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  • The Mystery May Be solved, But Another Mystery Remains

    A Coroner in British Columbia has, after years of study, gone on record with a theory as to the cause of death of dozens of individuals whose dis-embodied feet (usually in rubber-soled boots) have washed ashore in lakes in Washington state and B.C....cause of death suicide by bridge jumping. There are numerous suicides in our city each year. I bet there are more suicides than murders. We don't talk about them because we still view suicide as shameful. So instead of viewing suicide as something to combat, we view it as something to hide. That is the shameful part.

  • FPO

    I used to use "alot" a lot.

    I am not a guy who is grammatically correct all the time. It's been a long time since I've been in school so the rules of grammar sometime elude me. I'm sure this is obvious in some of my blogs. However I think the rules of grammar can be broken in texts. Example: the use of "u" instead of "you". Or not using capital letters or an apostrophe when texting things like ive or its. I'm O.K. with that when it comes to quick text messages. I even used to think the word "alot" was a real word. I used it so much that a friend of mine finally sent me a blog about how the word "alot" is not a word at all. It's such a great blog I feel the need to pass it along. And by the way, I say "a lot" now! Click on the link below and read a very entertaining take on the word.

  • I Am On Pins and Needles

    The Shockers are in the spotlight, I sure hope they can go all the way in the MVC Tourney. They earned the title of MVC champs and to me, this tournament seems extraneous. What would really be strange and what could, but I certainly don't want to happen, is WSU could lose the weekend but then go to at least the sweet 16 in the NCAA tourney. I think that would further vindicate my thoughts, that other than a way to make money, the MVC tourney is worthless...Why not have 3 tourneys? 4 tourneys? In any event, GO SHOCKERS!!!!

  • Best R.I.P. message ever!

    Davy Jones of the Monkees passed away from a heart attack. There were of course condolences and messages left from people far and wide remembering Davy. By far the best remembrance message I have ever read came from his bandmate Michael Nesmith who wrote:

  • The "Shut it Now" look

    It seems more and more that people feel perfectly comfortable imposing their "private" conversations on others both while talking on the phone or even in a restaurant! I know give what I call the "SHut it Now Look" to those who choose to interrupt my day with their loud mouthiness. Anyone else have a solution to this problem?

  • Lefties, Can They Be Outsmarted

    Left-handed people, I recently found out, can be more easily persuaded to like something (i.e a plan, an idea, an advertisement) if it appears on the left side of the page. Hmmmm, so if I want my concept of backyard landscaping to be popular with my husband, I should place the design plan I like to his left and another plan I like less to his right. I may try this. He tends to make more of the decisions about the outside of the house. This could be an interesting experiment.

  • Fake Leap Day Wedding

    A lot of people get married on Leap Day because they think they will only have to worry about celebrating their anniversary once every 4 years. An old radio partner of mine got married on Leap Day but not for that reason. And he didn't really get married on Leap Day...follow me? No? Okay, he actually went on the air and promoted the fact that he would take a "leap of faith" on Leap Day by getting married. There was a minister, groomsmen, bridesmaids, limos, a reception, cake, guests the whole nine yards. We even held a bachelor party at a strip club the night before. The thing is, it was all an elaborate hoax. An April Fools Day hoax. Confused? I understand. He took the "leap of faith" on Leap Day and then revealed it was all a hoax on April Fools Day. He actually had to keep up the appearance of being married to this girl for an entire month!! Even his close friends and family didn't know it was all fake. In the end it worked out, everyone was fooled and it was a great stunt. And on a side note, at the fake reception, he ended up meeting the girl he would eventually marry for real. She was one of the fake bridesmaids!! And a side note to that side note, they are now divorced. Anyway...Happy Leap Day!

  • Runners...They're Tough

    I always thought it would be cool to be a runner, but even as a fairly slender youth I had bad ankles for running. My envy of runners increased when I heard this morning about the runner in Naples, Florida who took out after someone she heard rummaging through her dad's car. She told him...You'd better sit down and wait for the cops, I've called them. He started to run, she told him he'd better be able to run more than three miles, because she could. He took off, she took off. He tried to intimidate her, but she kept a comin'. She cornered him between two houses until cops arrived....She did all this after kicking off her flip-flops, she ran barefoot! Oh to have had good ankles!

  • NCAA Tournaments Dreams Are Killing Me

    It's interesting, trying to decide if i should take a couple of vacation days to see the Shocks play in the first round or select tix for further down the line...sure they will give you your money back if your team does not make the round you picked...but I can't decide if I should go for the Sweet 16 and some lower rounds...I can't be off work that much or spend a fortune. Any thoughts about the best round to watch if you are a Shocker Fan?

  • Mind Vacation

    First day back at work after a few days off. People are asking the standard question: "what did you do on your days off?" My answer: "I did nothing" Nothing doesn't mean nothing of course it's just that I didn't do anything "vacationy". I relaxed, slept late, hung out with my girlfriend and just basically existed, put my mind on autopilot and let it find it's own destination. Not sure where it went but I'm glad to have it back.

  • Number 19 in the Country!

    Wow! The Shockers are now ranked 19th in both the AP and coaches poll! I am so thrilled for these guys, Coach Marshall and our whole city! At the beginning of the season, I was hoping our Shockers would have another shot at an NIT title. At an NIT ring ceremony where last years players received their rings at the start of this season, Coach Marshall told Dr. Beggs he hoped to bring home a different award this season. I thought that was bold of him. Now I think it was "no brag, just fact." Great job Coach and players. We do absolutely love you guys...just like the video says at the start of each game!

