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  • Live to be 100? Exercise is Not The Key Says One Doctor

    Dr. Ephraim Engleman is a 100 year-old Rheumatologist who is still practicing medicine, with no plans to retire. He says exercise is not the key to longevity. He has his owns ideas about how to live to 100. Find them here:

  • The Big12 Has It Right, Now

    A salute in last year's Pin Stripe Bowl that was ruled excessive celebration raised a lot of questions as to just what consitituted excessive celebration. At Big12 Media day yesterday, Big 12 Coordinator of officials, Walt Anderson had some welcome things to say about the celebration rules. I am so happy about this, I could just spin in a circle, do a back flip, pound my chest and throw my arms into the air! See all the details at

  • Do We Need a Dollar Coin?

    So, I went to the vending machine this morning and in the return change I received was a dollar coin. Seriously a dollar coin? Didn't we learn long ago those are not popular? Do we insist on making them because they last longer and are therefore cost effective? Is this new coin featuring President James Buchanan one in a series of dollar coins featuring Presidents? It appears to be a pain in the neck for vending machine I got back 1.75, when I should've gotten just 1.00. Just my opinion and I may change my mind, of course.

  • Sometimes Reality Hits You in The face

    Ever gone to your high school reunion only to discover your former aquaintenance is now the president of his own company and has a PhD. in whatever it is you're interested in and volunteers at the local foodbank and mentors under privleged kids still has time to woo his beautiful spouse who was Miss Oklahoma 2000 and drive his race car? You know the guy or gal I mean? And to make matters worse he is a really nice guy!?...That person who has achieved so much can really make you take stock of your life and To no avail, of course. More Monday on the J and P show.

  • Hope the Greens Are The Big Gainers

    Jamie and Carter Green have entered a video contest where they could win a million dollars. It depends mainly on getting the most number of votes for their fabulous video made right here in Wichita! If I were vying I'd want help from all the Wichita folks and then I'd want to give the money away to great local causes and great local people...all anonymously, as long as I could some how see the joy on their faces!

  • Another Eagle Rescued

    I have fallen in love with birds of prey. Ken Lockwood from the Eagle Valley Raptor Center has now rescued another Bald Eagle, this one in Oklahoma. It is a video that made me tear-up. Find it here My love for these various birds began last year when Ken brought Hannah, the Red-Tailed Hawk to the Jan and Phil Show last year. I am happy to report she can see again after successful surgery. I went to see Hannah at her home at the center recently. She was delightful as always, obviously happy and healthy too. I also went to meet the juvenile Bald Eagle that Fox listeners are naming. I am telling you these birds are as easy to love as puppies and kittens. In no time at all I was the point I fed them (dead) mice. Don't get me wrong, I am sorry for the mice, but their diet is nature's plan and thus I complied. Mice and everything else that these birds require, up to and including surgery, does not come cheap. ken Lockwood has made it his life's mission to care for these birds. I am sure glad he has.

  • FPO

    This Beautiful Bald Eagle Needs a Name

  • Can't Wait to Meet the New Eagle

    I am excited to go to the Eagle Valley Raptor Center on Sunday to see the latest addition there. It is a bald Eagle that I am told is huge! On Monday Fox listeners can begin voting on what to name this fabulous bird. Ken warned me to "bring a change of underwear"...his way of telling me he wants me to "hold" her and she's really big! She will soon be evaluated at K-State as she is injured. In any event, if she cannot fly again, she will still have home at the fabulous Eagle Valley Raptor Center. Look for a photo gallery on Monday and please be ready to help with a name!

  • Sometimes Both Drivers Should Get Tickets

    My husband recently assured us of higher insurance rates. He did it at approximately 5 miles an hour, by never-the less, he did it. He and a co-worker (Dave) had just had lunch together at a restaurant in the Twin Lakes area. Dave was in line to pull out of a driveway and go east bound. Next in line was a woman going the same way and third in line to exit the drive was my DH. Dave sees a car travelling about 10 miles per hour and approaching the driveway, signaling a turn. He pulls out. Next the woman in front of my husband sees the same thing and pulls out. Next it is my husband's turn. He sees the same thing, and by now it appears the elderly lady is about to make the turn. He looks west and pulls out...right into the side of the lady's car. She has failed to turn into the drive as she indicated and has stopped immediately in front to the driveway. Granted my husband should have glanced back one last time to make sure she completed the turn she was indicating. However, I think she should have gotten a ticket for inattentive driving. The woman in front of my husband who succesfully tuurned saw what happened and felt she had been part of the cause. She filed acted as a witness. She was very kind and in no way at fault. Oh well, it's better than the time my DH backed out of a driveway and into the car parked on the street across from the front of our new insurance agent!

