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  • A two-inch knife with three one-inch blades

    My friend, I will call him "M" had a little difficulty at the concert last night. Seems he did not realize the "knife" (it's more like something you clean your nails with) he brought to the concert would be a problem. When I say it is about 2 inches long with 3 blades that are just over an inch, I know. I have it. I wa able to secure it in my car...which was parked much closer. Anyway, it isn't that I fault security. They have to be is just pretty funny since "M". Is built like a full back and although he is gentle as a lamb...I know he would not rely on a 1 inch knife if he felt he had to hurt someone. I am just constantly amused at life. It is so hard to balance safety concerns with everything else.

  • Jan and Phil try out "HD Sunglasse" on KWCH Channel 12's "Does It Work?"

  • Bring back the original Block Party

    Having attended more Wichita River Festivals than I can count, I have so many great memories. Remember when the Block Party was on Wednesday and it was centered around Old Town and lasted into the night...multiple bands playing on multiple stages, those were the best!!! I'm pretty sure I was there to witness the "incident" that may have caused the powers that be to "re-think" the whole Block Party idea. Too many people having too much fun I guess. My personal opinion, The Riverfest needs to bring back the original Block Party format and let the adults have some fun!

  • Enter the Workforce Eliminator Contest

    Hi There,

  • "The Big Prize"

    Someone is going to win a trip to Hawaii

  • We have a Winner!

    Robin to fly to Hawaii for the first time

  • Friday is 1045 The Fox night at Cabaret Old Town

    Please come support live music and theater in Wichita at Cabaret Old Town. This Friday night is Fox night. Mention the Fox when you call 265-4400 to make your reservations and you will get in for just $12. That is 30% off! the show is very funny...Kyle and Monte The Musical. Hope to see you there this Friday night!

  • Do I just have a dirty mind?

    Currently there is a television ad for a product designed to firm the upper arm. Oddly enough it is being marketed only to women and the ad looks like aSaturday Night Live skit. Turns out it actually has been a Saturday Night Live skit. Apparently it is not just me...others find they too are unable to take this product seriously due to their "dirty mind". I will reveal the product soon (on the air). Do you already know what product it is?

  • Polo is Very Hot

    Years ago I used to occasionally watch the polo games at 13th and Rock. My dad borrowed a horse (our quarter horses were not polo ponies) and played the game a couple of times. He taught me a bit about polo and I really enjoyed watching it. I was delighted to see that we have a "new" polo grounds in the area, just South of Haysville in the 94-hundred block of South Broadway. I was delighted to attend my first game in a long while yesterday, thank you Mark Chamberlin and Sean Clem for the invitation. The thundering of the hooves, the beauty of the horses, it was really a wonderful experience. There are a few games left on Sunday afternoons at 2:00 prior to the end of the season on September 12th. It's a great way to spend a couple of hours.

  • What a Weekend

    Phil took vacation and my head is spinning after a fun-filled weekend . Thursday night we were at the zoo for Zydeco, then Friday night the moon over lake Afton was beautiful and a nice breeze was blowing as STYX took the stage. Many thanks to the crowd and the nice reception they gave Phil and me as we took the stage prior to the band coming on. It was a great night. Saturday was fun at Hartman Arena. Lots of great Blues, Brews and BBQ. Seems to me there's a lot to do in this town!

  • The Great Division of Labor

    Thanks to everyone who called to chime in about who does what around the house after I revealed we would have to have a new washer and dryer at our house each month in order to keep my husband interested in doing the laundry. If you want to comment on how you've divded the duties at your house, feel free to call any morning or post to our Facebook page at facebook/1045thefox.

  • I Think I Need to go to More Garage Sales!

    Why do I just find old crock pots and rusty saws?

  • Is a Couple's 29 Year Age Gap Immoral?

    Linda Hogan, the 50 year-old ex-wife of Hulk, is now engaged to her 21 year-old boyfriend. They have been dating for two years. He went to high school with her children. The "live and let live" part of me says, "who am I to judge?". Afterall, he's not a victim is he? He's of legal age. She wasn't his teacher or his pastor of a true authority figure in his life. However, another part of me says, "yuck". I do assure you that, for me, it would be the same if Hulk was the 50 year-old and he was engaged to a 21 year-old woman. I also have to ask, would it be different if the 29 year age difference was between a 40 year-old and a 69 year-old? I'd love to know your thoughts on tomorrow morning if you want to express an opinion. The number is 436-1045.

  • Do You Know Who I am?

    Okay, you hate to ever play the "Do you know who I am?" my neighbor hasn't. However there is considerable irony that my neighbor can't seem to get service from a company where she's the highest ranking staff members around.

  • Are you Voting in the Primary?

    I understand that Bill Gale, The Sedgwick County Election Commission is predicting a 20% turnout among registered voters in the primary, which is technically tomorrow, Tuesday 8/3...though some have voted in advance. Gale says that is a higher than normal per centage. Are you voting? why or why not? You're invited to call 436-1045 tomorrow and let us know if you will be voting.

  • A Very Hot Day for National Night Out and a Primary

    With temperatures off the chart, and a National Night Out on the same day as a primary election, I hope the neighbors celebrating National Night Out all get along tonight! the idea is to fight the threat of crime coming from outside your neighborhood.

  • U2 Debut New Song During Tour Rehearsals

    Rolling Stone reports that U2 have been playing a new song during rehearsals for their 360 tour. A video of fans sitting outside the gates of their upcoming show in Torino, Italy can be seen at the website and, in the background, the song can be heard. So far, no title for the song has been made available. U2 was also heard to be rehearsing their song "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" from the Batman Forever soundtrack. The band hasn't played that song live since 1998's Popmart tour.

  • Styx Launching The Grand Illusion/Pieces of Eight Tour This Fall; Playing Both Albums in Their Entirety

    Styx was just here headlining Midwest Rockfest. Well Styx fans, check this out: STYX is kicking off a U.S. tour on October 14th that will have the band playing their biggest albums, 1977's The Grand Illusion and 1978's Pieces of Eight, in their entirety at every stop. The first show will take place in Evansville, Indiana, with the trek ending November 13th with a show in Atlanta, Georgia. Furthermore, at every show, a seven-song EP called Regeneration: Volume 1 will be available, featuring re-recorded versions of six of the band's classics, including "Come Sail Away" and "Crystal Ball," plus a brand-new song called "Difference tn the World."

  • New Van Halen Album & Tour Possible in 2011

    Looks like those rumors that VAN HALEN was recording an album with original frontman DAVID LEE ROTH may actually be true. Billboard reports that a press release from the band's publishing company states that the band "is currently in the studio recording an album with Roth that is due for release in 2011." In addition, Billboard reports that Van Halen's manager, IRVING AZOFF, said in a conference call last week that Van Halen was expected to tour next year. The band's 2008 reunion tour grossed over 93 million bucks.

  • One Person, One Defiant act, Thousands Cheering

    When Phil and I learned of the acts of Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who had had enough, we were amazed at his audacity and a bit impressed by it, we must admit. Steven Slater is one of the few people I've ever known who quit his job in a way that songs are written about...a way that most folks only dream about. He effectively said "I am mad as he** and I'm not going to take it any more". Taking beers from the galley of the plane on which he was working and exiting via an emergency shoot following an altercation with a passenger. What a way to say I am not a slave to my job. I've always been a really good rules follower, but there I was in the same camp as 43,000 people who rushed to Facebook to say they support Steven in his dramatic resignation. That number is still growing. He's even had a legal defense fund set-up on his behalf. Let us know what you think of his actions.

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