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  • Shockers and Shocker Fans TIred but happy Today

    Coach Marshall asked the Shocker faithful to give their tickets to someone who would use them if they could not attend last night's televised game that began at 11:59PM. The fans listened and the arena was packed with loud and proud shocker fans. ESPN2 announcers commented on how loud it was, the final four banner from last spring was unfurled and best of all the Shockers defeated a good team, Western KY, by 16. Way to support, Wichita!

  • Basketball at Midnight?

    Perhaps you are planning to stay up all night watching basketball on ESPN2 or even going to tonight's WSU game... If so you were probably smart enough to take tomorrow off. I am about to run out of vacation time, so I will go to the game and then come in and do my best to not blurt out anything inappropriate on the air tomorrow morning. We need as many people as possible in the arena at 11:59 tonight, as Western Kentucky is a tough team! Go Shockers!

  • Need Help For The Holidays? Operation Holiday is taking Apps.

    On Monday Operation Holiday will start taking applications from people who need assistance with gettting food, clothing and gifts this Christmas. Here is a list of where and when people can apply. Please pass the info along to someone in need!

  • Have Someone Hard to Buy For?

    If you have someone hard to buy for on your Christmas list, you might want to stop by the "Alternative Gift Market" on Saturday at Grace Presbyterian Church from 10 to 4. There you can honor you friend by buying something in their name for people in need here or elsewhere in the world. We forget how good we have it in the USA.

  • My Fortune Cookie Said it All

    I have been carrying around some fortune cookie philosophy that I received in September. It reads, "A GREAT PLEASURE IN LIFE IS DOING WHAT OTHERS SAY YOU CAN"T. This was about a month after Phil and I started the online petition to change the name of the airport to Eisenhower. Back in 2004 some very bright people tried to do the same and failed...there were people who told us we could not get it done either. Well, it's darn near done....due in large part to the efforts of all the Fox listeners. Thank you, Thank you that fortune applies to all of you! Use it in your own personal lives too!

  • Be Part of Wichita History Tomorrow!

    Tomorrow the petiton to rename the airport for Eisenhower is back on the agenda at the City Council. I would encourage all of you who signed our petition in favor or those who have decided recently that it is a good idea to be at the council meeting tomorrow to support! We need you to be there to show you care! If you can't be there, please email your council rep today and let them know you are in favor! Be part of make this can tell your grandchildren you helped make it so!

  • So The Lunch Lady "Hires" a "Hitman"

    I cannot believe a bizarre story I read out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. An 18 year-old lunchroom aide paid numerous 4th graders a dollar a piece to beat-up and harrass a student who had called her a vulgar name. The foul-mouthed victim ran to a teacher and told the teacher about the contract put out on him by the lunch lady and begged for help, this was after he had been pushed out of his seat, and had his lunch stolen! Shame on you lunch "lady".

  • Will Anyone Come Across from the Other Side?

    Tomorrow Phil and I will have the "Hollywood Medium" on to try and connect listener's loved ones who have crossed over. I am thinking the Hollywood Medium will just be saying things like "She wants you to know she is proud of you" or "She wants you to know she's at peace ". Let's hope for something better. Do you believe there are mediums who can connect with the dead? Shoot me an email at

  • Let's Not Forget the Older Kids

    On Sunday November 3rd, we at the Fox will be happy to participate in the Toy Run Rally in Delano. I always feel for the kids from 10 to 16 whose needs for a gift at Christmas are often overlooked. It's easly to buy a game or a stuffed animal, but coming up with something an older kid would like is more difficult. I try and buy makeup or hairproducts for girls or if my husband gets a bonus we buy an ipod for either gender. Being a teen or preteen is tough, more tough it you're poor, really tough if you are left out.

  • Which Movie is the Scariest?

    I just read an article a by a noted film reviewer who said Halloween was the scariest movie of all time.I agree it was very scary, but was it more scary than The Exorcist? What is the scariest movie of all time? Shoot me an email at

  • Would You Have Gone First?

    So Google tells us it was 216 years ago today that the first person jumped with a parachute. Frenchman Andre Garnerin went first and survived. Would you have been willing to be the first? No me, know way...I wouldn't do it NOW. However, I love to fly in a plane and it amazes me how far we have come in aviation in the past 216 years!

  • Did the Earth Move For You?

    Apparently there was an earthquake in Enid Sunday the 20th at 3:17pm The magnitude was 3.1. I did not feel it....some people around here did. Did you? Shoot me an email if you

  • Laid-Off Worker on the Jan and Phil Show

    Sure appreciated having Boyd on the air this morning as our "unpaid intern". He did a nice job and after being laid-off from aircraft he is looking for work in his field, Industrial Engineering. Let us know if your business is looking for a great employee like Boyd!

  • Why Didn't Someone Follow That Ford SUV?

    Yesterday morning around 7:30 a woman either fell out of or was pushed out of an SUV while it was going down K-96 near Greenwhich road. After that horrifying event occured the driver stopped, got out and went over to the woman who had tumbled from the vehicle. Bizarrely, he brought her to her feet and forced her back into the vehicle. Witnesses say she was crying. Why in the world didn't someone follow that vehicle from a distance with police on the phone? Was getting to work more important than possibly saving a life?

  • Hosting a Halloween Poker Run

    I am madly trying to put the finishing touches on a Halloween poker run on Sat. October 26th to benefit the Girl Scout Little House. It's $30 a ticket but that includes finger food (Halloween reference yuk, yuk) soft drinks and three alcoholic beverages per person (beer or wine) after the run...and of course the poker run on a motorcycle or in a car! If you'd like to attend just go to facebook and search for Halloween Poker Run or send me an email at

  • Just wondering...Which NFL team Has the Best/Worst Fans?

    You always here about teams that play dirty. I can't help but think some fans do too. If you have seen fans be over the top ugly...let me know. Shoot me an email at

  • Good Thing Russia Has No Outdoor Ban on Smoking

    The torch run is in progress in Russia in advance of the 2014 winter Olympic. A runner carrying the burning torch went through a tunnel in Moscow and a gust of wind blew out the flame! That had to be an "Oh s%8#" moment. Fortunately the runner thought to start making a gesture of flicking his thumb until a smoker caught on that he needed "a light" and obliged! What's your worst "On s%8#" moment? Shoot me an email at Thanks!

  • We Made It Through the First Round

    Today we presented our petition to the city council in an effort to get the airport named for President Eisenhower. The council did not table that discussion, instead they asked the city manager's office to get hard costs associated specifically with the name change. They will also be appointing a naming committee per city requirements. Hopefully, the naming committee will see the wisdom of Eisenhower. The council will take up the subject again on November 5th. Thank you all for you help in getting us this far...whenever we see a plane heading west across Wichita...let's look-up and say "He's heading in to Eisenhower".

  • The Longer I Live the More I Respect My Elders

    So delighted to have Dr. David Nichols on the air with us this morning to talk about "Why Eisenhower" in regard to our quest to get the airport named for President Eisenhower. Dr. Nichols is a classy, smart man and has much to tell us that we should learn about American history. He's a little older than me and I realize how important it is, even when you're over 40 to still have people older than yourself you look up to...I appreciate their wisdom, knowledge and intelligence and I want to add that "You are as young as you feel".

  • The Anticpation is Killing Me

    On Tuesday we present to the city council our petition to rename the airport for President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Many people have worked hard on this. I must commend the City Council for their kindness and their help...but will they vote for it? They will most likely not vote this Tuesday, but may vote in the near future. The anticipation is killing me. Many thanks to all those who have helped in this effort!

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