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  • The Great Division of Labor

    Thanks to everyone who called to chime in about who does what around the house after I revealed we would have to have a new washer and dryer at our house each month in order to keep my husband interested in doing the laundry. If you want to comment on how you've divded the duties at your house, feel free to call any morning or post to our Facebook page at facebook/1045thefox.

  • I Think I Need to go to More Garage Sales!

    Why do I just find old crock pots and rusty saws?

  • Is a Couple's 29 Year Age Gap Immoral?

    Linda Hogan, the 50 year-old ex-wife of Hulk, is now engaged to her 21 year-old boyfriend. They have been dating for two years. He went to high school with her children. The "live and let live" part of me says, "who am I to judge?". Afterall, he's not a victim is he? He's of legal age. She wasn't his teacher or his pastor of a true authority figure in his life. However, another part of me says, "yuck". I do assure you that, for me, it would be the same if Hulk was the 50 year-old and he was engaged to a 21 year-old woman. I also have to ask, would it be different if the 29 year age difference was between a 40 year-old and a 69 year-old? I'd love to know your thoughts on tomorrow morning if you want to express an opinion. The number is 436-1045.

  • Do You Know Who I am?

    Okay, you hate to ever play the "Do you know who I am?" my neighbor hasn't. However there is considerable irony that my neighbor can't seem to get service from a company where she's the highest ranking staff members around.

  • Are you Voting in the Primary?

    I understand that Bill Gale, The Sedgwick County Election Commission is predicting a 20% turnout among registered voters in the primary, which is technically tomorrow, Tuesday 8/3...though some have voted in advance. Gale says that is a higher than normal per centage. Are you voting? why or why not? You're invited to call 436-1045 tomorrow and let us know if you will be voting.

  • A Very Hot Day for National Night Out and a Primary

    With temperatures off the chart, and a National Night Out on the same day as a primary election, I hope the neighbors celebrating National Night Out all get along tonight! the idea is to fight the threat of crime coming from outside your neighborhood.

  • U2 Debut New Song During Tour Rehearsals

    Rolling Stone reports that U2 have been playing a new song during rehearsals for their 360 tour. A video of fans sitting outside the gates of their upcoming show in Torino, Italy can be seen at the website and, in the background, the song can be heard. So far, no title for the song has been made available. U2 was also heard to be rehearsing their song "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" from the Batman Forever soundtrack. The band hasn't played that song live since 1998's Popmart tour.

  • Styx Launching The Grand Illusion/Pieces of Eight Tour This Fall; Playing Both Albums in Their Entirety

    Styx was just here headlining Midwest Rockfest. Well Styx fans, check this out: STYX is kicking off a U.S. tour on October 14th that will have the band playing their biggest albums, 1977's The Grand Illusion and 1978's Pieces of Eight, in their entirety at every stop. The first show will take place in Evansville, Indiana, with the trek ending November 13th with a show in Atlanta, Georgia. Furthermore, at every show, a seven-song EP called Regeneration: Volume 1 will be available, featuring re-recorded versions of six of the band's classics, including "Come Sail Away" and "Crystal Ball," plus a brand-new song called "Difference tn the World."

  • New Van Halen Album & Tour Possible in 2011

    Looks like those rumors that VAN HALEN was recording an album with original frontman DAVID LEE ROTH may actually be true. Billboard reports that a press release from the band's publishing company states that the band "is currently in the studio recording an album with Roth that is due for release in 2011." In addition, Billboard reports that Van Halen's manager, IRVING AZOFF, said in a conference call last week that Van Halen was expected to tour next year. The band's 2008 reunion tour grossed over 93 million bucks.

  • One Person, One Defiant act, Thousands Cheering

    When Phil and I learned of the acts of Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who had had enough, we were amazed at his audacity and a bit impressed by it, we must admit. Steven Slater is one of the few people I've ever known who quit his job in a way that songs are written about...a way that most folks only dream about. He effectively said "I am mad as he** and I'm not going to take it any more". Taking beers from the galley of the plane on which he was working and exiting via an emergency shoot following an altercation with a passenger. What a way to say I am not a slave to my job. I've always been a really good rules follower, but there I was in the same camp as 43,000 people who rushed to Facebook to say they support Steven in his dramatic resignation. That number is still growing. He's even had a legal defense fund set-up on his behalf. Let us know what you think of his actions.

