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    We Had Lots of Fun at 81 Speedway

    Phil and I went out to 81 Speedway last Saturday night. We signed up people for the Fox Workforce. It's our VIP club through which listeners can win lots of cool stuff. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and Phil and I saw people we had not seen for a long time. I know the last time I was out there was the night Princess Diana died and that was way too long ago. Phil and I plan on being back out there on the if you are one of those people who hates to sign-up for things (even though it is easy at let us get you signed up for the workforce. Then you just need to go to our website and click on "Workforce" on the left hand side and select any contests you want to participate in. It could soon mean cold, hard cash for you!

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    Sleep means a lot to me. I know people who don't feel the same as I do about sleep. Their theory is "you get more done if you don't sleep." I've also heard the term "sleeping your life away." How can anyone not realize the importance of sleep? You feel so much better, more alert after a good nights sleep. I also like to get a fan going in the room. For one I like the noise and secondly, I like the cool breeze wafting throughout the room while I am warm and cozy underneath the blankets....ahhhhhhhhhh!!! If I get too warm I just hang a leg out! Oh man, just talking about it is making me smile! I love sleep! It's one of the things every human being does. Rich or poor, you sleep. Plus I dream a lot!!! Dozens of dreams a night. Some short some epic, all very vivid and usually unusual. I can't imagine if I were a smoker trying to quit and using Chantix! (Chantix supposedly makes you have vivid and unusual dreams.) Even as a kid my babysitters loved me because I never put up a fight when it came to bedtime. I was there!! Maybe it all goes back to an album I had as a kid. I loved Bill Cosby and on one of the albums there was a comedy bit that started with him saying: "I love sleep, I enjoy sleep like a good steak!"

  • Fifteen Years?

    A lady in Brittain has been reunited with her cat after it had been missing for 15 years. It had a tattoo and was traced to her via the tattoo. The cat was found in a wooded was it living off the land all that time? I wonder if it was happy to be home or yearned for the freedom of the forest? I wish we knww what our pets were thinking.

  • The mystery of the next door neighbors lawnmower

    So yesterday I'm at my house taking it easy, listening to the sound of a lawnmower just outside my window. I'm thinking it's my yard being mowed but as it turned out it was my next door neighbor , a man in his late 60's to early 70's trying to get his yard mowed before it started to rain. After a while the rain began. I still heard the lawnmower running. Then the hail started...and the lawnmower was still running. So I looked outside and there, in the front yard of the house next door was a push lawnmower sitting there running with no one behind it. I thought perhaps that the guy had run in to his house to get a raincoat. The rain was really coming down by now and the lawnmower sat there...running...30 minutes went by. I started wondering if maybe I should go next door and knock on the front door. I'm thinking the guy went inside for something and had a heart attack and is on the floor either dying or dead. I was standing on my front porch just about to get the nerve up to walk over there when comes the guy, walking from around the back of his house. He walked up to his mower and began pushing. 10 feet later he turned off his mower and walked back inside his house. wtf???? Why was his mower idling in his front yard for over 30 minutes in the rain? Why didn't he shut it off when it started hailing? Maybe he has trouble starting it and figured it would only rain for a short time? No! After he mowed 10 feet and then shut it off, 20 minutes later he came back out and fired it up again and finished his yard!??? I'm almost tempted to go over and ask him about it but I didn't want him to think I was a nosy neighbor and then again, perhaps he has the beginnings of memory loss. That might be the explanation.

  • Is DIY Landscaping A Good Idea?

    My husband has come up with what certainly looks like a good plan for landscaping our backyard. The only problem I can see is that we are not a "DIY" couple. The cost of the plan means we'd have to be, but then the cost of just about any landscaping plan would make us a "DIY" couple. Will we be able to make it look like we think it is supposed to look? Will we still be speaking afterwards? Would it be better to start with "Peel and Stick tile" rather than landscaping retaining walls and pavers?

  • I'm here to snake your drain!!