  • Paperwork sucks

    I hate paperwork. I'm in the middle of a project here at the radio station and it involves a lot of research and paperwork. I quite enjoy the research but did I tell you...I hate paperwork. It wasn't always that way, in grade school I used to turn in my homework on time and by Junior High I was penning short stories for my English Lit. class. But somewhere between Junior High and High School it all changed, I can't put my finger on it but in High School I excelled in presentation, the paperwork issue however dragged my grades down. It drove my parents crazy. For instance in Drivers Ed I aced the driving portion of the class but because I didn't turn in my "paperwork" I failed the class. I failed Drivers Ed!!!! Who fails Drivers Ed???? My driving scores were perfect too! Not fair!! Oh well I guess I'd better get back to my paperwork.

  • "Heart Attack Grill" Works As Advertised for Patron

    A diner at a Las Vegas location of the infamous Heart Attack Grill suffered a heart attack while chowing down on one of the fast food joint's Triple Bypass burgers Tuesday evening. Visitors to the restaurant -- which boasts of its unhealthily enormous burgers and 8,000 calorie meals, and which features waitresses barely dressed as nurses -- apparently thought the overweight man's plight was a gag, according to the restaurant's owner "Dr." Jon Basso. With tourists' cameras rolling, the victim was rolled out on a gurney by EMTs.

  • Is there really a Sports Illustrated Curse?

    Okay, I don't believe in curses and I have not checked on athletes who are featured in S.I. only to go on to major success the following week, but I am concerned. That's because I love the WSU shockers basketball team. Seth Davis with S.I. has just stated in print that WSU will make it to the NCAA final 4. That is huge! But can it hurt us? S.I. featured WSU senior, Toure Murry on their cover when he was a freshman and immediately after publication the team went into a slump. Doug McDermott was the darling of S.I then his team lost three in a row (thanks Shockers!) this season. I sure hope the Shockers can soar above the "curse". Go Shockers!

  • Remember Argus Tapes and Records? Sgt. Pepper's Parlor??

    This morning we had a request for "Sing For The Day" by Styx. (Actually I requested it.) I love that song and the album "Pieces of Eight". When that album first came out my roommate worked for Argus Tapes and Records, he brought home a giant poster of the album artwork to hang up in our living room. He always brought home great promo and display stuff so we always had a cool "rock themed" apartment.

  • The KU v. K-STATE Game Was Good, Even if My Cats Lost

    I have always heard that we end up regretting the things we don't do more than the things we do. So, when my friend Nancy called Sunday and said she had tickets to the Sunflower Showdown for Monday night, I said I would go. Sure it meant little or no sleep...but what if the Wildcats were able to pull it off and I (a true fan) had turned down the opportunity. Turns out it was a good game, even if it wasn't a win for the Wildcats. Holding the Hawks to below 60 points was no small feat. KSU did not let them have an easy time of it and worked their tails off. The crowd was electric...we need to get some of that cool confetti at WSU games ( I am sure it's forbidden in Koch arena) Anyway, a 6 point defeat to KU, where they gave it their all, is pretty much a win.

  • See ya in the ditch!

    As I was driving yesterday and looking at all the cars in the ditches I was reminded that we all think we are good drivers in harsh weather but if that were the case, there would be no cars in ditches. We are at the mercy of the elements no matter how good we are. I consider myself a very good driver but I recall last year when we were experiencing a particularly icy winter. I was driving home from work on N. Broadway, well below the speed limit when suddenly I hit that invisible patch of ice and went into the slow motion skid. You know that skid right? When you feel the road beneath you disappear and it feels as though your floating? I knew there was nothing I could do and luckily there were no cars around me so I just hung on and enjoyed the 360 degree spin in the middle of the road. It was like road ballet. I came to a stop, did the obligatory look around to see who observed it and then continued on my way happy that I was on the road and not in the ditch.

  • We Have a House Guest

    My sweet husband has rescued another animal. Usually he finds his rescuees at fire scenes. This time he found a dog on the turnpike...just South of Topeka. He was patiently awaiting someone's return, someone who apparently was not coming back. Now he is trying to fit in with our two dogs. I will be sending his photo to vets in Topeka today, in hopes someone recognizes him. He is in good shape and has pretty good manners, but no collar and no microchip. Wish us luck in finding his owner.

  • What I wanted to be when I grew up

    This week marks the 32nd anniversary of my employment in radio. I was hired at T-95 in February 1980 and have remained employed in the industry since then. It makes me laugh when I think of being a kid and thinking of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was a 6th grader in 1969-1970. I loved the whole long haired hippie culture, rock music and radio. I remember telling my father once: "I want to be a hippie and a d.j. when I grow up." By the time I was hired in 1980 I had shoulder length hair...I was a hippie and a d.j.!!!!!

  • What went wrong?

    A man stole a car, led police on a car chase and was eventually shot and killed. I was watching the story on the news and realized that I went to High School with this guy. I did not know him well but as I recall he was one of the cool and popular kids, he had a nice car, nice home and was popular with the girls. How does this happen? There are times when you wonder: "what ever happened to ..." I never wondered that about this guy because as I said I didn't know him well but he was one of those guys I would have assumed did well for himself. He would have never crossed my mind but then I saw his face on the news. It just made me wonder...what went wrong?

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