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  • Are You an Adult Who Still Plays Arcade Games?

    I admit that I like Skeeball, even though it would be cheaper to just buy the prize awarded, than to win it. On vacation Tuesday I played a game where your skill at skeeball results in horses advancing to the finish line. I was with some friends who reunite at the arcade in Manitou Springs every once in awhile and make it a point to "play the horses". I had never seen this game. apparently I don't get to carnivals often enough. Phil says he not only as seen this, he's run it and it's called "The Derby"! Have you played this game as an adult? Email me at

  • LISTEN! John Mellencamps new song "Troubled Man"

  • You Are Needed to Bring Macy's Back to Wichita!

    A few weeks ago we took an online poll and asked our beloved listeners what businesses they'd like to see come to Wichita. At the top of that list was MACY'S. I am so EXCITED! In an effort to woo MACY'S back and enjoy the jobs and affordable, great, merchandise they'd bring along, we are having a MARCH FOR MACY'S. Join us and bring a friend with you! On Friday, 9/5 at 11:15am, we will assemble at 2nd and St.Francis in the parking lot with the Rotary Clock Tower. I will bring the signs, you can bring one too, if you like. The Thunder Dance team members will teach us a little super simple choreography and at 11:45 we will being the MARCH FOR MACY' easy processional down St. Francis to Douglas. We will cross Douglas and head west down Douglas to the little stone park directly EAST of Century II. That is Finley-Ross park. (it's a half-mile walk).There, we will do a little dance, say a little pledge, and get down with Macy's! Santa may even show up....Please shoot me an email at and let me know you are going to be part of the MARCH FOR MACY'S. If you cannot come on Friday (peeps on Facebook requested Friday), we may have an assembly without the march the following Saturday at 11am and video that too. That assembly will be at Finley-Ross park. THANKS SO MUCH! Questions? Please email me. PLEASE don't think someone else will do it, we need you!~ Jan

  • VIDEO: Steven Tyler's duet with Smokey Robinson

    Steven Tyler's new duet with Smokey Robinson will appear on the Motown legend's upcoming collaborative album, Smokey & Friends. Check it out:

  • Norm Macdonald tweets an amazing Robin Williams story!

    What a great story Norm Macdonald tweeted about meeting Robin Williams.

  • VIDEO: Robert Plant is coming to Denver

    As far as I'm concerned, Robert Plant is one of the few classic rock artists that is still making music that matters these days. One of the reasons he doesn't want to do a Led Zeppelin reunion is because "the expectation would be too high." I totally agree. Robert and his band The Sensational Space Shifters, have revealed a full list of dates for their 2014 North American fall tour in support of the upcoming album, Lullaby and...the Ceaseless Roar. The seven-show trek includes a stop in Denver Colorado!

  • VIDEO: New Stevie Nicks song: "The Dealer"

    You can now pre-order Stevie Nicks' upcoming studio album, 24 Karat Gold -- Songs from the Vault, a collection of older tunes by the Fleetwood Mac singer that have never before seen the light of day. The album, which will be issued in multiple configurations on October 7, mostly features songs that Nicks wrote between 1969 and 1987, as well as two that were written in 1994 and 1995.

  • VIDEO: Animals Are Capable of More Compassion Than We Realize

    That Had to Be One Tired, Shocked and Grateful Bird! A bird was drowning in a pond within a bear enclosure in a Budapest zoo...see what happened next.

  • Movies so bad they're good!

    It's not supposed to be Academey Award material. It's supposed to be so bad that it's good! A guilty pleasure. There is no shame in watching the Sharknado movies although I admit I haven't. I've got them DVR'd and am waiting for just the perfect time to sit and watch. A time when alcohol will be involved!

  • VIDEO: Steven Tyler and Joe Perry with the Southern California Children's Chorus

    In April, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry teamed up with the Southern California Children's Chorus to perform an updated version of their band's classic song "Dream On" for a TV special paying tribute to the victims of last year's Boston Marathon bombings. Now, a recording of the performance, which has been titled "Dream On (Boston Strong 2014)," has been released as a digital single via iTunes.