    Sex sells. There are a lot of commercials that use subtle sexual innuendo's to sell their product and then there are others that are not so subtle. Remember the Levitra commercial where the guy was in his backyard trying to throw a football through a tire swing. He kept see he was impotent! After the Levitra he was able to throw the football through the tire! I love that kind of advertising when it's really obvious. It makes me believe the advertising agency knows exactly what it is doing and isn't afraid to do it. My favorite commercial as of late that is using sex to sell a product has been airing a little over a month or so. It is so over the top filled with sexual innuendo. But it's supposed to be that way and that's what makes this commercial so great. What is the commercial selling? Drain Cleaner!!

  • I wish I loved Baseball

    I have confession to make...I can't watch baseball, especially on TV. I love it in theory...the history, the complexity, But I am just not a fan. I think highly of Carol Hughes and Johnny Maze, my friends at work, they like baseball. It just seems so slow moving to me...and I am not a fan of stats and they are so necessary to baseball. I do like sitting in the stands..I guess it would be pretty rude to go to a game and take along a book though. To all of you who love baseball...Good for you. It certainly is an American pass time that deserves support....but if I am going to pass time out of this one life I have, it'll be football or basketball. Hurry up August!

  • I loathe Passwords

    My grandmother's nickname and the year I was tower queen with an exclamation point and an ampersand or was it a dollar sign? and which of grandmother's nicknames? Yes, it is time to play " I don't remember my password" followed by the "change the password" game. If I were protecting the codes to the nukes, I would need an 9 character password with 4 digits and 2 capitals and a punctuation mark...I'm NOT. Add the unusual situation where the computer you are having to use (because yours has a virus) has the wrong default email and the joy when you finally succeed is even greater. I wonder is these things happen to anyone else?

  • Am I a ghost???

    This morning I went through the drive-thru at McDonalds on N. Broadway to get a breakfast biscuit. I placed my order and waited....eventually the voice on the other end acknowledged my order and I drove up to the window. The lady at the window had a strange look on her face as she asked me if I believed in ghosts. I replied that I wasn't sure as I'd never seen one. I said: "why do you ask? are there ghost around here?" She went on to tell me that some of the employees were scared about several incidents that had happened recently. It seems that sometimes there would be an order at the drive-thru and when they looked at the security camera that was trained on the lane, there was no car there and no one came to the window to collect their order! She said that the reason she asked me is because when I placed my order...the camera showed no car at the drive-thru lane!!! oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  • Don't get mad...YOU texted ME!

    I keep a text thread on my phone from several years ago. I look at it whenever I need a laugh. It happened when I got a new phone and a new number. As often happens, this phone number belonged to someone else before me. I would get phone calls at all times of the night asking for Zak or Alex, and from the sound of it...these people were looking for "goods" from them. I would politely tell them that this number no longer belonged to Zak or Alex but the phone calls kept coming. Probably because the callers had used some of the "goods" supplied by Alex or Zak and had forgotten I had told them that the number no longer belonged to them. Finally the calls stopped, and then...I got the text! The following is an exact transcript of the text thread I keep on my phone. It makes me laugh:

  • What Makes Us Love or Hate Sports Teams?

    Why do people openly say they "hate" any particular sports teams? I am cheering for KU, even though I went to WSU and graduated from KSU. Why? Because I am a Kansas native and because KU has a huge history and just because. I find it hard to "hate" any team. I mean, aren't all teams made up of fallible players and coaches, all trying to do their best, to secure a place in history, and possibly to have a career in sports? Oh, sure once in awhile I suppose there really is a "dirty"player. Someone wanting to cheat or do serious damage to other players and maybe that player does not deserve my respect. But that is not often, I hope. I am such a sap that I love it when opposing team members help each other up after a fall and i love it when at the end of a game, opposing players congratulate each other on winning or on making a great efffort. Life can be hard, competiton can be tough, so can't we all just show each other some respect?

  • LOL!!! Laughing Out Loud...or not

    LOL! A great acronym that saves a lot of space in e-mails and text messages. Of course it means "laughing out loud" or "laugh out loud". I suppose it came about because "hahahahahahahahaha" was waaaay too many letters.

