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  • KHS Cat Giveaway Sat. 6/18

    If you are prepared to make a home for a sweet cat. The KHS is giving cats away from 2 to 4 on Saturday the 18th. Limit is 2 per household. These cats have been spayed or neutered and have all their shots and a microchip. They come with 30 days of pet health insurance and some Science Diet. We have a cat, "Ashes" in addition to our two dogs and he really brightens our days. He was a rescue and is adorable.

  • How DID that cup get there and how does it stay?

    We've all seen the tennis shoes tossed over utility lines, dangling over a street. But there is a new item for dangling...the giant convenience store cup, complete with liquid and straw has made a debut. It is dangling over the bridge on West 21st Street. The one near the spillway in the "BIg Arkansas Park". This is the area where 21st curves into West street. Pictures to come on our facebook page!

  • Clarence Clemmons Update

    I have been thinking about Clarence ever since I learned very early Monday that he had suffered a stroke. He has been through a lot lately, including missing the opportunity to perform on American Idol due to a hand injury. The latest news from the Springsteen camp indicates he is improving but will have to endure a lot of rehab to come back from this stroke. God bless you, Clarence!

  • The Mysteries of Family

    If you have an unsolved mystery in your family, I would love to hear about it. I am puzzled by a simple, well-meaning act that happened 25 years ago, give or take a couple. It took place in a Wichita cemetary and I long to know who was responsible. I will elaborate tomorrow. If you have unsolved mysteries within your family please share them, maybe even solve them on the Jan and Phil show!

  • Hulas and Harleys for Families Together

    Looking for a good time this Saturday night? some friends of mine are hosting Hulas and Harleys for Families Together. It will be a great party for a good cause!

  • Don't Take Anything for Granted

    I recently saw a national news story about Charla, the woman who was attacked by a chimp and nearly died. She has gotten a new face and her 18 year old daughter (who is just a lovely person) says her mother is looking forward to advancing her recovery with the new face. She'll be able to smell again and eat solid food again, but she will never again be able to see. Her surgeons also attempted a hand transplant but will have to try again, as that part of the 20 hour + surgery failed. Charla is eager to begin a new life and says the thing she misses most is having a home to go to, as she has been hospitalized in some fashion since the attack many months ago. Here's a prayer that she gets to go home soon. Her courage and her desire to "just be home" really touched me. I've decided I have no right to complain about the little things.

  • Does your beard need a face lift?

    I have a personal preference for beards that are well maintained versus the Ted Kaczinsky look. If you're a wild man or a man who just needs to update the look of his beard, help has arrived. The folks from the WAHL company are now at the River Festival with a 30-foot mobile barbershop! Please visit them, because for every visitor who stops by, WAHL will donate $1 to the National Fallen Firefighter Association. They will be grooming facial hair to make you or your man better looking than ever! They also have 3 simple tips to share that men can use to improve their look. . Plus, they are on a nationwide search for the best facial hair in the country....maybe it belongs to you! Barbers from WAHL will be on the show tomorrow morning to tackle Phil's facial hair...hey, at least we got his nose hair taken care of first!

  • A 102 degree temperature? Seriously?

    I am not athletic (unless you count 4 square in elementary school), so this is particularly hard for me to fathom. How in the world did Dirk Nowitzki play world class basketball Tuesday night with a 102 degree temperature and a sinus infection? Sure, he looked like he felt bad, but no one can argue about how well he played..jumping, spinning, it was all there as he was again "The Man" for Dallas and victorious over Miami...the heat could not scare him! He scoffed at their silly heat!

  • There Are Minor Car Wrecks and Then There Are Minor Car Wrecks

    Our big boss here in Wichita...not to be confused with our biggest boss here in Wichita.. rear-ended another motorist today, while driving a job candidate in for an interview. What does the job candidate say at that point? Reminds me of the time my husband was talking with our potential new insurance agent, and decided to leave his office and come home to get the check book, which he had forgotten. He needed to write a check and get on board with this new insurance agent. She decided to walk him out to his vehicle and retrieve something from her car to work on while she waited for his return with the check. She sees my husband back out of his office driveway and plow right in to a car parked on the street behind him. What timing! I must say she was very helpful on the scene! she delayed taking us on as clients, however.

  • Two Things That Are Getting Better and Better

    I had a great weekend at both the Wichita River Festival and Exploration Place. I started my Saturday afternoon taking in the CSI exhibit at EP. I wondered if it could possibly appeal to children, tweens, teens and adults. Turns out it can. The creators of the exhibit have spared no expense in creating this marvelous exhibit. I may go again, as I have only solved one of the three cases. One case is solved per visit...unless your group consists of three or more people and decides to split-up. I suppose you could then solve all three cases in a day. I had friends in from Dallas and we loved working as a team. we were assigned case #2 (blue). It was very fun. Late afternoon found me at the Kansas Star Music park and Westbank Stage. The Marshall Tucker Band members could not have been kinder. They really seemed to enjoy the "Meet and Greet" before the show! I loved seeing activity on the river as I stood "backstage'. Seems to me that Wichita Festivals has taken the River Festival in a new direction, making it better than ever! Please share your thoughts with us about both the festival and the EP exhibit.

  • Shake Hands Like You Mean it, Or Don't Shake at All

    Yesterday I shook hands with someone who knew how to shake hands and I appreciated it. I can't stand it when someone limply offers just the tips of his/her fingers or shakes hands for just a nano second. Shake hands or don't I say ! Now, if you have a medical condition that prevents you from a real handshake, I get that...but please tell me, before you offer only your hand down to just the first knuckle.