  • Kansas Man with Guts, No Brains?

    Who wouldn't think they could rob the Bellagio and get away with it? Not saying he's guilty, but if a guy from Overland Park really did think he could pull that off and get away with it, his cajones are are bigger than his brain. Vegas police say Scott Carmitchel of Overland Park robbed the Bellagio of $43, 500 and then paid for prostitutes with cash still in Bellagio wrappers. Unlike most people who are arrested, he tried to avoid a mug shot. Some officers assisted him with that.

  • Have you seen this video? MMA guy takes down would be robbers!

    A trio of would-be gas station robbers in Houston, Texas, got the surprise of their lives after an attempt to jump an employee holding a bag of cash ended at the feet and fists of his co-worker -- who happened to be a mixed martial arts champ in his native Sri Lanka.

  • Wichita Drive-Ins' from the past!

    I'm trying to remember all the drive in movie places that used to be in town. Here's the ones I can remember: The Westport was on West St. just South of Star Lumber. It was pretty easy to sneak in to that one on foot. The Meadowlark Twin was on E. Harry just East of where the Wichita Mall building sits. It had two screens. It's hard to imagine a Drive In being in the middle of town! The 81 was, of course on 81 Highway (N. Broadway) the Terrace Drive In was on the North side of town and most of my memories revolve around the K-42 Drive In. The summer of '79 we spent a lot of time there. We would go out early, before dark, and throw the frisbee around. We'd set up our lawn chairs and have a little base camp. Loved it! The thing I remember most from my childhood days at the Drive In was the intermission films. "The Goodies Machine", "Candy Mountain", "Mouth Watering Chilly Dilly's", "3 Minutes til Showtime."

  • Listen to new TOM PETTY Songs!!

    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers have introduced a cool interactive webpage where you can check out some songs from the band's upcoming album, Hypnotic Eye.

  • NO WAY is Wu a Creep

    Kyle Smith of the NY Post says WU Shock is the creepiest mascot! Really? Here's an article from a year ago filled with truly creepy Mascots. Kyle Smith did not do his homework. Checkout some truly creepy mascots.

  • Cleanthony, We Are So Proud!

    Cleanthony Early fits the Knicks like a glove. He is a New Yorker and clearly feeling at home. It has taken him no time to start posterizing. Summer league must be thrilling for him. So happy for Cle and for Toure Murray. Hope they have a stellar season.

  • Boeing, Boeing Gone

    Hard to really believe we have said goodbye to Boeing...but impossible to deny while you are getting a bargain at the big Boeing Auction on Tuesday July 22nd at 10am. Use entrance #6 and you can get bidding on everything from Giant industrial fans to Cafeteria benches and tables. For some people, these will be souvenirs of a great age gone by...for others just another hydraulic tool.

  • Giving IS better than Receiving

    Seeing a wrong righted really just blows you away! Phil and I had the privilege of working with Rusty Eck Ford, Cars4Christmas and Darrell Rankin from All Parts Auto Salvage and Dion Leffler from the Wichita Eagle to get a "new" car for a man (a cancer survivor and dialysis patient) who had his taken from him. The night before we were going to give Mr. McGhee his car..police found his stolen car, stripped. Mr. McGhee accepted the "new" Lincoln, beautifully reconditioned by Rusty Eck Ford and then donated his beloved, recovered Lincoln Town Car to Cars4Heroes to be reconditioned for a veteran. Smiles all around...a few tears too.

  • Listen to a clip from the new Robert Plant Album!!

    Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant has announced details about his forthcoming album, which he recorded with his current band, The Sensational Space Shifters. Titled Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar, the record will be released on September 9.

  • Soccer Fans Have Some Serious Costumes!

    Has anyone else noticed that the quality of the costumes worn by soccer fans rises above the level of costumes at other sporting events? These peeps not only have costumes that are almost Hollywood set-worthy, they also look like they just got their hair and make-up done! Is it that the income level of soccer fans who travel to the World Cup is just a lot higher? In any event they look good! Keep on cheering, USA fans.

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