  • So Now it is all about K-State and Possibly KU for me

    I love all the Kansas many to cheer for so little time. In my family, we have three WSU grads, plus me a WSU attendee and a K-State Grad, a WSU attendee and Friends University Grad, A KU grad and a Washburn grad. SO, with WSU out of post season play there will be even louder cheering at our house for K-State and KU. Get out the purple, red and blue plates! Is it the same at your house?

  • The Loons, The Loons?

    My husband likes to watch birds. He is not a full-fledged bird watcher in camo with binoculars, but he just really likes birds. He's found a bird that looks like a Loon, only is all black. Can't find it in his bird book and was told it might be an egret. He can't find it under egrets either. Any ideas?

  • FPO

    A Great Quote By A Bad Speller

    Lori Anne Madison has just become the youngest speller eligible to participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

  • Tired but not sleep deprived. wtf?

    Don't know what it is about the whole "spring forward" time change that makes me so tired, it doesn't make sense. I realize that we lose an hour but I still got plenty of sleep Saturday and Sunday night, no more or no less than usual yet I find myself doing those things one does when one is sleep deprived. Yesterday I needed some cash in my wallet. I like to have cash on me so I don't have to use my credit card for minor purchases. I went to the QuikTrip to use the ATM. I pulled in, pulled up to the gas pump, got out, put in my pump start card and started to put gas in my car didn't need gas! I fill my car up when the little light comes on and says I'm running low. My car wasn't running low. I was there to get cash and ended up topping off my car with gas!! No big deal but still it's one of those things you do when you are sleep deprived, you get a little absent minded. But I wasn't sleep deprived. What is it about the time change??

  • Go WSU!

    Wow! WSU is ranked higher than K-State as they head to the round ball championships.They are a number 5 seed after not even making the tourney since 2006! WSU rocks! Sorry to see they are in a bracket with KY...but look out VCU, Indiana and yes even KY...anything is possible.

  • Pat Robertson Blows Me Away

    Pat Robertson said recently that he favors the legalization of marijuana with some controls. He sees no reason for anyone to have a criminal record for possessing small amounts of marijuana and says it should be controlled like alcohol. He also says the war on marijuana is costly and has failed. Robertson also says he has never smoked marijuana and does not intend to start. Pat and I are exactly alike on this issue up to and including never having smoked it ourselves. I give the guy props for speaking out on a topic not popular with many of his peers.

  • Picture Taking Time

    Today Phil and I are getting our pictures taken again . The photos on the website needed freshening. I have always dreaded "picture Day". My main concern is always my "baby-fine" hair. It decides how it wants to look. The last time it looked good in a "head shot" photo was second grade. Not sure how that happened but it couldn't be repeated, as my third grade picture features me with all my cowlicks and fine hair stuffed under a "Brownie beanie", If only I could find that brownine beanie for today....and look 8 years old again to pull it off.

  • Food In Motion

    I've always been facinated by food in commercials. There are actually "food stylists" that are hired to make food look colorful and appetizing in these commercials. The commercials that really get me are the ones where the food is in motion, being "tossed" or "thrown" into the air. You know those commercials: where the succulent shrimp and salad meet in mid air and collide and the splash of water comes off of them signifying the freshness of their shrimp salad. Or when a piece of food, ie: a strawberry is being dipped into something, ie: chocolate sauce and the sauce comes slowly wafting over the edges of its container. These food movements are usually done in slo-mo. Well, there is one commercial that is running right now that kinda freaks me out. Maybe it's because I'm so tuned in to the "food in motion" aspect that I really noticed this one. It's a commercial for Montana Mike's Steakhouse. There is an already cooked T-Bone steak being placed on a grill for cooking, this is done in slo-mo as most food in motion commercials are but in this case the steak is so thin, when it hits the grill it wiggles as it lands. IT WIGGLES for about 4 or 5 seconds in slow motion! It's really kind of creepy. Or it could be that I waaaaaaay over analyze things!! But watch for it next time you're watching T.V. and I guarantee if you're watching for it, you'll see it.

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