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  • Christmas Blessings!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. Phil and I were talking about our own Christmases past. I used to lie in bed and marvel at the christmas lights my dad had hung across the front of the house. I could see them glowing through the curtains. They were comforting and exciting. The best Christmas gift I ever received was a beautiful doll about 3 feet tall. I wasn't much taller than that at the time. She was standing, unwrapped, in a clear box beneath the tree on Christmas morning. She wore a diamond tiara before most dolls did (what a trend setter) and was dressed in a long purple gown that stood out like a hoop skirt. She had red-brown hair in a fabulous up do! I was in awe at the sight of her. Phil's family always left the "big" present unwrapped under the tree, but that is the only time I can remember an unwrapped present at our house. My happiest Christmas was when my mom got better after cancer treatment and was able to get out of bed and join us on Christmas morning. It's really people who make the holiday wonderful. Love to all!

  • FPO

    Phils first Guitar for Christmas

    At our house on Christmas morning, the presents were all wrapped and under the tree...except for one...THE BIG ONE! My parents would always leave our big present unwrapped so that when my brother Vic, sister Traci and I would walk into the living room BOOM! there it was! We loved it! Instant gratification. Being a child of the '60's, I wanted to play guitar in a band, just like the bands I heard on the radio. I expressed this desire often to my parents and I'm sure they thought it was "cute" and probably told their friends and had a good laugh, the kind of laugh parents have when relating a "cute" story about one of their kids. So here it was...Christmas 1968 and my parents had left for me under the tree...A GUITAR! It wasn't the electric guitar I had wanted but they explained to me that, if I was really serious about learning how to play I would take lessons and practice on my brand new acoustic guitar and next year...maybe I would get that electric guitar. I took lessons at Uhlik Music which at the time was on the corner of Seneca and Douglas. After that, I went through several private guitar teachers and though I never got really good at it, the next year I got the electric guitar. Even joined a couple of bands before I finally realized I just didn't have the natural ability to play and hung up my dreams of becoming a famous rock star. However, aside from wanting to be a guitar player in a band, I also wanted to be a D.J. and a hippie (it was the '60's after all). And I'm happy to report I achieved both of those!

  • Happy Christmas?

    So this morning Jan and I asked people to call in with stories about what happened to them over the Christmas careful what you wish for! Immediately we started getting stories about sickness, injury, vandalism, cheating girlfriends....!!!! Okay, to be fair we did get a few nice stories but it seemed this was a Christmas of discontent for some. Oh well, it did make for some interesting listening. I hope none of you experienced the list aforementioned and the rest of 2010 is good to you!

  • Bono Went-A-Caroling on Christmas Eve

    O.K. I know Christmas is over and if you know me, one of the things that drives me crazy is Christmas music after Christmas! Christmas Caroling in particular is kind of annoying...unless the carolers are really really good, then I don't mind...up to a point. So that being said, it seems unlikely that I would post a Christmas Caroling video but I couldn't pass this one up!!! On Christmas Eve, BONO treated some unsuspecting passersby on Dublin, Ireland's Grafton Street to some caroling. Bono's singing companions were singer/songwriter DAMIEN RICE and Oscar-winner GLEN HANSARD, who wrote and recorded the song "Falling Slowly" for the movie Once. The U2 frontman led the little group in a singalong of "White Christmas" followed by JOHN LENNON's "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)," according to This isn't the first time Bono has gone caroling during Christmas. He also sang on Grafton Street last year to raise money for the Dublin Simon Community, a group that helps the homeless.

  • Joe Walsh Releasing First Solo Album in 18 Years

    I had a chance to meet Joe Walsh many times in my career, once when he was in town to be a judge for the Miss U.S.A. Pageant. During that week, Dennis Miller was in town to do a show at The Cotillion Ballroom. Joe went with us to the show and even got up on stage and performed 2 songs, just him and the grand piano! Nobody knew he was even there until he walked on the stage...unbelievable!!!

  • Stoner Donors

    We have a fantastic food bank here in Wichita. Jan and I took a tour of the Kansas Food Bank a couple of months ago and it is amazing what they do for the hungry families in Kansas. Click Here to see how you can help our local food bank.

  • We turned it all the way up to 11 on New Year's Eve...Watch the video!

    New Year's Eve...a new year, a new outlook, a new beginning, a milestone so significant it comes attached to the biggest party of the year! This year was no different. Again we partied the night away at The Best Western North Wichita! Vinnie was there along with Ten Day Wish and they rocked!! Everybody was ultra festive!!! 11 is my lucky number and I'm hoping that this year will prove it.

  • Man Moves in with African Lions for the Month

    A Florida man walked into a fenced-in enclosure containing two African lions Saturday and announced plans to spend the next 30 days with the wild animals. James Jablon entered the lions’ den at his wildlife center, Wildlife Rehabilitation of Hernando, to raise money for his facility. Jablon says he plans to sleep on hay near the lions and eat when they eat, but he will also be building a place in the trees to hide in case the lions get into fights with each other. The center is about 40 miles north of Tampa. Jablon’s month with the lions is being streamed live online through January 31st.