  • The Medallion Hunt Has True Enthusiasts Excited

    I LOVED the medallion hunt and am thrilled it is back! I am so silly that I already think I know where it is. Historically, has the second clue ever been enough to find the medallion? I doubt it, but I want to believe. See you in the area parks! Feel free to post any thoughts on the hunt on our facebook page facebook/

  • Star: The Dog Who Lived

    The best of mankind and the worst of mankind is revealed in the treatment of animals. In Malta, authorities are looking for the as@%#&le who tried to kill a dog and buried it alive. According to USA Today, the mixed-breed female dog, named "Star" by her rescuers, was found when Animal Welfare Officials got a tip that three animals were being mistreated in a field in Malta. Upon arriving the authorities heard muffled whimpering and traced it to a hole in the ground that had been covered with a wooden plank...they lifted the plank and discovered the dog. Only the dog's snout was visible above the sand in which it had been buried. They quickly started digging and found the dog had been shot and its snout, as wells as its legs had been bound . The animal was rushed to a vet, who removed over 40 gunshot pellets from the dog's head. It's believed the dog will recover, Many people have asked to adopt Star, it appears a family in the U.K. will be getting her. A silent protest will be held June 4th in Valetta, Malta. In Malta the jail time for such a crime is more than it is in Sedgwick year in prison. In both jurisdictions there are hefty fines assessed. Here, a psych evaluation and anger management classes are required. If you want to learn more about Star you can check her out on Facebook and even contribute to the fund to bring her attacker to justice. On Facebook Star is known at "Star: The Dog Who Lived".

  • Dancer Poles...portable ones...on Stranger's Trucks?

    Mark Good, just back from Rocklahoma, assures me there is a new fad that involces, a dancer pole, a pick-up truck and women willing to climb onto a stangers dancer pole and dance at festivals, lakes, etc. He says there were dozens of these at Rocklahoma. I buy the argument that women get great exercise from them with home use...but seriously who is the first guy who thought..".I don't need a hot tub, I just need a dancer pole welded to my pick-up, chicks dig these!"?

  • My Husband is a Cat Magnet

    Once again, my husband has come across a "Cat in need of Care" and once again we have been able to find a loving home for said cat. My husband is a Sweetie and animal lover and cats must sense this, as they literally meow at him for help, I am not kidding. This last one lead him to a food container that needed opening. Now the cat will have a new owner and lots of food. Many thanks to Camille, Tara and Kim who made this cat adoption possible. Sometimes it takes a village and one retired firefighter to rescue a cat.

  • The National Geographic Bee

    Just happened to noticed that the finals of the National Geographic Bee are going on now. Seems all the finalists are boys! Happy to say this Includes one from Lawrence. I took the quiz on the National Geographic Bee website and scored 6,800. A great score in 10,000. Seems I have some studying to do! I think were are pretty isolated in the U.S. We concentrate on learning about our own vast and beautiful country but don't learn much beyond our borders. Props to those boys in the Bee that have!

  • The Painful Sock Puppet

    Well, Phil is creating a painful "sock puppet" today. By that I mean he is getting a sticky, waxy stick stuck up his nose and in his ears to get rid of hair. He says there is a surprising amount to look forward to. It hurts me just to think about it, but I get the importance to Phil of doing it. I know that in many cases, pain is the price of beauty. I'd like to say it's only what is on the inside that counts, but I know that the reality is, looks matter. Studies have shown that to some extent looks matter on a genetic level, with people picking romantic partners from a criteria in their mind that they are not really even aware of. So I say, do whatever makes you feel better in terms of improving your looks, but if the people that care most about you say you have gone too attention, they are probably right.

  • Thanks for the Styrofoam

    Many thanks to all the Audience of Experts Members who called to contribute styrofoam shipping containers and gel packs to alleviate my shipping dilemna. Who knew it would cost so much to ship some steaks to Long Island? Well, actually Mark's Meats did and I appreciate the information they gave me. You may remember I got the red carpet treatment at the TODAY show back in April, including a behind the scenes tour! All that was arranged by Fox listener, Jerome who has a wonderful cousin who happens to be THE BODYGUARD for Meredith and Matt at the TODAY show. Well, to show my appreciation, I first had to wrangle some addresses from Jerome...then I had to find shipping containers...I know that sounds silly, but it turns out those shipping containers that you receive pershiable food or meds in are worth their weight in gold (darn near). It seems they retail for $40, including gel packs...but in order to have the unused, empty containers shipped TO you, you pay over $100 in shipping not sure yet what it costs to ship the container once it is filled, I am working on that...still MANY thanks. Hope I don't discover you cannot ship a once used container! If I found out shipping a used container is kosher, I suggest those who receive them should sell them, instead of putting them in the land fill!

  • Really Gene?

    Gene Simmons Chalks Up Schwarzenegger's Infidelity to His DNA Wed 05/18/11 01:06

  • Florescent Lights Ought to Be Illegal

    I recently looked into a magnifying mirror in one of those Big Box stores, under the glare of a florescent light, and and I am sure the eye that stared back at me was not mine. I warn others that those mirrors are a portal to to warp the image of all who dare to peer in. The florescent lights only add to the misrepresentation, casting their insidious gray-green glow over all beneath them. I believe that if clothing store managers covered the walls of their dressing rooms with pale peach or pale pink paint or wallpaper and changed their lighting fixtures to those that use daylight balanced bulbs, they'd see remarkable sales increases. Note to store managers:..if you do this and my sales figure predictions owe me. I want 20 per cent of sales receipts following the implementation of my suggestions. Don't make me call my lawyer, please.

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