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  • Christmas Decorations

    Is it just me, or do outdoor Christmas decorations get more bizarre every year? I am a fan of the simple and elegant rule. I think we jumped the shark when the inflatables got out of in point, the yard snow globe inflatable in which a reindeer or perhaps moose is driving a car with other characters as passengers, while inside the snow globe fake snow flakes are hurled into the air via a fan. the first inflatable...the simple really big snowman was pretty long as he didn't lie limp in the yard. Don't get me started on the Santa that appears to be hanging perilously from the guttering or stuck in the chimney.

  • The Wrong End of A Spit-take

    So, I go to see the Shockers defeat Alabama Birmingham at the IB arena last Friday night. Had great seats..or so we thought until some 40-something drunk guys sat behind us and acted like drunken teenagers. Don't get me wrong, I had no objection to their loudness...just the spit-take by one that landed all over my coat, my neck and my hair. The guy did not apology given... and now I am in a quandry as to how to get beer/saliva out of the detachable fur collar of my down coat. Will have to research that. All suggestions taken too.

  • Black Friday

    I was out stalking the Black Friday Shoppers this morning. I chose to be an observer rather than a participant this year. The line at Menard's was the longest one I saw. Folks I talked to said they wanted a patio heater at a great price. The best Black Friday deal i have ever gotten was a TV. I wonder what the best Black Friday deal of all time was? They sure had some good incentives for BF at Rusty Eck today!

  • A New Thanksgiving Tradition

    This Thanksgiving will be very different than Thanksgivings past. Sadly, we lost two dear, dear family members this year. My darling, thoughtful, mom-in-law, also named Jan, whom I loved, and my youngest step-daughter, Dawn. She was a woman who defies description. She was loving and smart and beautiful and always thought of other people before thinking of herself. I was so very lucky to have two wonderful step-daughters. I often referred to them as my "perfect daughters" and both would declare they were not. In fact, they were as close to perfect as anyone I ever met. Both young women were born with Cystic Fibrosis. Shannon passed away in '04 and Dawn passed away in February of this year. I was also fortunate to have a great son-in-law, Dawn's husband, Austin. He may be the nicest person I have ever met. Austin will be coming to our Thanksgiving this year with a woman he has recently started dating. She happens to have been Dawn's best friend. Dawn loved her and she is a delightful person in her own right. It will be interesting embracing this new dynamic, perhaps we will gain another wonderful daughter...but it won't be without some sadness this Thanksgiving .

  • William Shatner and the Art of Deep Frying a Thanksgiving Turkey

    Thanksgiving is coming up and for many that means deep frying a turkey. For many, just not me. I love deep fried turkey, tender, moist...delicious however I'm not a big fan of injury by fire, one must be careful when deep frying a turkey and I would surely f*** it up.

  • Critters

    Critters took up residence in our ceiling here at the Fox months ago and seem now to have left on their own. Maybe they came to my house, sensing my animal loving nature. Now my husband if there is an easy way to get them out of the soffit...they chewed their way in and they are digging the accomodations. Any great ideas on coaxing them out?

  • Thanks Veterans!

    Tomorrow will be a big day for many of us. Hundreds of us have bought personalized bricks for the World War II Memorial in Veteran's park. Tomorrow at 11AM we will get to see them during the dedication of the memorial. Look forward to seeing many Fox listeners there. Meanwhile, if your loved one has a brick there let us know and if you see SSGT James B. Harrison's name there, please know I loved him and he loved Wichita and the USA. He was a fabulous person and a credit to the Army Air Corps in which he served.

  • Lunch with My Husband's Ex

    Went to lunch with my husband's ex-wife today. Just wanted to check-in with her as time goes by since we suffered the second loss of a daughter. She is a very nice person and I will always be so grateful to her for sharing her phenomenal daughters with me and for calling me a "class act". She is a gem. They girls are no longer with us, but what a joy they were. I was so fortunate to be their step-mom and to have a nice relationship with their mom and their step-dad.

  • The Psychic's Report

    So the Psychic provided me with a mystery, but I did not get a rock. There are 10 immediate family members I would like to have gotten some kind, any kind of iron-clad verification from... .a pet name, a family story, anything but I can't say that I did. I was told that I am an old soul with 1956 angels guardians around me as well as my parents and Grandmothers. In additon, the psychic reported there is also a man who was born in 1962 and died in an accident in 1985 who was a smoker who is around me. All I know is that he was a smoker. Doesn't sound like anyone I know of, perhaps it is a listener. Let me know if the description is familiar!

