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  • What are your Favorite Classic Rock Albums

    Phil and I are excited about the upcoming Labor DAy weekend, as 1045, The Fox will be playing all your favorite Classic Rock Albums. Be sure and let us know your five favorites by shooting us an email. We'll reveal ours in a couple of as not to influence anyone unduly!

  • Cars 4 Heroes on Patriot Day

    Saturday, September 11th is Patriot Day and we will be giving away good reliable transportation to worthy Veterans. Several cars have been donated to the Cars4Heroes program locally and we are looking for Veterans in need of these cars. If you know of a Veteran that can't afford reliable transportation, a Veteran who's life would benefit from the gift of a good reliable car, click here and fill out the form. Do it quickly because Patriot Day is September 11th! If you have any trouble linking to the website application form, please call us while we are on the air (Monday thru Friday 6a-10a) and we will be glad to help. Also, call and tell us about the Veteran you have in mind for this, we always love to here your stories.

  • Picking Five Albums is SOOO Difficult

    If you have ever doubted that 1045, The Fox indeed does play the most Classic Rock...doubt no more. Listen during this upcoming A-Z weekend and you'll be blown away. However, coming up with your five favorite albums has been tough for most of us. I chose five that I nearly obliterated by playing them so much...they include Jackson Browne and AC/DC. Let's just say I have eclectic taste. Although I LOVE The Rolling Stones and could have easily named 5 of their songs I dearly love, had that been the assignment, I did not include any one of their albums in my top five. hmmm. Very difficult task. Let us know yours!

  • My Top Five

    It is so difficult to pick the top five greatest Classic Rock Albums of All Time...that it is permissible to just pick 5 that were the soundtrack to a memorable time in your life. That's what Phil and I chose to do. Here are mine:

  • Our Hearts are Happy to Help

    On Saturday some veterans will be getting free used vehicles through the Cars4Heroes program sponsored by 1045, The Fox. Phil and I are so fortunate to work in an industry that is able to help others. We, of course, could not do it without our listeners. If you'd like to have a heart-warming experience, join us at Veterans Memorial Park this Saturday at 10am as we award these vehicles to veterans in dire need. Our first vet, who received notification that he was getting a car this morning, is struggling with illness and subsequent unemployment, and has struggled with homelessness as a result of the unemployment. He and his wife actually lived in a garage without electricity for some time. Now he has an apartment and his wife will be able to get back to work thanks to the car that Car4Heroes is awarding. This man is a Vietnam era vet. We are so happy to be able to help him and his wife. Thanks also to the American Legion Post 408 in Derby that is raising some cash for this man. If you'd like to bring anything to help these are welcome to. Just come out on Saturday. Meanwhile, just by listening to The Fox and telling others you are listening, you are helping. We thank you...J and P

  • Saying, "Thank You'

    Tomorrow we help give away some reliable used vehicles to some veterans in need through the Cars4Heroes program. Thank you to all who have donated cars or the means to repair those cars. BIG thank you to Darrell at All Parts Auto Salvage on South Broadway. He overseas all the repairs and spends a considerable amount of his own money and tons of his own time doing so. He's told us he couldn't do it without help from the following folks: Big Daddy Windshields, Sigma Distributing, The Transmission Shop, 47th Street Auto Parts, and Larry's Auto Repair. When you support these businesses, you indirectly make it possible for people in need to get a car a no cost . A car, then, often becomes the missing piece of the puzzle in getting a job and adequate housing. The Jan and Phil show and 1045, The Fox are very proud to thank some vets in need in this way tomorrow, Patriot Day.

  • Thank You KAKE-TV

    Has everyone seen the great news coverage Cars4Heroes received from KAKE? You must see it! So glad they deemed the story newsworthy, which we certainly agree it is. They also were kind enough to mention us and 1045, The Fox. Anchor Larry Hatteberg and the photog who covered the story... everyone involved were a class act. See the story here

  • Win Tickets to Kansas this Saturday and Meet The Band!

    Phil and I are excited to be able to give away pairs of tickets to Saturday's Kansas concert at Hartman Arena. These tickets also include a little visit backstage with the band! Listen Thursday and Friday to win!