  • Will attempt a Rescue

    Thanks so much to everyone who weighed in on my ethical dilemna with the dog. My husband was approached by a friendly dog (on the loose) yesterday as he was working at a fire scene. The dog is clearly in severe need of veterinary care. we are going to look for the dog again today and have an appt. with our vet if we find him again. my concern is that this dog is in severe need of care, yet may belong to someone who loves him but for some reason is not taking good care of him. I will keep you posted.

  • A Strange Confession

    A phone call I received yesterday really blew me away. A friend confessed he wronged Geddy Lee long ago. My friend fantasizes that he will confess his crime to G.L. and all will be quickly forgiven...I fear he may be wrong. Details on JAN AND PHIL tomorrow.

  • Lost Props to Be Auctioned Off This Weekend

    Anybody who knows me, knows I loved the series LOST. Well check this out: ABC is parting with hundreds of props and other memorabilia from the recently-concluded hit series Lost at an auction this weekend in Santa Monica, California. The sale, which is being staged by the auction house Profiles in History, will have some high-priced items available, such as the DHARMA van and the Camaro driven by Hurley, the character played by JORGE GARCIA.

  • Which Lane, Already?

    The process for notifying Wichita drivers of an upcoming lane closure could be improved. Currently there are two static warning signs placed yards apart. The first one reads, "Lane closed ahead". The second one specifies which lane, but does so with only a few yards to spare before the lane is closed. Why can't the first sign specify which lane? Drivers need as much time as possible to react. More on this tomorrow!

  • Joe Perry "Would Never Deliberately" Push Steven Tyler Off Stage, Says Aerosmith Rep

  • Help Save Hannah's Sight, Please

    Today a couple of wonderful, beautiful, birds visited the Jan and Phil Show. Ken Lockwood from the Eagle Valley Raptor center brought the birds by. One, Avatar, was a Spectacled Owl. These owls are found in Central or South America. The other was, Hannah. Hannah is a Harris Hawk. They are native to the desert Southwest. Hannah was abused by a previous owner. She is now doing well, but because of the malnutrition she experienced prior to being rescued, she developed cataracts. She is off to K-State tomorrow for surgery to restore her sight.

  • Rolling Stone Names "A Day in the Life" the #1 Greatest Beatles Song

    Everybody's got a favorite BEATLES song -- or likely more than one -- but Rolling Stone has gone further, selecting the best 100 songs by the Fab Four. The songs, along with photos and commentary, are featured in the new book The 100 Greatest Beatles Songs, which is officially released Friday. You don't have to buy the book to learn their picks for the top ten, though -- Rolling Stone has already published them on their website. Number one on their list is "A Day in the Life," from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The magazine calls the song "The ultimate Lennon-McCartney collaboration....It pairs lyrics inspired by the newspapers and Lennon's own life with McCartney's idea to have classical musicians perform what producer George Martin called an 'orchestral orgasm.'"

  • What are your Favorite Classic Rock Albums

    Phil and I are excited about the upcoming Labor DAy weekend, as 1045, The Fox will be playing all your favorite Classic Rock Albums. Be sure and let us know your five favorites by shooting us an email. We'll reveal ours in a couple of as not to influence anyone unduly!

  • Cars 4 Heroes on Patriot Day

    Saturday, September 11th is Patriot Day and we will be giving away good reliable transportation to worthy Veterans. Several cars have been donated to the Cars4Heroes program locally and we are looking for Veterans in need of these cars. If you know of a Veteran that can't afford reliable transportation, a Veteran who's life would benefit from the gift of a good reliable car, click here and fill out the form. Do it quickly because Patriot Day is September 11th! If you have any trouble linking to the website application form, please call us while we are on the air (Monday thru Friday 6a-10a) and we will be glad to help. Also, call and tell us about the Veteran you have in mind for this, we always love to here your stories.

  • Picking Five Albums is SOOO Difficult

    If you have ever doubted that 1045, The Fox indeed does play the most Classic Rock...doubt no more. Listen during this upcoming A-Z weekend and you'll be blown away. However, coming up with your five favorite albums has been tough for most of us. I chose five that I nearly obliterated by playing them so much...they include Jackson Browne and AC/DC. Let's just say I have eclectic taste. Although I LOVE The Rolling Stones and could have easily named 5 of their songs I dearly love, had that been the assignment, I did not include any one of their albums in my top five. hmmm. Very difficult task. Let us know yours!

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