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  • The Shockers Are Better Than the SI Jinx

    The Shockers look marvelous on the cover of Sports Illustrated...available in stores today. Fred is center stage his wry smile says it all, the Shockers are not going to be a victim of the Sports Illustrated Jinx. I cannot wait to get my hands on this magazine!~Jan

  • The Only Beatles Fan Who Could Make Men Watch Skating

    She may be only 26 years-old, but she skates to "A Day in the Life". Kiira Korpi is Finnish but lives in the U.S. to be near her new coach. You can see her in Sochi, guys. Check out her photo on our facebook page,

  • Happy Birthday Alice Cooper!

    When I was growing up, Alice Cooper was one of my Heroes. I loved his music and his rebellion. My parents always bought me and my brother the great rock albums of the day and Alice Cooper "Killer" was the one that got me hooked. A couple of my Alice Cooper memories include:

  • A Little Vid for Shocker Fans!

    This video is great, though outdated I am happy to report. Shockers defeated Loyola and are now 22-0. I am a sucker for a sentimental celebratory video like this. Let me know what you think of it . Shoot me an email.

  • Marijuana and The Big Game!

    If you would have told me at this time last year that weed would be one of the major story lines in the week leading up to the 2014 NFL Championship, I would have said: "Are you high!?"

  • Why We Should All Love Fred Van Vleet

    Loyalty, strength, perservence those words define Coach Marshall and our Shockers. The degree of loyalty exhibited by Fred Van Vleet makes me get a lump in my throat when I think about it. The article below is about how good the Shockers really are, but the most touching portion of this article is the story of Fred Van Vleet's loyalty and his understanding of what the word "committment" means. The whole article is great, a little long, but definitely worth the time....don't miss the Van Vleet story near the end.~Jan

  • So THAT'S Why I am watching so many Shocker Games on my Kindle!

    No amount of being told that the wave of the future for watching sports is portability rather than visibility will convince me. We did not invest in a big screen TV at our house in order to watch the number 4 team in the country, the WSU on a 12" screen. According to a great article in the Wichita Eagle, the MVC contract with ESPN mandates a certain number of games be available only on to help promote small screen watching on the go. What was even harder to swallow was the idea that Shocker fans should not expect to be on TV as much as the teams that are "regulars" on national TV...Oh, like the fabulous Canisius Griffins or Iona Gaels that I was able to watch play on a big screen the other night !??!!

  • A Caption on a picture of the Shockers is Worth a Thousand (more) Words

    Peter G. Aiken of USA TODAY Sports impressed me when he wrote the caption for this photo. Reminds me of dialog that might have been spoken by Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.

  • Something to Make You Smile, Unless You're a Southeast Fan

    No disrespect to Wichita Southeast High School, but I was pretty darn happy for Ealy Bell of Heights when his quick thinking, last minute lob of a basketball made all the difference...check it out:

  • Peyton Manning wins no matter what

  • Looking for Listeners Van Halen in Wichita or Great Bend in 1978

    Do you have ticket stubs or newspaper articles from Van Halen at Pogo's in 1978 or Van Halen at Monster Jam I in Great Bend on August 5, 1978? Author Dr. Gregory J. Renoff is looking for those items for a book he is writing. Be famous, be published...Email us at or post on our facebook page: and we will hook you up with the author!

  • Mile Marker 420 is no more!

    I must admit, I used to live in a party pad that had a garage full of signs. Stop signs, street signs, Railroad Crossing signs, yield signs, etc. I was not the one who procured these nor do I know which one of my roommates did, I just remember they were always there adorning the walls of the fourplex garage.

  • Wichitans on TV this Sunday and Monday

    Animal Planet will be airing the story they filmed here in Wichita on searching for "Bigfoot". They apparently searched the Cheney Lake area, the El Dorado Lake area, the Kingman area and My favorite place they searched was the Big many places to hide there. Then on Monday's Jeopardy program...Wichitan Matthew Linnabary competes! He's a Kapaun-Mt. Carmel grad and a Creighton (?!!?!) grad. We'll have to see how he does.

  • He's 11 years-old?

    Are guitar gods born rather than made? It's easy to believe this kid has inherent talent and could make music his career! Enjoy!

  • Of course! Why didn't I think of this: Mountain Dew flavored Cheeto's!

    Do these really need to exist? Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos???? Well just in case you can't go on until you have tried this irresistable treat, click on the photo and order yours today!

  • That awkward moment when your teleprompter goes down

  • Odd Realization...KU Could be the lowest Ranked Team in Kansas later today

    So KSU knocked off 6th ranked OSU and will surely be ranked this week. WSU just won an historical 15th consecutive game and is ranked 8th, KU unfortunately lost at home to San Diego State over the weekend and may slip from their number 16 ranking. Sad to see KU's 68 game "at home" winning streak come to an end. It's a good day though, when you can say Kansas has three such talented basketball teams!

  • A Show of Team Spirit or Frozen Bloody Crime Scene?

    “It looks like something horrible happened here.”

  • The largest vinyl L.P. ever built!! Watch this video of it's construction:

    The Eagles have released some big records during their long career, but nothing like this: A gigantic vinyl replica of 1977's Hotel California album has been erected on the roof of the newly renovated Los Angeles-area venue The Forum in honor of the band's upcoming six-show residency there. It is said to be the largest vinyl LP ever built -- which is 407 feet in diameter and covers a total of 5.7 acres. It actually spins around at 17 mph Check out this video of it's construction, how cool is this?

  • The Price Is Right gives away $157,000 Audi!!!!

    I love this kinda stuff! A woman from Tacoma, Washington won the biggest prize in "The Price Is Right" history!! An Audi R8 V8 Spyder Quattro S Tronic, valued at a cool $157,300. Here's how it all went down:

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