day that was going to hurt. Because I did that so many times it was ingrained into my memory and now when I am walking in the parking lot of the radio station at 5 o'clock in the morning and I hear them I think to myself: "Damn early morning birds!"

  • Do You Have a Plan "B"?

    Phil says he does not have a plan "B" should he ever leave radio. He says he's good at changing air A-1 Saw and Mower called and said they'd hire him. If I have to pick a career at random for which I have no documented would be as a concierge at a hotel. I like serving others, I think if the hotel was in Wichita, I could even get my direction giving straight. Any ideas from anyone else?

  • What Is the most popular thing to Spend your Tax Refund on?

    So, I have friends who get great tax refunds. They have kids and they don't own a (very small) business like my husband does. Seems a lot of people take trips or pay of bills with the money they get back from Uncle Sam. Lately I have heard a lot of people talking about the best thing to do with this $$$. What will you do with yours? Please tell us at

  • FPO

    Found out Why I can't Remember why I came into the Living Room

    I found out why I can't remember why I came into the living room...Turns out your brain actually considers your passage through a doorway as "an event boundry". Psychologists at Notre Dame explain that the brain tends to re-set when it perceives an event boundary. That's why you can often remember if you re-trace your steps!

  • Lightning blew my shoe off!!

    I love a good lightning show. Last night when the storm passed through, my girlfriend Leslie and I decided to go sit in some chairs under the carport and enjoy it for awhile. It was a very mellow rain because there was no wind and then the occasional big flash of lightning followed by a slow rolling thunder. It was very relaxing. Until....BIG FLASH of lightning with a HUGE clap of thunder!!! This was one of those thunders that doesn't "follow" a lightning strike but happens at the same time! Meaning the lightning was REAL CLOSE!! It didn't so much "scare" me as it did startle me. So much so that my right leg jerked because of the way I was sitting and my shoe flew right the f*** off of my foot!!! I couldn't stop laughing!!

  • FPO

    Moonlight Drive is Playing Wichita This Friday Night

    I am a fan of only a very few tribute bands, but here is one really worth checking out...Moonlight Drive, a Doors tribute band (obviously) is playing a benefit concert for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society this Friday night at 9 at the Wichita Ballroom, 4150 W. Kellogg Drive. Moonlight Drive is amazing. If you loved The Doors, you will really enjoy this band, if you were lukewarm on The Doors you will STILL love this band. If you loved Jim Morrison, you wil love this band. Don't miss it!

  • FPO

    This Means War!

    My husband loves animals but does not share my passionate love of squirrels. Neither do our dogs. I have to admit the squirrels are asking for it when they taunt the dogs from the safety of a tree branch or the other side of a window. To make matters worse, squirrels chewed through our soffit and made their own cozy little house inside ours. My husband had placed steel wool in the hole, but the squirrels simply removed it and scoffed at his meager attempts to thwart them. So last night my husband decides to add even more steel wool. He asked for my there we were... on a slope leading to our neighbors husband, fearing a scene from Christmas vacation, asked me to hold the ladder..on an incline...while he looked ot see if our guests were out for the evening. It was dusk..and we were...anticpating a little squirrel's head popping out or perhaps a squirrel jumping into my husband's hair...but I kept thinking..."poor squirrels...this is a great place to nest for them...they don't know about home ownership". Do they make squirrel houses?

  • FPO

    Freaking Awesome!!!!

    Occasionally we have meetings to keep us updated on things like ethics and FCC regulations. We all get together and conference call other stations and our legal team and go over the things we can and can't say, the things that will get us in trouble or even fined heavily if we say them. It's funny because we all know what you can and can't say. It's common sense right?? What I find even funnier is the fact that we can't say F###, but I think everyone knows what we mean when we say Freak. As in: "that was freaking awesome!!!" Words are words are words....

  • FPO

    Did I finish everything I needed to do?...Yep!

    Wow! Looky here...I haven't blogged in a while. Why? Because my short term memory sucks. I will leave for the day thinking to myself: "ok I've done this and this and this....hmmm did I forget anything??? Nope!" Of course I've forgotten lots of things but at the time my short term memory loss comes to my rescue and tells me everythings alright. Everythings done. I go home happy. Short term memory loss can sometimes be my friend.

  • Boobage! Seriously?

    So last night my husband and I are standing out our our porch waiting for friends to pick us up for dinner. We are having what I think is a serious discussion about some classes I am wanting to take. I am thinking I have his undivided attention. Well, it's a bit nippy outside and I am standing with my arms folded. Just as we are talking about where I might take these classes, my husband yells, "boobage" seems my arms had the same effect as a push-up bra. "Boobage! " Really sweetheart? What about educational opportunities? Oh well.

  • So What If I had a Crush on Bobby Sherman?

    A friend asked me the other day who my teen idol was as a kid. I said "Bobby Sherman" and my husband immediately started in on what a terrible musician he was. Musician? He had blue eyes and a sweet smile. Sure I had one album of his, but I was in "love"... I was 12 for goodness sake! Cut me a break! My musical tastes improved later!

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