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  • Bob Dylan appears on " Pawn Stars" and Joaquin Phoenix appears on David Letterman

    You might expect to see BOB DYLAN on any number of TV shows. But on Pawn Stars? According to Rolling Stone, one of the stars of the show, CHUMLEE, scoured the grounds of Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas looking for the folk-rock icon to sign a vinyl copy of his album, Self-Portrait. Dylan, who looked surprised, signed the album, and on camera as well.

  • Phil had an Uncomfortable Experience

    On Monday Phil is going to tell us all about an odd experience he had recently. It involves a violation of his personal space. We've all been made uncomfortable by a "close talker" but this experience of Phil's was kind of odd. Let us know if anything similar has happened to you.

  • Twelve dollars for razor blade, really?

    I'm not saying that razor blades are over-priced...I'd just like to know why they are so expensive. Any other items that seem mysteriously expensive?...all comments welcome. We will take this up tomorrow on the Jan and Phil show!

  • What's That I see?

    A woman in Hungary claims the devil's image has appeared in a single square of tile in her bathroom.Her husband fears the devil is using the tile to oggle his wife. Phil and I think it looks like Sean Penn. Plus....there are some unusual tiles here at work...look quite Phallic to me...but you all can be the judge. Listen tomorrow for details.

  • Are You a Budding Screen Writer?

    Listen Wednesday morning to the Jan and Phil show, if you have any interest in becoming a screen writer. Hey, Matt and Ben did it and look where they are today! Gordy Hoffman (KU alumnus and brother of Philip Seymour Hoffman) will be on our show with details on how to get in on his screen writing workshop in Wichita!

  • Ozzy Osbourne Becomes Rolling Stone's New Health Columnist

    OZZY OSBOURNE, having endured many trials in his life -- from alcoholism to drug use to a rabies shot from biting bat heads -- is taking his experiences to the pages of Rolling Stone magazine as their new health columnist. The Prince of Darkness is starting his job by taking questions from you about any health issues that you may have. Simply head to Rolling Stone's website to submit your question, along with your name, hometown and e-mail address. If your question is selected, it will be answered by Ozzy in an upcoming issue. We're not exactly certain, either, if this is meant to be serious.

  • Thank You Kind Listeners

    Phil and I really appreciate the efforts of the folks who showed up for the listener advisory board last night. Your input will help us make 1045, The Fox and the Jan and Phil show more entertaining for you and that is what we are all about...entertainment and public service. If you'd like to be considered for future listener advisory boards, please be sure and join the Fox workforce! We love our listeners!

  • Urban Legends

    Phil and I were sitting around the old studio this morning regaling each other, and anyone else who ventured in, with the old urban legends or ghost stories we told each other as kids...remember the one that ended, "Maniacs lick hands too"? Call with any that you remember...there was one about a killer with a hook for a hand...I can't recall all the details, but it involved scratching in the roof of a car. If you can remember the story, we'd love to hear from you. I just remember that I always pictured that story as taking place in Oak Park back when I was a tween (and we did not even have that word then). Also tomorrow, may of us have a ghost story of our own...a seemingly supernatural experience that happened to us. Please call with yours tomorrow. Happy Halloween!

  • Have You Watched the New LET'S MAKE A DEAL?

    1045, The Fox is very proud of our own Mark Good. He has managed to wrangle his way onto the new version of "Let's Make A Deal". Mark needs some suggestions as to what items he should take along to the show...just in case the emcee asks for them. Feel free to call Mark while he is on the air...or call the Jan and Phil show next week with your suggestions...probably the hard-boiled egg that used be a popular emcee request would be difficult for an "out-of-towner" to bring to the show!

  • It's Election Day

  • Man in Breathalyzer Costume Busted for Drunk Driving

  • Another Reason to Hug a Tree

    I love trees. In fact, given a choice between owning a $300,000 dollar house in a neighborhood wiht few trees and a $100,000 house in a neighborhood where mature trees grace every yard..creating a beautiful canopy of leaves over the street...I would take the $100,000 house, no question. A new study says having trees in your yard and throughout your neighborhood actually lowers the crime rate in your neighborhood. We'll have the man from the Forestry Service who conducted the study on the Jan and Phil Show on Monday. He'll explain exactly why that's true (and he'll do it in his delightful British Accent) .

  • Congratulations Riders

    It was wonderful to see so many riders out on their bikes yesterday and back at The Garage after the Toy Run too. It was encouraging to see the Mayor Brewer and others come together to resolve the problem with the route that had prevented a police escort. We understand that Mayor Brewer is supporting making the event bigger and better each year and working now to make sure that next year's event is escorted without difficulty! Congratulations bikers on a great event!

  • Listen to Tracks from The Forthcoming Springsteen Box Set, The Promise

    Jan is a Bruce Springsteen fan who has been lucky enough to have seen him in concert. If you are a Springsteen fan, you'll be interested to know that with the release of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN's six-disc box set, The Promise: The Darkness on the Edge of Town Story, coming on November 16, you can now listen to 15 tracks from the set. CLICK HERE to hear them. The songs are ones that Springsteen and the E STREET BAND cut during the recording session of the 1978 album but that didn't make the final version. Some of the songs like "Because the Night" and "Fire" were given to other artists to record, while others like "Wrong Side of the Street" would eventually be included on other albums.