  • So, If I'm on My Way To See a Psychic and the Plane Crashes...

    I am off to see the psychic. She is supposed to be really good...but when it comes to psychics, and a group of people...I am the one that gets left out...Lucy says, "I got a Snickers", Linus says, "I got some gum."...I'm charlie Brown and I have to say, "I got a rock". At a seance back when the morning show went to a haunted venue every Halloween... a psychic said my dad was coming through with one word.."Pumpkin" . Well, I did have a favorite horse named "Punkins" and my dad and I bonded over horses, but seriously would that be all my dad would say to me? let's just say I am hoping not to "get a rock" this time.

  • Off To See The Psychic

    I do not go to psychics, but after years of hearing about the bizarre but wonderful information presented by a psychic in Minneappolis, I am off to investigate. This psychic was able to tell my friend some very interesting things gleaned from people who had passed over. My guess is she will make no contacts with anyone who has gone before (and that's darn near everyone in my family )and her information will be so generic as to be worthless. I imagine I will be like the kid who says "I got a rock". Everyone in our group of women who are going will have dead relatives directing them to buried treasure and I will be like Charlie Brown on Halloween. I will report back as to my experience.

  • The Garage Clean-out is A Success

    Well, as some predicted (thank you Johnny maze) the secret garage clean-up was a huge hit with my husband. He said he was happy about it when he saw it, but today he phoned me at work to tell me so again, saying he was in shock initally and wanted me to know how much he appreciated my hard work and that he was thrilled with the result...even noticed the garage got swept out too!

  • FPO

    Rolling Stones release single on Black Friday

    Rolling Stones release single on Black Friday

  • Hope My Husband Does Not Divorce Me For This

    We have lived in our house six years and in that entire time I have not been able to get my car in the garage. That means that while my husband's truck is safely ensconced in the garage I stand scraping the ice off my windshield at 5:00 in the morning. We talk about cleaning out the other half of the garage, but never do it. It's the spot where "stuff" landed when we moved in. Kent says most of it is mine and I am going to run with that theory as my defense when I clean out the garage in his absence Saturday morning. I know he is leaving the house early and won't return until late. He is working out of town that day. I am bringing in a crew and we will get it done. None of his stuff will be discarded, unless it has become really gnarley in the past six years... I will let you Monday how it turns out!

  • It's Tom Pettys Birthday

    10/20/11 Tom Petty is 61 today!

  • A Phone that talks weird!

    Remember when you thought getting a Trim Line or Princess phone was pretty cool? We could never have imagined what was to come. Now I have a smart phone that makes jokes! Seriously?! Yes, it does. I asked it, "What's the Meaning for Life?" and it replied in a deadpan voice, "A Movie". She's here all fact she's here at least 24 months...she cost too much to ask her to leave. And besides, my fingers get so tired having to scroll for numbers and she will just connect me whenever I ask and she loveds to type my texts. I am getting too spoiled.

  • Has Anyone Ever Had a Ghost in their Own Home?

    I do not believe our own house is haunted. However, a dear friend and neighbor of mine has experienced several weird phenonmena at her house. This includes strange drips that appear on the glass surfaces in her very immaculate house. They are not red, thank goodness! Still very strange. Have you ever seen anything like that?

  • Ghost Hunting

    It's been fun spending time with the Wichita Paranormal Research Society, learning about their ghostly findings in Wichita. One Wichita office building, that must remain nameless, is the most haunted building they've investigated, with numerous ghosts encountered. When I say encountered, it's not that the spirits managed just to "move the EVP meter". Portions of their bodies and sometimes their entire bodies were actually visible to investigators. I went on one of these hunts in Oklahoma (not with the Wichita group) and I spent hours in an abandoned, decaying hospital. .. even sat around in the old morgue there, only thing that happened was one inexplicable sound. Can't say what I would have done had I seen a transparent, floating, person in there! I am fine with not being a good vehicle for ghosts. I did hear, and in one case actually feel some on my many excursions to haunted locations with my former morning show host...but appartions. Have you SEEN a ghost? Call us some morning before Halloween at 436-1045~Jan

  • Famous PI to Investigate the Disappearance of Lisa Irwin

    Wild Bill Stanton, a former NYPD officer, Bodyguard and security consulant, has been hired to look into this case. An anonymous benefactor is picking up the tab. He's quite interesting and hopefully can find this missing child.

  • Sammy Hagar is 64 today!

    Happy 64th birthday Sammy Hagar!

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