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  • Remember Argus Tapes and Records? Sgt. Pepper's Parlor??

    This morning we had a request for "Sing For The Day" by Styx. (Actually I requested it.) I love that song and the album "Pieces of Eight". When that album first came out my roommate worked for Argus Tapes and Records, he brought home a giant poster of the album artwork to hang up in our living room. He always brought home great promo and display stuff so we always had a cool "rock themed" apartment.

  • The KU v. K-STATE Game Was Good, Even if My Cats Lost

    I have always heard that we end up regretting the things we don't do more than the things we do. So, when my friend Nancy called Sunday and said she had tickets to the Sunflower Showdown for Monday night, I said I would go. Sure it meant little or no sleep...but what if the Wildcats were able to pull it off and I (a true fan) had turned down the opportunity. Turns out it was a good game, even if it wasn't a win for the Wildcats. Holding the Hawks to below 60 points was no small feat. KSU did not let them have an easy time of it and worked their tails off. The crowd was electric...we need to get some of that cool confetti at WSU games ( I am sure it's forbidden in Koch arena) Anyway, a 6 point defeat to KU, where they gave it their all, is pretty much a win.

  • See ya in the ditch!

    As I was driving yesterday and looking at all the cars in the ditches I was reminded that we all think we are good drivers in harsh weather but if that were the case, there would be no cars in ditches. We are at the mercy of the elements no matter how good we are. I consider myself a very good driver but I recall last year when we were experiencing a particularly icy winter. I was driving home from work on N. Broadway, well below the speed limit when suddenly I hit that invisible patch of ice and went into the slow motion skid. You know that skid right? When you feel the road beneath you disappear and it feels as though your floating? I knew there was nothing I could do and luckily there were no cars around me so I just hung on and enjoyed the 360 degree spin in the middle of the road. It was like road ballet. I came to a stop, did the obligatory look around to see who observed it and then continued on my way happy that I was on the road and not in the ditch.

  • We Have a House Guest

    My sweet husband has rescued another animal. Usually he finds his rescuees at fire scenes. This time he found a dog on the turnpike...just South of Topeka. He was patiently awaiting someone's return, someone who apparently was not coming back. Now he is trying to fit in with our two dogs. I will be sending his photo to vets in Topeka today, in hopes someone recognizes him. He is in good shape and has pretty good manners, but no collar and no microchip. Wish us luck in finding his owner.

  • What I wanted to be when I grew up

    This week marks the 32nd anniversary of my employment in radio. I was hired at T-95 in February 1980 and have remained employed in the industry since then. It makes me laugh when I think of being a kid and thinking of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was a 6th grader in 1969-1970. I loved the whole long haired hippie culture, rock music and radio. I remember telling my father once: "I want to be a hippie and a d.j. when I grow up." By the time I was hired in 1980 I had shoulder length hair...I was a hippie and a d.j.!!!!!

  • What went wrong?

    A man stole a car, led police on a car chase and was eventually shot and killed. I was watching the story on the news and realized that I went to High School with this guy. I did not know him well but as I recall he was one of the cool and popular kids, he had a nice car, nice home and was popular with the girls. How does this happen? There are times when you wonder: "what ever happened to ..." I never wondered that about this guy because as I said I didn't know him well but he was one of those guys I would have assumed did well for himself. He would have never crossed my mind but then I saw his face on the news. It just made me wonder...what went wrong?

  • My F bomb filter was broken only once.

    It's amazing I don't drop the F bomb on the air but I attribute it to an excellent F bomb filter. I use the F bomb in day to day conversation with friends. I love the F bomb. I would never use it in front of someone who might be offended by it but I don't know anyone offended by it quite honestly. It's such a part of my everyday language. I have only dropped the F bomb once on the air during my long radio career and that was during a remote at a strip club back in the mid 90's. I had been drinking so I was feeling pretty loose. About a minute before I was to go on the air I had an equipment malfunction so I was scrambling to resolve that issue and with seconds to go, I got it fixed. I was still trying to regroup from that when they threw it to me live at the strip club. I was basically on auto pilot. Out of my mouth came all the correct information about the event that night: drink specials, lovely ladies, good times and then I said: "Bring your Military I.D. , Aircraft I.D. or any other F***ing I.D. and get in free!" I remember it like it was yesterday. My F bomb filter was broken only once.

  • Sportsmanship is Dead Among the Spectators

    So, Giselle couldn't take it anymore and lashed out at the NY Giants Hecklers. Telling them her husband cannot both throw the ball and catch it and dropping an "F" bomb in the process. Can't say I don't sympathize with her. What has happened to civiity and sportsmanship...even kindness?

  • I Think Betty White's Commercial was again among the Best

    Not too much buzz about the Superbowl commercials this year. There were, for the most part, pretty lackluster. However, I think the commercial featuring Betty White was better than many selected above hers...she can really deliver a line, and not while playing the stereotypical "old cranky woman". I thought she rocked it! I

  • I've found some hidden treasures.

