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  • Airport Naming Advisory Committee Starts!

    For those Fox listeners who have been the catalyst for changing the name of our airport to honor President Eisenhower, be encouraged that the next step is near. The Airport Naming Advisory Committee will have its first meeting next week. Not sure if there is a prescribed number of meetings or if we get it done, when we get it done. The committee advises the council as to their findings and then the council will vote on naming the airport for Eisnehower...not sure when, but the wheels are turning.

  • How To Make Your Tree the Prettiest

    I have figured out a way to make a Christmas tree really spectacular in terms of brightness and beauty. Don't choose between clear or colored lights for the tree, use some of both, in close proximity to each other. The effect is really cool. However, don't use so many lights you overload your circuits and use a power strip rather than a bunch of extension cords.

  • Shockers Ranked 10th in Coaches Poll

    Congratulations to the Shocker men's basketball team and to Coach Marshall on the great season they are having and this morning's news that they are ranked #10 in the country in the coaches poll and #11 in the AP poll. Thanks for bringing honor to Wichita! We all truly love you guys!!! Go Shocks!!!

  • So Proud of Our Shocker Basketball Team

    If you watched the Shocker men take on St. Louis in St. Louis on know they are deserving of what could soon be a top 10 ranking. They are undefeated. Here's hoping for an undefeated season all the way to the March tournament! What do you think? Email me at

  • Black Friday Mean Free Pets at the Humane Society

    Black animals are free at the Humane society today from 11 to 8 to day (Friday 11/29). Other animals are half-off. For some weird reason black animals have less chance of being 'em and treat them like "gold" if you do adopt...or Phil and I will hunt you down!

  • Sportsmanship is a Lost Art

    Thanksgiving Day mean football among other things. The Detroit Lions are notorious for trying to injure other players, so who better to see every Thanksgiving than a shinning example of unsportsman like conduct. I miss the days where respect for your oppostion mattered. I like gentleman, not show boating thugs who are all about themselves. I miss players like Jerry Rice.

  • Can a Company That Runs an Adult Site Help America?

    As ridiculous as it sounds, such a company has offered to help straighten out the Affordable Care Act website for free, because they say they handle lots of inquiries with complete confidentiality. So as long as what they are doing is legal, should the government accept their help? I do know people who had no trouble signing up...maybe they were used to going to adult sites and knew how to navigate. Hee he.

  • Glad to See We Can Have Christmas fun in Old Town

    WIll be heading out tomorrow for an "Affair in the Square". Will be shopping in Old Town tomorrow ...from noon to 6 there will be fun things to do..including carriage rides..I will take some fruit for the horses. Photo booth, great shopping, City Arts will have an open house too plus lots of entertainment!

  • It Takes a Lot of Patience to Change an Airport Name

    Airport names get changed frequently. In fact, our own director of airports, Victor White told me he once went through the process of changing the same airport name three times. We are getting a beautiful new terminal that, and since we only have one terminal, that terminal constitutes a "new airport" in the minds of most people. Our city could benefit from a new, retainable, name for our airport. Trying to convince people of that, especially when a completely erroneous budget estimate that was constructed to confuse the issue got into the hands of some reporters who failed to read anything but the bottom line figure. Now we are waiting for all the council members to make their appointments to the naming commiitte so nothing will happen until at least Dec. 3rd.

  • A Topeka News "Source" Says Broncos Cheated

    It must be satire, but some gullible people will no doubt believe a story online that the Broncos cheated by managing to fill their stadium with marijuana smoke during the game last Sunday and since Denver players were acclimated not only to the altitude, but to wafting marijuana smoke (as it is legal in Colorado) the Broncos had a distinct advantage over the woozy Chiefs players, resulting in the loss. Do you think anyone will "buy" that theory? Let me know at

  • What to serve on Sunday

    It will be a mixed group at our house Sunday to watch the game. Plenty of decorations featuring both teams will be featured as well as some good food. Not sure what is appropriate...I suppose food is one thing all the fans can agree on, so it matters. Thinking about wings, rotel dip (have not made that in forever) fruit and veggie tray, humus and of course, beer, wine and Jack. Any suggestions? Shoot me an email at

  • The Suspense is Killing Me

    No, not the suspense of which team will win Sunday..though I am excited about either prospect. The suspense about the naming committee for the airport..what will they decide? Who will be chosen and when? How long will they have to debate the issue? Do they get instructions like a jury? Do they get a list of names or one like Mr. Layon the city manager indicated? It's been a long road to try and improve the name of our airport and honor Ike. I am so anxious to see what happens.

  • Hard to Hate Either Team this Sunday

    I like the Broncos and the Chiefs and because the Chiefs are undefeated I'd like to see them stay that way, but not at the expense of Peyton Manning, for whom I have maximum respect! I guess I just have to say "may the best team win".

  • Shockers and Shocker Fans TIred but happy Today

    Coach Marshall asked the Shocker faithful to give their tickets to someone who would use them if they could not attend last night's televised game that began at 11:59PM. The fans listened and the arena was packed with loud and proud shocker fans. ESPN2 announcers commented on how loud it was, the final four banner from last spring was unfurled and best of all the Shockers defeated a good team, Western KY, by 16. Way to support, Wichita!

  • Basketball at Midnight?

    Perhaps you are planning to stay up all night watching basketball on ESPN2 or even going to tonight's WSU game... If so you were probably smart enough to take tomorrow off. I am about to run out of vacation time, so I will go to the game and then come in and do my best to not blurt out anything inappropriate on the air tomorrow morning. We need as many people as possible in the arena at 11:59 tonight, as Western Kentucky is a tough team! Go Shockers!

  • Need Help For The Holidays? Operation Holiday is taking Apps.

    On Monday Operation Holiday will start taking applications from people who need assistance with gettting food, clothing and gifts this Christmas. Here is a list of where and when people can apply. Please pass the info along to someone in need!

  • Have Someone Hard to Buy For?

    If you have someone hard to buy for on your Christmas list, you might want to stop by the "Alternative Gift Market" on Saturday at Grace Presbyterian Church from 10 to 4. There you can honor you friend by buying something in their name for people in need here or elsewhere in the world. We forget how good we have it in the USA.

  • My Fortune Cookie Said it All

    I have been carrying around some fortune cookie philosophy that I received in September. It reads, "A GREAT PLEASURE IN LIFE IS DOING WHAT OTHERS SAY YOU CAN"T. This was about a month after Phil and I started the online petition to change the name of the airport to Eisenhower. Back in 2004 some very bright people tried to do the same and failed...there were people who told us we could not get it done either. Well, it's darn near done....due in large part to the efforts of all the Fox listeners. Thank you, Thank you that fortune applies to all of you! Use it in your own personal lives too!

  • Be Part of Wichita History Tomorrow!

    Tomorrow the petiton to rename the airport for Eisenhower is back on the agenda at the City Council. I would encourage all of you who signed our petition in favor or those who have decided recently that it is a good idea to be at the council meeting tomorrow to support! We need you to be there to show you care! If you can't be there, please email your council rep today and let them know you are in favor! Be part of make this can tell your grandchildren you helped make it so!

  • So The Lunch Lady "Hires" a "Hitman"

    I cannot believe a bizarre story I read out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. An 18 year-old lunchroom aide paid numerous 4th graders a dollar a piece to beat-up and harrass a student who had called her a vulgar name. The foul-mouthed victim ran to a teacher and told the teacher about the contract put out on him by the lunch lady and begged for help, this was after he had been pushed out of his seat, and had his lunch stolen! Shame on you lunch "lady".

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