  • I'm A Gunslinger

  • Seriously, Betty Ford?

    The Westboro "Baptist Church" is at it again. This time they are picketing Betty Ford's funeral. Seemed like a good "First Lady" to most of us, but they think they need to vilify her because she was married and divorced before marrying President Ford and talked about sex with "tawdry reporters". I am not sure how they know she did that, but really, so what? Their insanity rolls on.

  • Horrible Bosses

    I once had a horrible boss. He asked me to do something that would have comprised my integrity and possibly put listeners in danger. I refused to do it, knowing I would quit or readily accept termination if it came to that. He backed down. Its not always that easy. Many people may fear leaving a bad situation due to the lack of jobs right now. We want to know, are you currently working for a horrible boss? Please take the poll here on our home page.

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Jurist William Blackstone once said "It is Better that ten guilty men go free than one innocent man be convicted". I agree with him and that is my philosophical view of the Casey Anthony case. I doubt anyone thinks Casey Anthony is completely blameless in the death of her daughter, but the prosecution did not have sufficient evidence to make their case for her having murdered her daughter. "A lack of motive" was cited by an alternate as part of the difficulty in reaching a guilty verdict. If convicting Casey could have brought Caylee back, I might have a different viewpoint, but of course it could not. I therefore have to hope that Casey Anthony gets the mental health evaluation and treatment she needs and goes on to do good in the world.

  • Love is an Amazing Thing

    I love you Bono! For the work you do for the marginalized all over the world and for what you did for one blind guy at your recent concert. To see what he did just go to our facebook My eyes were brimming with tears, yours maybe too!

  • Happy Independence Day!

    I have long considered whether or not the founding fathers would be amazed by the success their little country has enjoyed. (These are the kinds of things I think about in my spare time). I would love to tell Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, for instance, what a terrific job they did in establishing this nation and watch them smile. I'd tell them of our triumphs and failures and our achievement of super-power status. I can't help but think they would be over-joyed and a little surprised by the success of this country. It had somewhat humble beginnings and I have read that they wondered about its future possibilities. I wish I could give them an update.

  • What to name the new Funky Little Juice and Ice Cream Shop

    The "return of Squeezers Palace" was heralded as a chance to feel some of the vibe of the old Squeezer's Palace that delighted Wichitans from 1971-1976 with lots of fresh fruits and juice, cheese cake, cream puffs, fresh fruit milkshakes, pineapple chunks or frozen bananas dipped in hot fudge and more. The store would be slightly different with some of the same products and some similar products and atmosphere. Now the old owner, who never trademaked the name, says he is upset by the planned new place. It seems the name is definitely part of the nostalgia, but should it be used? Please tell us what you think at our Facebook page, The options are: use "Squeezer's Palace", use "Squeezer's Palace 2" (using peace sign or columns from orignal logo to represent "2") or come up with a new name and abandon the nostalgia draw. Please let us know what you think asap.

  • I Don't Want to Be Awakened at 3:30!

    What rational person thinks its okay to shoot-off illegal fire works in the city, particularly at 3:30am on the 29th of June? It's weekday, not the holiday and working folks are trying to sleep! I still had a few minutes to sleep. Rats! People can be so thoughtless!

  • How DOES All that stuff get in your basement?

    I am off for a couple of days working on a vast project, cleaning out and organizing my basement. I am not sure how stuff accumulates the way it does. I am by no means a hoarder, and yet I find myself tripping over laundry and misplaced luggage. Seems difficult to find a "place for everything". Yet, one of my best friends lives a block away in a similar house with a smaller basement and everything is ALWAYS neat as a pin. I swear we have Gremlins and she and her husband do not.

  • Toilets, Why Are They So Darn Difficult?

    Well, I was quick to blame my Triton toilet for failing me, turns out it may be my fault. I love those bleach tablets you drop in the tank. A kind listener informed me this morning that they degrade the seals in the toilet tank and that may be why my toilet is running constantly. I have the water supply shut-off, of course, but it's quite a ballet, turning the water off and on, if someone can't do stairs to use our other facilities!

  • Courage and Graciousness, Some Women exhibit it All

    I am just amazed by a woman I met a year ago. What she did over the course of the past year was amazing. She did not let pride or bitterness prevent her from helping others and she works unselfishly in an occupation that requires a lot of courage. Details tomorrow!

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