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  • Super Bowl XLV

    Good times at Heroes in Old Town! Jan and I hung out at Heroes in Old Town for the big game. Apparently it was the most watched TV show of all time! Jan was rooting for the Steelers, I went with Green Bay...guess who won? Although to give Jan her due, she did kick my ass in the Wichita Eagle "Pick The Pro's" contest. By the way, I placed last in that competition!!! WoooHooooo!

  • The Drug War Invades My Medicine Cabinet

    At my house, decongestant medicines containing pseudoephedrine are a necessity. My husband and I both suffer with alleriges and his are severe. It is difficult , now, to get these over-the-counter drugs, as you must wait in line at the pharmacy and present ID. Since I have never committed any crime more serious than a minor traffic offense, I have resented having to do this. Why should law-abiding citizens be inconvenienced and viewed as suspected drug manufacturers? I also suspected that no one was keeping track of how many pharmacies were being visited and so it would be ineffectual. The idea of course is to keep pseudoephedrine out of the hands of people wanting to make meth (laudable but unteneable). It may have sounded like the inconvenience was reasonable, but, sure enough, after some initial success when the law was passed in 2005, the law is now relatively ineffective. The number of meth labs has gone back up. People wanting to make meth just send numerous people to numerous pharmacies to get what they need. So now, HB 2098 has been introduced by two Republicans and one Democrat. If passed and signed into law, Kansans will not be able to get these meds without a script from the doctor. That is an unnecessary expense and waste of both the patient and doctor's time. Remember the old adage, if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns? I think this line of reasoning is applicable here, too. Meth makers will find away. Please let me and your legislators know how you feel about this, either way.

  • Is bad mojo following me?

    Okay, so last week a meth lab was busted on Oakland Street. The meth lab was set up in a fourplex I used to live in! This week, someone was fatally stabbed on Nantucket. The stabbing took place at a duplex I used to live in!!! WTF?

  • FPO

    Let's Just Think About Last Night

    Wow! I must admit that it was with some trepidation that I sat down to watch the KU/K-State game last night. I happened to get a text from my friend Margaret Goger Cranston just as I was turning on the TV, approximately 15 minutes into the game. Her text read, "Are you watching the game?". I immediately knew I needed to hurry, as she is a KU fan and is not a sadist. Her text surely meant that my Wildcats had somehow managed to pull ahead of the Hawks. I was anxious to savor a few minutes, what I thought could only be a few minutes, of superiority by the Cats. I respect the Jayhawks, they've certainly earned that respect. I found the remote...pushed the right buttons.. and euphoria! I was blown away to see that the Cats were leading by a very respectable margin and soon witnessed why that was. They were playing like the team we'd heard about pre-season! Jacob Pullen was phenomenal, and he wasn't having to do it alone. All of the Cats played smart, they played as a team, they were aggresive on offense and defended well... all without much fouling in the process and they would not be stopped in getting to the basket. They really rattled the usually calm, cool and collected Jayhawks, who clearly were not expecting a challenge and could not adjust. The overall KU V. K-State record is still abysmal, but let's not think about that now, let's just think about last night.

  • Rolling Stone Selects the 10 Greatest Drummers of All Time

    Jan guessed John Bonham, I guessed Keith Moon, and I haven't talked to Ray about this but I'm sure he'd guess Neil Peart. Those drummers made the top 3 in Rolling Stone Magazine's "Top 10 Drummers Of All Time". So who made the top 10? Follow this link and let the debate begin.

  • Scary Home Decor!

    Flocked wallpaper and wood paneling should be illegal!

  • For the Birds

    The Eagle Valley Raptor Center does great work in saving the lives of injured birds. Ken Lockwood is devoted to the mission and I suspect he gives up a great deal personally, to maintain the center and to afford a chance of survival to all the wild birds he rescues. He will be on the Jan and Phil show to talk about the rescue and rehab of an Eagle which almost didn't make it and the imminent, triumphant release of the regal bird and how you can witness it! I am really, really excited about this!

  • I think I have "Sidewalk Rage"!!!

    I must admit I used to have a minor form of Road Rage. I was never one to yell at someone from my window as I drove by them, I would mutter under my breath instead. I was never one to flip off someone who cut me off, I would usually flip them off under the dash. After all, who am I to antagonize someone I don't even know? That could escalate it into full blown Road Rage! I have since backed off and kept it under control. And now, just when I'm getting a handle on my Road Rage I discover I may have a mild form of "Sidewalk Rage".

  • Did I "Disobey"?

    So there I was driving east on 21st street toward Broadway at about 5:15 this morning, it's a new route for me as I am recently divorced and staying with a friend so my route to work has changed. The intersection of 21st N. and Broadway is under construction so there is a lot going on at that location, signage, construction barrels, etc.

  • "I Drank the Bong Water"

    I could never run for political office. Not that I would ever want to but if I did...I couldn't. Why? I've always said: "if it wasn't for those pictures of me with that goat!"

  • Where is the Magic Dragon?

