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  • My Sincere Sympathy to Joe Philbin

    I know how difficult it is to suffer the death of your child. My heart goes out to Joe Philbin, Offensive Coordinator for the Packers and possible candidate for Head Coach of the Dolphins. His son, 21-year old, Michael has been missing and is now presumed drowned in the Fox River near Oshkosh. A security guard heard someone on the ice calling for help. A body has been recovered...the identity of which has not yet been verified. Why anyone would've been on the ice (posted as thin ice) at 2:30 in the morning has not been determined

  • Van Halen "Tattoo" sounds good!

    Van Halen "Tattoo" sounds good!

    Played the new Van Halen song "Tattoo" this morning. I'm a fan of old DLR Van Halen. Now don't get me wrong, I liked the Sammy version too but the DLR VH had a sound noone else had so I was a little concerned that the new song was going to let me down. For the most part, it didn't. Eddie and Alex sounded fantastic! Classic Van Halen! Like they never went away! Dave still can't carry a tune and his lyrics are a bit trite but they always have been. The thing about Dave is he isn't a "rock star" anymore, I think it's the hair. I mean Dave is still a star, a front man, an entertainer but the long haired, bad boy rock star persona is gone. And one more's not Van Halen without Michael Anthony's backing vocals. That was so much a signature of Van Halen. If Michael Anthony's vocals were in this song it would have sealed the deal for me. I like the new Van Halen song but without Michael I don't love it. It is better than I anticipated and I am looking forward to hearing the entire album "A Different Kind Of Truth" when it arrives February 7th.

  • Should I Tell?

    I had a little accident at my house...involving my car and my house. Is thre a moral obligation to tell your insurance agent. I mean are you creating a lie of omission when you don't tell and thus your rates do not go up? More details on the show tomorrow!

  • Free Computers and Russian Women

    Free Computers and Russian Women

    It seems I'm very lucky and popular lately. Lucky because there are free computers waiting for me and popular because there are free Russian women waiting for me! Since we switched e-mail services here at the radio station, the spam filter is letting some fun things through. It appears that Dell has several computers just waiting to ship to me but they don't have my correct address!!! Imagine that! I guess I need to "update my information" with Dell to recieve my new laptop...I'll get right on that. But the most fun new e-mails that are not getting filtered are the come on's from lonely Russian women who want me...bad! Most of them start out with things like "looking for love?" or "please check out my profile" but my favorite showed up this morning in my inbox: "Marry me - I'll be the best Russian wife!" it goes on to say in the text "Greetings - send me your photos where you are naked " I'll get right on that too.

  • Leg Cramps...why do they hurt SO much?

    I woke up this morning after the committing the capital crime of stretching in bed. It must be a capital crime because it resulted in pain so severe, it can only be described as torture! I understand that their are people battling cancer, ALS,CF, CCA, MS, MD and many other horrible illnesses...but how is it that such a seemingly minor thing as a leg cramp results in such horrific pain? I looked up "leg cramps" on webMD and found that doctors do not know what causes them. what do I do as I am trying to walk it off...same website says the cramps may be connected to dehydration and flat feet. At midnight last night I determined I was suffering from both. I guzzled a glass and a half of water and went back to bed and made my husband promise if I got another cramp he would go and get my tennis shoes from the closet and slap them on my feet to create arches...then I laid awake for the next hour, not daring to move a muscle, for fear of bringing on another cramp. I finally fell asleep about 1:30...geez, I am tired today.

  • A blog about blogging.

    So, here it is...2012. I'm not a guy who makes resolutions but I guess I will make an exception this time. What is my resolution? Blogging! Why is this my resolution? Because I've been told that people are interested in my blog, what's on my mind, what I do from day to day, and also that if I don't blog every day I'll be in trouble. So here it is world (or those 6 people that will read this)... my first blog of 2012!!! A blog about a blog!!! Interesting? Compelling? Probably not but that means they can only get better right? I'm going to link this to our Facebook page and I would like some feedback on this whole blogging thing. Any feedback would be welcomed: ideas on what to blog about, do you really want to know what I do or what's on my mind? Help me with my New Year's me with my blogging.

  • The Bet is Almost On

    Phil and I are working on a bet for the "big game" may be that he paints my garage or I clean out his basement...hmmm... should I take that bet? Not sure!

  • Boeing, Boeing, Gone

    So, it is official. Boeing is moving the Wichita work to San Antonio and Oklahoma City. Perhaps now this city will diversify...we have been talking about it since the 1960s, but it is my understanding that some Wichita companies have successfully blocked those efforts in the past. Let's hope we can that now we can get some more industry in here. Any thoughts on any of this? Feel free to us at 436-1045 tomorrow morning!

  • Paying It Forward

    I am not really sure the about when the term "paying it forward" really came about or for that matter, exactly what it means...but I know it involves doing an unexpected good dead for someone in need and I am all about that! I was privileged to meet three Fox Listeners, one of whom was unemployed, tremendously excited because after saying "hi" to Phil and me at Dillard's TW, they were going out to pay for the purchases of others! The world needs more loving people like them! so happy to have them in our "audience of experts"!

  • It's New Years Eve, almost!

    I have been wondering what changes i need to resolve to make in 2012...lose weight, meditate, never procrastinate...the list could be endless. I think 2012 will be a really good year for me and I am hoping that positive attitude will help make it so. When you think back over the really good years in your life...did you realize at the time how good they actually were? I am determined to do that this year!

  • This is Pretty Cute!

    It takes a lot to make me laugh, but I think this is so well done, I just had to share! My husband and I will be going on a diet as of the first of January, so this is really timely for us! I have been thinking of all the low cal stuff I can prepare and then I get this!