  • Homeless Guy With Incredible Radio Voice!

    We all worry about losing our jobs and being homeless on the streets don't we? Even if we are secure in our jobs still, in the back of our minds there is that nagging "what if?" Those of us in radio assume we have that something special, that connection with our audience or at least a voice that will keep us employed so.....if a guy with a voice this incredible can be without radio work....???? Check out his story:

  • I need a hobby

    Right now I feel like I have no identity. Well that's not entirely true...I am Phil Thompson of the Jan and Phil Show on 104.5 The Fox. But your job is only one thing that defines you...another thing is what you like to do when you're not know...your hobbies. I need a hobby!

  • To Shovel or Not to Shovel

    I am a snow lover, mainly because it is just so pretty. However, each snowfall means a safety debate as to whether it is better to clear sidewalks or leave a "protective snow covering" in place. When there is snow on the sidewalk, at least any underlying ice is covered. I landed square on my derriere last winter, due to black ice on the sidewalk. Sure, you can put down ice melt, but it's just not 100% effective. I'd rather tromp through a few inches of snow than have an icy sidewalk exposed. I often wear Yak Traks on my snow boots, but they are a pain to take on and off and they sometimes make inside floors slippery if you forget to take them off...I've made some interesting entrances in foyers with marble tile.

  • Is your Pet Psychic?

    A national survey revealed that 43% of people thought their pets could sense when bad news was about to arrive. Not bad weather, bad news. Really? I wish my dogs could predict they would be scolded for pottying in the house. Have you had a psychic message from your pet? If so, how did he or she warn you?

  • It's hard to look cool when you're sliding on the ice.

    So there I was, I had just left work here at the mighty 104.5 The Fox on Monday. I'm driving down N. Broadway which had been covered in a fresh blanket of snow earlier in the day. Next thing I know I'm spinning in slow motion, a complete 360 degree spin, right in the middle of the street! Luckily there were no other cars near me but it suddenly occured to me as I came to a stop semi sideways in the road: "It's hard to look cool when you're sliding on the ice". I consider myself a pretty cool guy. I have a cool job, cool friends, cool dogs, cool....okay not so cool car but still, pretty cool guy. So there I am in the middle of the street sideways looking oh so uncool.

  • The Name Game

    I hate it when I cannot remember someone's name. Often times it is someone I really like, but whose name I simply cannot remember. My husband has the same affliction. We have a pact. If we are together and run into someone whom our spouse does not immediately introduce us to, that means we should jump in and introduce ourselves, causing the nameless person to give-up their identity immediately. Anyone else have a "pact"?

  • Cowboy costumes make me laugh.

    First things first, I have nothing against Cowboys. Having a farm in southeast Kansas for the last 9 years I've come to know alot of Cowboys, real live Cowboys. These guys have jobs that require them to herd, rope, and brand's their job to be a Cowboy, that's what they do for a living and like other professions it has a uniform. The boots, tight Wrangler jeans, crisp western shirt, huge belt buckle (usually won at a rodeo), vest, bandana and of course the signature hat. There are other professions that require uniforms: Police Officers and Firefighters come to mind. This is where the issue of costumes comes into play. People don't walk around in the uniform of a Firefighter or Police Officer unless they are one and it's their uniform...or it's Halloween and it's their costume. Do you see what I'm getting at? Maybe it's just me but when someone is dressed up as a Cowboy when they aren't really a Cowboy, it makes me laugh. Not out loud of course because most of these guys in Cowboy costumes could lay an ass whoopin' on me so I keep it to myself. If I saw someone who wasn't a Firefighter walking down the street or hanging out at a nightclub dressed up in a flame retardant coat with the reflective tape on it and the big helmet...I would laugh at that as well. (again to myself...the ass whoopin' ya know). And you'd likely be arrested if you wore a Police Officers uniform out and about if you weren't a Police Officer. I think it's called "impersonating a Police Officer". I think the only adults other than the ones that are real Cowboys that can get away with wearing a Cowboy costume are Country Singers but that falls under the category of "costume" I think...and again, Cowboy costumes make me laugh.

  • What Not to Give Your Sweetheart for Valentine's Day

  • Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" Has Best Guitar Riff Ever

  • Live like a Rock Star!

    I think I've discovered the secret to living like a Rock Star...get divorced. Okay, it's not quite that simple. There is actually another key element: procrastination. Here's how it works, at least for me and ultimately it will lead to me living like a Rock Star.

  • I Love the New Judges

    I watched American Idol this week not knowing how I would feel about the judges. Sure I love Steven Tyler in Aerosmith, but how would he do as an Idol judge? Jennifer Lopez, would she be just too sweet? As the senior member of the panel, would Randy become a leader? Well, I think the three of them are doing a great job thus far, their chemistry is good, all are endearing and Randy has developed a bit more edge...just what they must have in the absence of Simon Cowell. I think it will be a great season!

  • How do you know?

    Round round get around I get around...when the Beach Boys sang those words I wonder if they were talking about, know...getting around! And I wonder if they had the dilemma of trying to remember everyone they "got around" with?

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