    The big game...done! Winner: New York. The commercials...done! Winner: Dorito's. The wager...done! Winner: Jan's basement. Paying off the bet by moping Jan's basement inspired me to do a little cleaning myself. I went to my basement before I came to work this morning and dragged out a couple of boxes. There are definitely some hidden treasures in those boxes. I see a bunch of rolled up posters, some autographed. I think I spotted one of my High School yearbooks, not sure what year. Some old photos and concert t-shirts. Gonna bring the boxes to the station on Friday and we'll go through them on the air. The stuff I don't keep I'll give away! Listen for your chance to win some junk!! Cool junk though. ~ Phil ~

  • How Do Parents Get Anything Done?

    Sometimes my husband and I trade-off meeting pumbers, electricians, Handy Ma'am, etc. at the house when something needs repaired...we also trade off with things like calling the insurance agent when I back into the house..or the mason who will repair the damage incurred when I back into the house. But there are still other jobs which fall to me: returning ill-fitting gifts, taking the dogs to the vet or groomer, grocery shopping, trips to Goodwill with the latest stuff we no longer need, checking with the insurance company on why they won't cover a RX (don't get me started on that), cleaning...except for vacuuming which I rarely do and Kent and clean-up, laundry, letter/email writing...anyway my point is I can never seem to get how in the world do parents add in a little thing called child rearing? I cannot imagine. Props to all the good parents...especially those with clean, organized houses. Maybe they never sleep.

  • Does Reading the Obits Mean You're REALLY old?

    I have found that I now read the obits everyday..or almost everyday. Lots of times I find that a friend or parent of a friend has passed away. At what age do most people start this, I wonder? Gotta think it's time to take Centrum Silver when this starts!

  • Does Groundhog Day mean anything this year?

    Tomorrow is Groundhog Day. The day Phil the Groundhog pops out of his tree trunk or hole or wherever the hell he lives and lets us know if we will have an early Spring. This year we have had nothing but Spring like weather all Winter so if Phil says we are having 6 more weeks of Winter this year isn't it the same as saying we will be having an early Spring????? Just a random thought.

  • Too Many Projects

    Is it just me, or do you find that on the day you need a plumber at the house you've already committed to having the carpets cleaned? Our dogs bark their heads off as we try and keep them sequestered from the "guests"..I think I need to ask the "Dog Whisperer" to come, but no doubt the HVAC unit would break down and the garbage disposal would quit working! Then all the repair people would arrive at the same time...but leave hours apart.

  • Roman Numerals and The Big Game

    First off I hate calling it "The Big Game" but certain copyright laws prevent me from saying...well, you know. Although I'm pretty sure I could use "the term" here because I'm not using it for any promotional purpose. But just in case I will refer to it here as the SB.

  • The Big Bet

    Not sure why anyone bets on the big game (I mean bets with no money involved). If Phil wins there will no doubt be something uncomfortable for me to do and if Phil loses he attests he will pout and thus there will be something uncomfortable for me to endure...hmmm. How do I make this a winning situation for me?

  • Where's the karma?

    This has been an unbelievable winter! Unseasonably warm and barely a dusting of snow. So little snow in fact that it doesn't even count. Don't get me wrong, I love this weather but I do have a question: "Where's the karma?" For the last 16 years I lived in a house with a driveway the size of a skating rink. For the last 16 years it was my responsibility to shovel the skating rink sized driveway when it snowed, along with the sizeable patio and sidewalk to the back door. For the last 16 years it has snowed in the winter. Then I got divorced and this is the first winter where I don't have snow shoveling duties. Figures...

  • I hate beans

    Today is the annual Chili Cookoff here at the radio station. Employees are encouraged to whip up their award winning chili and enter the competition. Everyone gathers in the large conference room for a big group lunch and chili sampling, a judge is brought in to taste each one and a winner is announced at the end of the lunch. I am not a big fan of this. Why? I hate beans. I'm not a bean guy. I think it's more of a texture thing than the taste but I've never aquired an affinity for beans. And what is chili all about?? Beans! Jan even asked me to sample her chili and make any suggestions as to spices or ingredients she might need to add. My first question was: "does it have beans?" Needless to say it did. So, as I write this the smell of chili permeates the air, it smells delicious. My only hope is there will be an entry with no beans or I will be going home hungry.

  • Props to the Navy Seals and a Pro-active Commander In Chief

    The message is clear...if you kidnap our citizens, you will pay with your lives. The Navy Seals have once again risked their lives and successfully completed a very dangerous mission, where they parachuted into Somalia to rescue an American woman and a Danish man from kidnappers. Props to them and props to President Obama who ordered the action.

  • I Want to Win the Competition

    It's that time of year again when gladiators prepare for the most heated of competitons, yes it is chili cook-off time here at 1045, The Fox. I won this competiton a few years back, thanks to judge Gene Stephenson. Seems he likes chili with a lot of beans and that's part of why I won. Subsequently, that same recipe has not allowed me to place above 3rd. The perennial winner seems to use Manning-Clampitt as a base...not sure what he adds beyond Manning-Clampitt. Decisons, decisions...What recipe should I use? hmmm, or shuld I say mmmm?

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