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  • Where is the Paperwork?

    If there are any psychics in the Fox audience, I'd like them to visualize the paperwork I had stowed on my microwave while re-doing my office...I removed it in haste before a family get together the other day and now I cannot find it!!!!! I know, first my this.

  • I will be serving Breakfast Outside

    Phil and I were talking to the new guy, Johnny today. he was asking about how cold it gets here in the winter. We told him that he'd hear us saying "It's 9 degrees this morning" on the J and P show. Freaked him out a little and we get that. It reminded me that I need to spend more time outside before the cold weather arrives. Last year we had snow on the ground from mid December to mid February. Soooo, breakfast will be served outdoors at our house soon!

  • Space Junk Falling From The Sky As Fall Arrives

    The odds are 1 in 3200 that a person somewhere will be hit by one of the 26 pieces of old satellite space junk returning to earth this Friday. It's believed that the area, whatever area, in which the stuff lands will be about 500 miles wide. Only those 26 pieces are believed to be of sufficient mass to make it through, but one weighs 300 pounds! Meanwhile, FALL begins at 4:05am Ks. time Friday. Guess on which continent or into which ocean the junk will tumble and win a prize. Details tomorrow on the Jan and Phil show!

  • where will Perry go?

    Perry Ellis of Heights High School will announce his decision tomorrow as to where he will play basketball. He's ranked No.24 on and 37 on ESPNU's national list. He is Heights' all time rebound leader and second only to Aubrey Sherrod as far as points scored. I say he is going to KU and Phil predicts KY. We will find out Wednesday. No matter what he decides I wish we all could impart to him the wisdom we wish we would've had at his age. He's a great guy, but don't we all wish we had known then what we know now? Best wishes, Perry. You make us proud.

  • Hey, Get a Haircut!

    A benefit hair cut extravaganza is going on today at "Lomantini The Salon" at 1812 South Seneca. For a suggested minimum of $20 donation you can get your hair looking good! The money goes to LAPP, Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection, the only NO KILL shelter in our area! My dog, Happy came from LAPP and is adorable! Call 807-8473 for an appointment...they'll be open very late tonight!

  • Paul's Not Wed

    Remember the rumors of the late 60's? Paul was actually dead? I didn't buy it. However, I totally bought that this weekend would be the big wedding weekend for Paul and his fiancee, Nancy. Now it appears we (and Nancy and Paul) will be waiting a bit longer!

  • Money Can't Buy Him Love

    Paul MCCartney will soon marry his fiancee, Nancy Shevell. Both he and she have mega bucks, so I am hopeful this love connection will really last. Wish you all the best, Paul! Money can't buy you love, but I am hoping you've found it!

  • Douglas will be changing

    Remember "dragging Douglas"? Fond memories for most people. Well, times change and even Times Square now has portions that are pedestrian only and people are being encouraged to walk more. It's possible part of Douglas could become a pedestrian mall. Phil and I will discover this evening how the plans are looking and let you know what we might expect Douglas to look like in the future!

  • Two to tie, three to be the hottest on record

    A few more days of triple digits and we will break the record for the summer with the most 100+ days in Do-Dah in history. Remember the 70's and 80's when Wichita was often referred to by natives as "Do-Dah"? The station I worked for at the time here in Wichita even had a little jingle we ran that had the first few notes of "Camp Town Races" and everyone knew what it referenced. Well, back in the DO-Dah days (1980 specifically) we had the second most 100+ filled days during the summer and we have surpassed as of this morning, it was 2 to tie 1936 (during the dustbowl no less) and three to claim the title.

  • Found the Keys!

    Ever lost your keys? Mine were lost for a full day and as a result I am vowing to do fewer things in a hurry. About 8:00 Thursday night I was hurriedly trying to take everything out of my car so I could deliver it to the location where it could be detailed the following morning. The keys wound up beneath a box of junk I hurriedly pulled from the car. the box sat in my kitchen until I got my car back and went through the "junk" and pulled out what was to go back in! Big thanks to everyone who tried to help locate my keys! Now if I can just remember not to roll down the some tinting done too.

  • Is it snowing in here?