  • Cars4Christmas to be on NBC Nightly News Tomorrow Night

    Be sure and watch KSN, channel 3 tomorrow night (Veterans Day) at 5:30. During the "Make a Difference" segment of the NBC Nightly News, they will profile the Cars 4 Christmas organization! We at 1045, The Fox are once again partnering with Cars 4 Christmas. Phil and I will be giving away the first car on Tuesday the 23rd of November and multiple cars on Monday December 20th. If you have a car to donate (in any condition) or if you know someone who cannot afford a car, but desperately needs one, click on Cars4Christmas on this'll be linked to where you can click on the button to donate or the button to apply!

  • It's Veterans Day

    On this day, Veterans Day...we all just want to say "Thanks" to all the Veterans who have served honorably in war and peacetime. Having never served in the armed forces myself, I can't imagine what it takes to put yourself in harms way. That is some amazing selflessness and courage. I am stealing this quote from the side of a fire station here in town but this reminds me of what it must take to be a veteran: "Courage Comes From A Reserve Mind More Powerful Than Outside Circumstances"

  • Skipping School For The Good Of My Future Career

    This morning we have two "Job Shadows" from Newton High School hangin in the studio with us, learning about the business. Courtney and Amanda are interested in the radio business so they will check out all aspects of the station today, starting with being on the air with me this morning. We didn't have a "Job Shadow" program when I was in school but by the time I was in 6th grade at Kensler Elementary School in west Wichita, I already knew what I wanted to be when I grew up: either a hippie (it was 1969 after all) or a radio D.J. I swear that's true! At the time the big radio station was KLEO A.M. 1480. I was an avid radio listener, contest player and all around fan. One day me and a friend of mine decided that after our lunch hour (you were allowed to go home for lunch back then) we would not go back for afternoon class, instead we would hike over to the KLEO studios which were located in a little white building just east of Ridge Road on 13th, I think the building and radio tower are still there...anyway, we made the trek over to the radio station and walked into the lobby where we could see through a big glass window into the studio where the d.j. was on the air. He talked to us most of the afternoon while we watched him do his job, he asked us why we were out of school and we told him we went to Catholic School (which was a lie) and it was a holiday. It did not even occur to us that he would know that that wasn't true. It was an awesome experience! I don't remember if we ever got caught for skipping school, we must not have because I think I would have remembered that part as well. The point is, I created my own "Job Shadow" program before it even existed!

  • "It's Monday"

    The start of the week means being greeted in the hallway with an "it's Monday". You pass a co-worker in the hall and ask them how they are, how's it going, something like that and they respond with "it's Monday"...which I guess means they're not doing so good.. I think Monday is getting a bad rap. I'm not the biggest fan of Mondays but I don't hate them. I need Mondays. It there was not a Monday, there would be complete anarchy. If there were no Monday, I would be out till all hours all the time drinking, partying, coming home and watching TV MA on know, the stuff I do on weekends. Monday forces me to be good because I know I have to get my s*** together before then to function like the rest of the world for 5 days... I like Monday for that. Monday is stability, normalcy, need Monday to start re-charging for the upcoming weekend when it all starts to come apart again. You know...when you walk down the hall at work and you ask a co-worker how they are doing and they respond with a hearty: "it's Friday!"

  • Robert Plant to Play 15 North American Dates in January, February of 2011

    Led Zeppelin, one of my favorite bands...never got a chance to see them live. I have had the opportunity to not only see some of the greatest rockers of all time, but meet them as well. I got in to radio after Led Zeppelin had broken up due to John Bonhams death so a Led Zeppelin meeting wasn't in the cards for me...then came 1988 and Robert Plant released his fourth solo album "Now and Zen". Of course a tour was planned to support the album and as luck would have it, Kansas City was one of the tour stops. Several of us from the radio station were set to go see the show and there was even a pre concert VIP cocktail party with Robert Plant planned and we were invited. The people I was supposed to go with ended up going a day early to see family in K.C. so I was going to drive up alone the day of the event. To make a long story short my good old reliable P.O.S. van broke down about 10 miles this side of Matfield Green!!! No cell phones back then so, by the time I finally flagged down another motorist, got a ride to the rest stop and called a friend with a truck to tow me back to was too late to make it to the show much less the VIP event! I was devastated!! However, ROBERT PLANT has announced a 15-date tour of North America kicking off in January. The first show is on January 18th in Asheville, North Carolina, with the final date on February 9th in Nashville, Tennessee. The tour is in support of his new album, Band of Joy. The band touring with Plant is the same that backed him on the album.

  • Please Join Me For Lunch Today!

    I am delighted to be back from vacation and am excited to be welcoming our "audience of experts" to a new restaurant from 11 to 1 today! The restaurant is, "Hibachi Grill Sushi Buffet" at Kellogg and Taft...just North of Kellogg and West Street and all newly remodeled... not only do they offer great sushi (30 different kinds) they also have a grill offering NY strips and KC strips! American and Mexican food too! While 1045, The Fox is there today, the nice folks at "Hibachi Grill and Sushi buffet" will be donating the proceeds from there first days in business to the Wichita Childrens Home...very generous gesture...please come support from 11am-1pm today.

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