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  • Too Many Projects

    Is it just me, or do you find that on the day you need a plumber at the house you've already committed to having the carpets cleaned? Our dogs bark their heads off as we try and keep them sequestered from the "guests"..I think I need to ask the "Dog Whisperer" to come, but no doubt the HVAC unit would break down and the garbage disposal would quit working! Then all the repair people would arrive at the same time...but leave hours apart.

  • Roman Numerals and The Big Game

    First off I hate calling it "The Big Game" but certain copyright laws prevent me from saying...well, you know. Although I'm pretty sure I could use "the term" here because I'm not using it for any promotional purpose. But just in case I will refer to it here as the SB.

  • The Big Bet

    Not sure why anyone bets on the big game (I mean bets with no money involved). If Phil wins there will no doubt be something uncomfortable for me to do and if Phil loses he attests he will pout and thus there will be something uncomfortable for me to endure...hmmm. How do I make this a winning situation for me?

  • Where's the karma?

    This has been an unbelievable winter! Unseasonably warm and barely a dusting of snow. So little snow in fact that it doesn't even count. Don't get me wrong, I love this weather but I do have a question: "Where's the karma?" For the last 16 years I lived in a house with a driveway the size of a skating rink. For the last 16 years it was my responsibility to shovel the skating rink sized driveway when it snowed, along with the sizeable patio and sidewalk to the back door. For the last 16 years it has snowed in the winter. Then I got divorced and this is the first winter where I don't have snow shoveling duties. Figures...

  • I hate beans

    Today is the annual Chili Cookoff here at the radio station. Employees are encouraged to whip up their award winning chili and enter the competition. Everyone gathers in the large conference room for a big group lunch and chili sampling, a judge is brought in to taste each one and a winner is announced at the end of the lunch. I am not a big fan of this. Why? I hate beans. I'm not a bean guy. I think it's more of a texture thing than the taste but I've never aquired an affinity for beans. And what is chili all about?? Beans! Jan even asked me to sample her chili and make any suggestions as to spices or ingredients she might need to add. My first question was: "does it have beans?" Needless to say it did. So, as I write this the smell of chili permeates the air, it smells delicious. My only hope is there will be an entry with no beans or I will be going home hungry.

  • Props to the Navy Seals and a Pro-active Commander In Chief

    The message is clear...if you kidnap our citizens, you will pay with your lives. The Navy Seals have once again risked their lives and successfully completed a very dangerous mission, where they parachuted into Somalia to rescue an American woman and a Danish man from kidnappers. Props to them and props to President Obama who ordered the action.

  • I Want to Win the Competition

    It's that time of year again when gladiators prepare for the most heated of competitons, yes it is chili cook-off time here at 1045, The Fox. I won this competiton a few years back, thanks to judge Gene Stephenson. Seems he likes chili with a lot of beans and that's part of why I won. Subsequently, that same recipe has not allowed me to place above 3rd. The perennial winner seems to use Manning-Clampitt as a base...not sure what he adds beyond Manning-Clampitt. Decisons, decisions...What recipe should I use? hmmm, or shuld I say mmmm?

  • A facial hair dilemma

    What to do what to do. I've been sporting my facial hair (goatee, half beard, van dyke, flavor saver...) since 1994. I like it. Sure it takes a little more maintenance than it used to. If I didn't color it with "Just For Men" it would look like Colenel Sanders and I'm not ready to go all gray just yet. I shaved it off once in the late 90's and was horrified with the results. My nose appeared to be twice as big and my chin was a stranger to me. I realize it's all psychological but I'm afraid to change it up and shave it off again. Sure it will only take about a week and a half to grow back if I don't like it but that's 9 days of feeling insecure. Should I do it?

  • I Can't wait for the Big Game

    I know there are many people disappointed in the line-up for the big game, prefering to have had a West coast-East coast match-up. The reason I am excited is that with Peyton injured...I think this match-up, the two greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game, will deliver a heck of a game. I will be at heroes to see these gladiators. I can't wait!

  • Random Celebrity Dreams

    I blogged the other day about my recurring dream where something goes horribly wrong at work and about the randomness of my dreams nightly. Another recurring theme in my dreams although not as often is the appearance of a celebrity. I always enjoy the random celebrity popping up in my random dreams doing random things. Last night I had one of those. Started out in a random mall and I ran into Antonio Banderas who was doing some shopping, I later ran into Brad Pitt at the same mall and we talked for awhile and then had shots at the bar inside the mall where he told me how he was bummed out that he got nominated for an academy award but wasn't invited to the ceremony. We then went and shot some hoops at a random basketball court. After that we jumped in my car, he autographed my dashboard with permanent marker and I took him to the airport. He said I should look up he and Angelina whenever I was in their neighborhood and I said I would. It was really quite entertaining. I love random celebrity dreams.

  • So Danica is Going to Nascar

    Her few Nascar races must have been enough (along with 12 million dollars) to convince Danica Patrick to make Nascar her only racing sport! Danica says it is not the money. She says she would have done this much sooner had money been the issue. I have to think she is telling the truth, as she no doubt has plenty of money from her endorsements. Go Daddy, Go Danica! Good Luck in Nascar, hope you win some!