    I have never had sheetrock work done before, but I imagined it would be messy. I had no idea HOW messy. My sheetrockers were conscientious pros, but that stuff is crumbly. What isn't crumbly is powdery and has seeped into the spaces between the boards in our hardwood floor...Can't find a vac strong enough, it seems, to get rid of it all. Have a feeling I will still be finding residual stuff when I am 80.

  • Wichita Walkers 08-19-11

    Lena was found stolling along in South Wichita on her way to visit her boyfriend.

  • Not All Who Wander Are Lost

    Phil and I are intrigued by people we see walking in Wichita. Colorful characters and some who seem to fade into the background. Average looking people, gorgeous people, bizarre looking people, people dressed in the garb of other nations. These people all have their stories and all share our space. Come back to this website for some of their stories!

  • The Trouble with Tombs

    Sure, it seemed like a good idea. The now dead Russian man had probably voiced no objections to being buried beneath the floor of his church. Little did he know that a house would later be built on the same site and his 800 year-old skeleton would be observable from the patio. Cocktails anyone? There is no way I could have a party on that would just seem so disrespectful.

  • Dogs Are Such Wonderful Friends

    If only all the world could be as loving and easy-going as our dogs. "Happy" had surgery in Kansas City and that meant Halle went to stay at a lovely pet resort. When we all got back together "Halle" was determined not to be separated from me. She jumped behind me and tried to nap literally on me as I was lying on the couch... she kept adjusting and tolerating her uncomfortable postion...just to make sure she was right with me. "Happy" was content to lie at my feet and use them as a pillow. He is doing well after surgery.

  • "Happy" To Have Surgery

    We are taking our dog, "Happy" to an specialist for eye surgery. I will be off Monday and Tuesday. i am concerned about the anesthesia but have hopes for the best. He is technically Kent's dog and Kent is due a break this year, with so many losses. Please keep good thoughts for us.

  • The New Mixer is Here, The New Mixer is Here!

    So, my huband is a great researcher and volunteers whenever we need to buy in anything that costs in excess of $50. So, after my beloved Kitchen Aid, my friend in the kitchen for 22+ years started leaking oil, we started researching which Kitchen Aid model to replace it with and how to get the best price. We went to a 'Big Box" store to order it shipped there in order to use a 20% off coupon and get a rebate. The nice lady there placed the order from the mixer department and we were to pay up front. DH was disappointed we'd have to pay shipping and I was settling for White rather than meringue. He got the smart phone...found the meringue with free shipping. 20% off, the same rebate, and two day delivery. It arrived yesterday and is a piece of art...coconut cream pie for DH to follow. Of course, we make purchases at the "Big Box" store nearly every week and did so, minu the mixer, that night. We want them to succeed too.

  • Ted Bundy's DNA Extracted

    Just read that some savy forensic tech was able to extract some DNA from a drop of Ted Bundy's blood and now that DNA will be put into a data base to see if he may be connected to more murders than we know of. At first I thought it odd that they did not have his DNA on file. Turns out DNA profiling was known about and had been done in England several years before Bundy was killed. However, DNA was not being taken on a regular basis in 1989. Should be interesting to see if there are any hits.

  • Hey, It's Pretty Clear He is innocent!

    Did anyone else see Dateline last Friday night? It was Keith Morrison's story of a man convicted of murder and serving time in Jefferson City, Missouri. Only problem is, it is patently clear he did NOT do this crime. Geez, what does it take to convince prosecutors? Of course the prosecutor in this case is now a judge. He should not be proud of the job he did on this one. If you saw the episode you know what I mean! More tomorrow!~ Jan and Phil

  • Can I Get A Call Back?

    Business seems to be booming here. If you doubt me, try and get any type of work done around your home. I am not blaming or complaining, just relating personal experience. If businesses are that busy, great. One example, we are trying to get a well put in, but the area to work in to dig is small. A company that can probably do it did not return a couple of calls from my husband. That meant another company might have to be that would only be capable of putting the well right in the middle of our front yard (gee, if only it had a derrick attached). When my husband said "we could get one of those fake rocks to cover it". I swung into action and called the "silent" well digging company myself and left a message saying that I was desperate, and explaining the dire situation with the fake rock and begging for a call back to my husband. Someone did call...but my husband was up to his eyeballs in soot at a fire scene, so phone tag continues. AUghhh! A fake rock in the middle of our manicured front yard? Are you freakking kidding me?

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