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  • Here Are the Top Five Businesses Fox Listeners Want Here

    The votes are in and here they are! Let's try and woo them to our hometown! We sure must love to eat, as 4 out of 5 are restaurant's!

  • Insane intersection!!!

    People are always complaining about drivers in Wichita, about how no one seems to pay attention to the rules and of the road. On a normal day things are bad enough right? How about when the traffic lights are out at an intersection?? Some drivers don't seem to know what to do if they don't have a traffic light to tell them what to do. Try putting those people in a car at this intersection!

  • My parents turned me on to Led Zeppelin

    Looking back on it, I can imagine my parents going into the local record store in the fall of 1969 and saying to the clerk: "We have two boys 11 and 12 years old and they love rock and roll music, what would you suggest?"

  • SO, The Year I Bet on The Derby Winner Was a Fluke?

    I could not have been less accurate in my Kentucky Derby predictions! I am thrilled though that the odds on favorite, California Chrome won. So nice to see your average Joes bring a winner to the Derby...especially when California'Chrome's mama was so overlooked. Love these self-proclaimed "Dumb Asses" who own "Chrome" and turned down 6-million for a 51% interest in him. They are guys you'd want to have a beer with. I also really hope California Chrome wins the triple crown. I see movie rights looming if he does. I hope he then lives out his life at stud! The Preakness is on May 17th and lots of people will be cheering for this little guy!

  • I think Wildcat Red Has A Chance

    So growing up, "Derby Day" was a big event at our house. All four of us in the family would pick a horse and if someone got it right, they had bragging rights for a year. This year I am going with Wildcat Red for obvious reasons...a horse with even the most remote tie to K-State should win! Uhh..right...well I am picking him as well as Danza, Candy Boy, Ride on Curlin and Wicked Strong. Surely one of my horses will win!

  • It's National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

    If you can afford a pet, please consider adopting today! Phil and I love LAPP, Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection. It is just a very basic shelter with out much in terms of ambiance, but it is place where pets are safe until the day they are adopted. Please make their wait for a forever home short. It makes room for another life to be saved. There is a good selection at LAPP most days. About every Saturday they are out with pets available for adoption. Look for them at Petsmart and Petco stores from noon to 3. Look for them on Facebook, LAPP!

  • The Ice Cream Trucks are out! Time to "Name That Tune!"

  • Equine Rescue Needs Help

    If you love animals like Phil and I do, please consider coming to an open house Saturday the 19th of April from 10 to 3 at the Southern Winds Equine Rescue and Recovery Center in Udall. You can meet the horses, bid on silent auction items and support the cause. See you there!

  • Fargo the T.V. Series. Will it live up to my expectations?

  • Be in the new Paul McCartney video!

    Paul McCartney is putting together a new promotional video for "Save Us," a song from his latest album, NEW, and he's asking fans to submit a photo of themselves that also include one line of lyrics from the tune.

  • Would you like to be on stage with Foreigner?

    On Monday Phil and I will provide all the details on how some lucky high school choir will get to sing with Foreigner! I can't imagine how cool that would be. Radio folks get on stage occasionally...but we certainly never get to sing. That is probably a good thing!

  • Why the Name is Changing to Honor Ike

    Some people seem to have a difficult time understanding why we campaigned to have the name of the airport changed. First, please know that the original "cost estimate" was horribly inflated and contained items that were "optional" . The reasons for the change are pretty simple:

  • WOW....It's On Facebook

    There is now a Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport Facebook Page! The page indicates the dedication will be March 31, 2015. Strangely enough, I first viewed the page on March 31, 2014! From all accounts, our new airport will be beautiful, very functional (the poor airport staff has quietly had to deal with the dysfuncton of an elderly airport for years and has done so admirably) and will proudly display our Air Capital heritage while honoring the man viewed by historians as our finest post World War II president, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Way to go Wichita!

  • Would you like to vote again on slot machines at the old Greyhound park?

    There is a bill that has passed the Kansas senate and is now going to the Kansas house that would prevent Sg.county voters from having the opportunity to vote on gambling until 2032. The gambling issues...slots at the Greyhound park and the other one about a casino in Sedgwick county were decided in 2007, but it was a close vote on both. Now Susan Wagle and others in the senate say they need to legislate no elections for us on this topic until 2032, so we don't have a costly election. How do you feel about that? Tell your Kansas House of Representatives member either way. If you do not know who that "Who is my Kansas house of representatives member" and find out. For more info on the measure go to

  • YES announces summer tour. Holy Crap! I saw them in '72!!!

  • FPO

    Keep On Shockin' Me Baaaaaby!! Watch our video!!!

    Thanks to Joe Stumpe and the "Jan and Phil Singers!" Thanks also to our videographer Shawn Rhodes! We had a great time making this video. Go Shocks!

  • Finally...A Great Time in St. Louis

    My husband and I both have the odd history of having had separate bad trips to St. Louis. I think it was whom we hung out with there that made the trip an unhappy one. Well, I am happy to say this past weekend's trip to St. Louis made up for any bad trips in the past. For the first time in 27 years our team won the tournament! The Shockers broke a record regarding the number of wins leading up to that crazy tournament later in March as well as a school record. They did it with style, too. Ron Baker even got the crowd to applaud Indiana State's best player, Odum...Five more wins please and then rest for a month, guys!

  • Where the F*** did you get that sweatshirt??

    In 1987 I was Music Director at T95. Pink Floyd had just hit the road for their "Momentary Lapse Of Reason" tour. Since they were not going to play Wichita, my record company representative offered to fly me to St. Louis to see them. "Hell yes!" I said! Before the show I got to go backstage to meet a couple of the guys. My record rep had, about a week before, given me a Pink Floyd "Momentary Lapse Of Reason" sweatshirt so of course I wore it backstage to the concert. Problem was, it hadn't yet been approved by the band! I was standing in the dressing room when David Gilmour and Nick Mason came out to meet everyone. When I was introduced to them David Gilmour said to me: "Nice to meet you Phil...where the fuck did you get that sweatshirt?" It was a classic moment for me and one I'll never forget. Below is the picture with the infamous "sweatshirt."

  • Strangest Outfit On an Audience Member NOT on Let's Make A Deal?

    So, you're in Vegas and you're going to go to a taping of "Wheel of Fortune". You look in your suitcase and think, "What should I wear?" AND THIS is the decision you make...note baseball caps wearers on the aisle. I find this look a bit bizarre, so I snapped a screen shot.~Jan

  • We Heard from the Publisher of SI

    We wrote the publisher of SI to inquire about regional covers...we wanted to now...Is there a standard cover each week in addition to regional covers? Tom Buerger emailed back and he tells us that about every 6 weeks they publish some regional covers, in part to keep things interesting, as people get tired of seeing the same teams featured all the time. They can publish up to 6 regional covers at a time. Tom says the content of the magazine is always the same everywhere and he adds they don't do it to sell magazines, as 99% of their revenue comes from subscriptions. We apppreciate Tom's response and seeing our Shockers on the cover of SI!

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