  • My successful science experiment

    A 17 year old High School girl in California just won $100,000.00 for her science project: a new cancer fighting technique that so far has been a success when tested on mice. I too had success with a science project when I was in school. I was in 8th grade at Wilbur Junior High and science class was fun because we got to work with open flames and chemicals. One day my science partner and I discovered that 2 drops of nitric acid on a penny would burn the face off of it and shrink it to the size of a dime which was quite signigicant because at that time, pinball machines cost a dime and guess what??? The shrunken pennies actually worked!! My science project was a success!!! Although I never submitted the results of my research to my teacher and it wasn't earth shattering or life changing, it was still a scientific success and I played free pinball for several months. Then one day I went to the bowling alley with a pocketful of shrunken pennies and much to my dismay...pinball machines had been altere to a quarter a play!!!! But it was fun while it lasted and I actually felt like I accomplished something. Oh sure it was illegal but still......

  • New York is One of The Friendliest Cities on the Planet

    Do unto others...

    I read today that NYC has been voted the least friendly city in America. I have to disagee. I have visited that wonderful city many, many times. I have never ONCE been treatedly rudely. In fact, I have been warmly welcomed wherever I went, received unsolicited help when I needed it, and enjoyed conversations with everyone from cabbies and town car drivers to television stars...including on the subway. Phil has had the same positive experience. Maybe it's a matter of reaping what one sows.

  • The Big Game

    Who's going to win the Big Game? New England? New York? Does it matter to me? No. Either one is good, I have no vested interest in either. Two football dynasties who have been to the big game before...meh. In 2008 they met on the big stage but what made that game exciting was the fact that the Patriots were going into it undefeated and had a chance to be perfect but as we all know, that didn't happen, Eli came through in amazing fashion in an exciting finish. Jan and I were on a Fox cruise in the Caribbean watching that game on the ship. Very memorable for many reasons...great game, great cruise. And speaking of Jan and the big game, we have to make our annual bet. will I decide which team to go for? Where's my coin to flip?

  • I loved my first car. It was a Thunderbird!!

    My first car was a piece of junk but I loved it! Why? Not for the reasons you would think. Not because of the freedom it represented, for the first time in my life I could go anywhere I wanted anytime I wanted. Not because of the sense of accomplishment it represented, I worked at my dad's lithography shop for a long time to save up the money to buy it. The reason I loved my car so much was the fact that it was a Thunderbird! Ever since I had seen the movie "American Graffitti" I knew I had to have one. The 1957 Thunderbird that Suzanne Sommers drove was one of the iconic images in that movie! Imagine my dismay when I found out that the T-Birds with that body style (1955-57) were waaaaay out of my price range! I eventually found a 1960 T-Bird for $500.00. Perfect! Oh sure it burned oil and spewed blue smoke out the engine and tailpipe, oh sure it had small patches of rust around the wheel wells and the dashboard was warped and melted, oh sure it only got 8 miles to the gallon but I loved that car! Why?? Because it was a Thunderbird!!

  • Dogs Are More Than Cute

    A family in Massachusetts escaped their burning home recently when their Yorkie/Beagle mix dog saw flames at the back of their house and barked and barked and barked until his annoyed owner finally came to see why he insisted on barking. The home owner saw the flames in time to get out with her children and the heroic dog. The dog was brought into the family by the homeowner's late husband who died in an accident shortly after adopting the dog. The kids say their dad managed to save them through the actions of their dog. It's nice to see sweet stories like this.

  • My recurring dream

    I'm a dreamer. Literally. Every night for as long as I can remember I have had vivid and very random dreams, usually filled with images and subject matter that my mind has absorbed throughout the day that then manifests itself in my dreams. I love going to sleep because I know I'm going to have some weird, wonderful, odd, unusual and usually pretty cool little stories that will play out in my dreams. However I do have one recurring dream, the imagery is different but the subject is always the same: something is going wrong at work! It usually involves playing the wrong songs, not having any music, not being able to find the music, the equipment is not functioning properly etc. This happens at least once a week, I suspect that everyone has work related dreams but these are pretty epic in their scope and degree of anxiety causing events. Then I'll wake up, get ready to go and head to work where everything seems so...normal.

  • You Have what Tattoed on Your Bum?

    I paused today to think about what I am willing to do for money. Sure I sold CDs to pay the rent in the early days of my career. But a woman in Australia has decided to sell adverstising space on her butt check via an online auction. High bidder gets to choose which cheek. She does not mind profanity, but draws the line at racism...I would too. But would I place advertising on my butt check? Hmmm...for 10 Million...sure! Her high bid right now is almost $13,000. She intends to get out of debt, give to charity and visit her mum with her proceeds.

  • Feeling like a smartass today.

    Feeling like a smartass today.

    I've been a real smartass today. Do you ever have one of those days? And I don't mean an a**hole, I mean a smartass, two different things. It's one of those days where I think everything I say is really funny, whether it is or not. Some may think I'm as funny as I think I am but I think for the most part, I'm coming off as a smartass but that's okay as long as I'm entertaining myself right? The thing is, when I get in the smartass mode it's hard for me to shut it off. Hmmmm...hope I don't have a meeting with one of the big bosses today.

  • I hate the liquid that jumps out of My Drink

    this morning phil got pear juice syrup all over his lap when the stuff came shooting out of his morning snack cup. That reminded me of the many times I opened a bottle of Ethos water in NYC. I don't have much occasional to buy bottled water in Wichita, so it was in NYC that I dicovered you can not open this water and take the first sip without water spurting from the bottle and on to your face and clothing...similar problem but not so volcanic with fountain drinks from fastfood places...quit over-filling...pleeeze.

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