    Back in the day, the Raft Race was a very exciting event of the Wichita River Festival. To this event came the best floating character ever created, with apologies to Nemo. No wait, Nemo wasn't floating, that would've been bad news for Nemo. Anyway, this fabulous character that looked totally professional, was a smoke breathing dragon. Yes, real smoke emitted from his nostrils and he was able to lower his head and glide under bridges. His skin was a delightful hugh of gray-green and his facial expression was priceless...not striking fear but demanding respect. After the raft race event ended this fantastic dragon resided on a lot along South West Street. Does anyone know what has happened to him? Phil and I would sure like to find him.-Jan

  • Let's At Least Try Buffer Zones

  • I hate moving!!!!!

    Today is a big day. Today is moving day! And of course it's raining!

  • The Divorce Shower

    It seems odd to me that the divorce shower has not become part of our culture. Sure, everyone loves to gift a bride and groom, but they have each other and a dual income to rely on. Plus, the person going solo is usually not in the same gleeful state of mind as the "soon to be married", so why do just "soon to be marrieds get all the great gifts? Heck, I think most newlyweds could get by with a bed, a lamp and a microwave. Let's face it, no one comes out of divorce with all the stuff they went into the marriage with. Bring on the divorce shower! The divorce shower for Phil Thompson will take place soon. Date, time and place to be announced . There will even be games and prizes for attendees. Let us know if you'd like to attend.

  • Divorce Shower

    We are looking for a classy place that offers wine and hors d'oeuvres and has a party room. Why? Because we want to honor Phil Thompson with a divorce shower featuring the friendship of his adoring fans, including me. All ideas for a venue are welcome. Phil, at first, insisted this was not necessary and then he looked at everything he needs to complete his apartment and sighed. Furnishing an apartment and moving are inversely porportional...when you move out, you think you have less to move than you actually do, when you move into an empty place to start over you think you have more than you actually do.

  • The Divorce Shower is ON!

    I am delighted to invite you to a delightful evening of frivolity and camraderie, a divorce shower for Phil Thompson. The date is Saturday, March 26th. The hours will be 6pm to 9pm. The place will be the party room of Cafe Moderne, that delightful restaurant just off the square in Old Town. Appetizers, soft drinks and desserts will be provided...including Cake Balls. I have no idea what those are, but I trust Carol and Janet at CM and the name of these sweets had a nice ring to it. The Cafe Moderne address is 300 North Mead, Suite 108...the restaurant is set back a bit on the east side of the Old Town Square in which the Warren is located. You can come and stay all three hours or just pop in and wish Phil well. Today Phil and I are going to register for gifts for this special occasion at Target, but in no way are we suggesting that you must bring a gift...your friendship and support is quite enough. Hope to see you there!

  • Sammy Hagar Says Autobiography, Red, Was Being Written "My Whole Life"

    The Red Rocker himself, SAMMY HAGAR, released his autobiography, titled Red, on March 15th. The book focuses on Hagar's life and times as a solo artist, as well as his time as the frontman for VAN HALEN. The timing of Red's release seems to coincide with other rockers releasing their stories, due in no small part to the success of KEITH RICHARDS' recent autobiography, Life. However, Hagar says of Red, "Quite honestly, I've been writing this book my whole life. When something really cool would happen or something really crazy, I'd say, 'This is going in the book,' in the back of my head."

  • Thank You!!!

    I have great friends! And I saw some of them at my Divorce Shower on Saturday night. I also met some new friends that, up until Saturday I'd only seen as little tiny icons on our facebook page. I understand not everybody that wanted to show up could show up, people have other plans and things come up. But there was a perfect amount of people at Caffe Moderne for the party. It was all Jan's idea. She said people who get divorced need stuff more than people who get married. And I got stuff! Everything from silverware to lamps, enough kitchen utensils to host a dinner party, even 2 bottles of Jagermeister!!?!

  • The Shockers Looked Like Champions Tonight

    Wow! What a great night! Our WSU Shockers made us proud! Props to all the guys, they all worked together so well. Garrett Stutz was just fantastic. If they play like that Thursday night, they will be the NIT CHAMPIONS. Walking to our car, we passed two guys on the street, heard one say to the other, "Wichita, it's a city in Kansas". He said it not in a snide way at all, but in a, " I might want to check it out" kind of way. Very cool. On the light rail today I struck up a conversation with a former baseball player who considered WSU when he was looking at colleges and had a great opinion of WSU and Wichita too. As we were talking a man sat down behind us and interrupted to say, "too bad the Shockers are going to lose tonight." I really wasn't offended though my husband described him as too cocky. Anyway we struck up a very pleasant conversation afterall, but I must admit I looked around Madison Square Garden after the game, in hopes of seeing him. I probably could not have resisted saying, "What was that again that you said on the train this afternoon"? Sports, a great way to bring people together, even people cheering for different teams! GO SHOCKS!

  • I love you, I want you, I want to do you...and I've never even met you!

    Online romance is as old as the internet and with instant messaging and chat windows on Facebook, you can keep your romance alive or create a new one...with someone you've never met.

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