  • Cars4Christmas Rocked this Year!

    Hope everyone got to listen this morning as we gave away 4 vehicles to people who needed reliable transportation. Something as simple as having transportation can really be the key to getting everything else...a job, an education, better health. At least that is the case in towns such as ours which do not have extensive mass transit. It really fills me with joy to see someone who has always been on the giving end get to Kristine this morning...she lost everything in a flood, then her vehicle was hit by a driver with no insurance. She is on disability from her injuries. Now she can get to her doctor's appointments, to the store, etc. without asking for rides. Andrea was also a recipient this morning. She has two children, one of whom was premature and has many, many health problems. She has to take her daughter to doctor's appointments in Kansas City. She also needs to look for a job. Vehicles are life changing things. To donate one, in any condition, just go to the Cars4Christmas icon at this website. We'd like to start giving away vehicles in Wichita every month!

  • Cars4Christmas

    Each year it is our pivilege to provide used cars to folks who need a hand-up in life, through Cars4Christmas.. Tomorrow four peoples lives will, hopefully, improve as the result of our efforts. I cannot imagine the hardships some of these folks have havinga premature baby with special needs and multiple doctor's appointments and no car. Or losing everything you have in a natural disaster and being on disability. But tomorrow will be a joyful day. Hope you all can listen or stop by Carstar at 606 North Webb from 6-9am and join the celebration! And if you have a vehicle in any condition, that you no longer can use, please consider donating it to Cars4Christmas... you'll be the most important part of this great effort!

  • Gift Wrapping

    Gift wrapping is an art and a science. I find it a lot of fun to try and spruce up packages with things like holly, red berries, and even feathers. Anyone can wrap well if he or she is taught both the science and the art. The science involves making sure you start by surrounding the box wiht just enough paper, not too little, not too much. Then, and here is the clincher, make sure you push the paper "in" first at each end of the box. in from the sides and then up from the bottom and down from the top. Wired ribbon is easiest to tie to complete the package. The art comes from taking some chances...use colors contained in the paper, but let yourself go a little crazy when selecting the toppings! If the present is going to car enthusiast, for example, top his/jer present with matchbox car wired into the bow. This works really well if the gift is the keys to a new car! I'll wrap presents for your loved one if you come by and present the gifts for wrapping while you donate blood at the Red Cross at 707 North Main this Thursday and Friday!

  • French Kissing

    Seems most people can remember their first "French" kiss. For me, for Phil and for Carrie Rengers it happened while under a table. Phil and I were both at parties. Carrie was at church watching a film. It seems to have been a "milestone" or "right of passage" in most people's lives. Funny how such a thing can have an impact on you. Most people who phoned us this morning siad their first French kiss was a bit awkward, but went okay...we started this conversation after viewing a ridiculous promo for a new show about adult virgins. A couple was having their first kiss ever at their wedding and the bride went after the groom like a sucker fish on the side of an aquarium> I am certain she was coached by the director of the show. You can't tell me she'd never seen people kiss before and that kiss she planted made it look like she had not!

  • New Year's Eve

    I have been given the task of coming up with the decorations for the NYE party? Does anyone really enjoy the paper or plastic hats and noisemakers, or is that just extraneous junk so long as you have the balloon drop, the Champagne and, of course, the kiss! I really am wondering!

  • Christmas Decorations

    Is it just me, or do outdoor Christmas decorations get more bizarre every year? I am a fan of the simple and elegant rule. I think we jumped the shark when the inflatables got out of in point, the yard snow globe inflatable in which a reindeer or perhaps moose is driving a car with other characters as passengers, while inside the snow globe fake snow flakes are hurled into the air via a fan. the first inflatable...the simple really big snowman was pretty long as he didn't lie limp in the yard. Don't get me started on the Santa that appears to be hanging perilously from the guttering or stuck in the chimney.

  • The Wrong End of A Spit-take

    So, I go to see the Shockers defeat Alabama Birmingham at the IB arena last Friday night. Had great seats..or so we thought until some 40-something drunk guys sat behind us and acted like drunken teenagers. Don't get me wrong, I had no objection to their loudness...just the spit-take by one that landed all over my coat, my neck and my hair. The guy did not apology given... and now I am in a quandry as to how to get beer/saliva out of the detachable fur collar of my down coat. Will have to research that. All suggestions taken too.

  • Black Friday

    I was out stalking the Black Friday Shoppers this morning. I chose to be an observer rather than a participant this year. The line at Menard's was the longest one I saw. Folks I talked to said they wanted a patio heater at a great price. The best Black Friday deal i have ever gotten was a TV. I wonder what the best Black Friday deal of all time was? They sure had some good incentives for BF at Rusty Eck today!

  • A New Thanksgiving Tradition

    This Thanksgiving will be very different than Thanksgivings past. Sadly, we lost two dear, dear family members this year. My darling, thoughtful, mom-in-law, also named Jan, whom I loved, and my youngest step-daughter, Dawn. She was a woman who defies description. She was loving and smart and beautiful and always thought of other people before thinking of herself. I was so very lucky to have two wonderful step-daughters. I often referred to them as my "perfect daughters" and both would declare they were not. In fact, they were as close to perfect as anyone I ever met. Both young women were born with Cystic Fibrosis. Shannon passed away in '04 and Dawn passed away in February of this year. I was also fortunate to have a great son-in-law, Dawn's husband, Austin. He may be the nicest person I have ever met. Austin will be coming to our Thanksgiving this year with a woman he has recently started dating. She happens to have been Dawn's best friend. Dawn loved her and she is a delightful person in her own right. It will be interesting embracing this new dynamic, perhaps we will gain another wonderful daughter...but it won't be without some sadness this Thanksgiving .

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