  • Neil Young Releases New Song, Video Titled "Angry World"

    Here is the first bit of new music from NEIL YOUNG's forthcoming album, Le Noise. The song is called "Angry Music". The video was shot in album producer DANIEL LANOIS' home entirely in black and white. The song itself is a fuzzy, electric tune, with Young repeating that "it's an angry world" during the song's chorus. Le Noise is out on September 28th and will be available on Blu-ray, and as an iPhone and iPad app a month later.

  • Where are the photos?

    In a conversation we had this morning with KANSAS drummer, Phil Ehart, I asked him if he ever saw the KANSAS logo that appeared on and disappeared from the canal route. he Does anyone have a photo of that logo on the canal route? If you do please email it to us at I also asked Phil about his memories of coming to Wichita from Topeka as a kid. He remembered Shepler's and the Cotillion Ballroom! It will no doubt be a great show tomorrow night!

  • A Memory Chimp

    If it wouldn't be so unfair to the chimps, I would campaign to get everyone with too much to remember a service animal, a "Memory Chimp"! I think they have good memories. A " Memory Elephant" might be too much for most neighborhoods.

  • Steven Tyler Releasing Solo Single for Japanese Action Movie

    It looks like STEVEN TYLER will kick off his solo career in Japan. reports that the AEROSMITH frontman has written a song called "Love Lives," which is the theme song for the Japanese live-action film Yamato. The website adds that Tyler wrote the song after studying a translated script for the movie's final scene. Here's some of the song and footage from the movie.

  • Win Tickets This Week to See the Undefeated Chiefs Play This Sunday

    You could be going to see the undefeated Chiefs play this Sunday. Phil and I are giving away a pair of tickets tomorrow morning, another pair Thursday morning and a third pair on Friday morning!

  • Bob Dylan appears on " Pawn Stars" and Joaquin Phoenix appears on David Letterman

    You might expect to see BOB DYLAN on any number of TV shows. But on Pawn Stars? According to Rolling Stone, one of the stars of the show, CHUMLEE, scoured the grounds of Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas looking for the folk-rock icon to sign a vinyl copy of his album, Self-Portrait. Dylan, who looked surprised, signed the album, and on camera as well.

  • Phil had an Uncomfortable Experience

    On Monday Phil is going to tell us all about an odd experience he had recently. It involves a violation of his personal space. We've all been made uncomfortable by a "close talker" but this experience of Phil's was kind of odd. Let us know if anything similar has happened to you.

  • Twelve dollars for razor blade, really?

    I'm not saying that razor blades are over-priced...I'd just like to know why they are so expensive. Any other items that seem mysteriously expensive?...all comments welcome. We will take this up tomorrow on the Jan and Phil show!

  • What's That I see?

    A woman in Hungary claims the devil's image has appeared in a single square of tile in her bathroom.Her husband fears the devil is using the tile to oggle his wife. Phil and I think it looks like Sean Penn. Plus....there are some unusual tiles here at work...look quite Phallic to me...but you all can be the judge. Listen tomorrow for details.

  • Are You a Budding Screen Writer?

    Listen Wednesday morning to the Jan and Phil show, if you have any interest in becoming a screen writer. Hey, Matt and Ben did it and look where they are today! Gordy Hoffman (KU alumnus and brother of Philip Seymour Hoffman) will be on our show with details on how to get in on his screen writing workshop in Wichita!

  • Ozzy Osbourne Becomes Rolling Stone's New Health Columnist

    OZZY OSBOURNE, having endured many trials in his life -- from alcoholism to drug use to a rabies shot from biting bat heads -- is taking his experiences to the pages of Rolling Stone magazine as their new health columnist. The Prince of Darkness is starting his job by taking questions from you about any health issues that you may have. Simply head to Rolling Stone's website to submit your question, along with your name, hometown and e-mail address. If your question is selected, it will be answered by Ozzy in an upcoming issue. We're not exactly certain, either, if this is meant to be serious.

  • Thank You Kind Listeners

    Phil and I really appreciate the efforts of the folks who showed up for the listener advisory board last night. Your input will help us make 1045, The Fox and the Jan and Phil show more entertaining for you and that is what we are all about...entertainment and public service. If you'd like to be considered for future listener advisory boards, please be sure and join the Fox workforce! We love our listeners!

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