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  • EpiPens For Everyone

    There are only 4 states that require that schools have epi-pens available ....Kansas is not one of them. This week a 13year-old football player from Texas died when he was stung by fire ants on a football field and had an allergic reaction. He had no known history of allergies. To be effective, the EpiPen has to be readily available, so coaches, teachers and administrators should have them close by. According to doctors, the Epi-pen dispenses epinephrine, which does its job and quickly leaves the body, thus there is no down side in administering it.

  • What will Happen Sunday?

    The end is near. For 8 seasons I have loved Dexter, so has my husband, so has Phil Thompson and so have countless other fans. The season with John Lithgow was the best. The season with Colin Hanks was the worst, though it wasn't Hanks' fault, it was the ridiculous over-the-top plot that season. Now, the writers have to wrap things up in the same dramatic fashion that kept us on the edge of our seats...what will happen to Dexter will he live happily ever after or die trying to? For those who have never watched the show, in anticipation of Sunday we offer this collage of past Dexter episodes

  • Keep Those Emails and Signatures Coming

    I am amazed and grateful at the number of people who are joining, with passion, our campaign to name the new airport after Eisenhower. I have received an email of support from an Ike biographer and three pilot s, two of whom fly for an airline that flies into Wichita. If you have not signed the petition, please look for the picture of Ike here on our website and sign. The idea is not only to honor a great American who credited his upbringing here for his later success in saving the free world and serving as president, but to also increase awareness of and marketing opportunities for our airport and our fabulous city. Thank you for your support!

  • Which Area City Will Be Next?

    It seems that Abilene is not the only city in Kansas to agree that Eisenhower is the best name for our new airport. Another city nearby may send a resolution to our city council this week asking our city council to make the change. Can you guess which city? Shoot me an email at

  • Sign the Petition at The Fair

    The National Eisenhower Memorial booth at the fair has been inundated with people wanting to sign the petiton to change the name of Mid-Continent to Wichita Dwight D.Eisenhower International Airport. I have now supplied them with paper petitions! if you're at the Kansas State Fair and want to sign, they are located in the Eisenhower Building (yes, I am serious) which is the building in which KWCH is located! You can also sign at any Riverside Cafe location or on this website. Just click on the picture of IKE.

  • This is a No-Brainer

    Everywhere I go these days, people come up to me and say they agree we should change the name of our airport to "Eisenhower" and they even add " It's a no-brainer" Now, I just have to get the powers that be to realize it. You can help. Just call the city council office any weekday between 8 and 5 and tell the administrative assistant there that you think the name change is a great idea. The number is 268-4331. An aiport name change could mean industry for Wichita!

  • The City of Abilene Supports Our Efforts!

    Great news! While we still must make out case to the city council and overcome the objections of airport staff, the city of Abilene has made a resolution that reads in part "whereas the City of wichita is home to the largest commercial airport in the state of Kansas, and is located about 100 miles south of Abilene the proud home of President Eisenhower's, library museum and boyhood home; whereas, presently their are no commercial airports in the USA named for President Eisenhower and his many accomplishments, be it resolved the city commission of the city of Abilene, respectfully requests the city council of the city of Wichita Kansas, to take such actions as may be necessary to rename the Mid-Continent Airport the Dwight D. Eisenhower International Airport". That pretty much speaks for itself.

  • We're Somebody Now, We're in Print!

    Hope everyone saw the Eagle Editorial about us and the airport in Friday's paper! Please find it in your stack of newspapers and if you agree you can email an Opinion Line comment at or write a long, passionate letter and email it to Thank you.

  • Need some energy? Spray on Caffeine!

    Harvard undergrad, Ben Yu and a venture capitalist, Deven Soni have invented a topical spay just spray it on your neck and get energy without jitters or stomach issues. Look for it on the market the end of October. What's next? Spray-on beer?

  • Why We Want to Rename the Airport

    The reasons we want the Wichita airport named for Eisenhower:

  • Endorsement From Sen. Dole!

    Phil and I were delighted to announce this morning that Senator Bob Dole has endorsed our petiton to to rename the Wichita airport for President Eisenhower. Sen. Dole is a war hero in his own right and having him agree with us is just so thrilling!

  • Don't Be Afraid of Change

    So nice to be featured in KAKE's lead story last night. We sincerely would like to see the largest city in Kansas feature the name of one of the Kansas heroes of World history. If you are unfamiliar with Eisenhower's accomplishments, you can google him and learn a great deal. He led all the allied forces to victory in WWII and was a great president as well. He is the 10th most popular and 10th most influential president of all time in survey after survey. Although he was the only one of the Eisenhower children born in Texas, his family was from Kansas and moved back here before he was two years-old. He claimed Kansas and we claim him. His museum/library/boyhood home is in Abilene, Kansas not Texas. I can't see any reason for any attachment to the name "Mid-Continent" except "its always been that way". Actually it hasn't, but even if it had...never changing means stagnation.

  • The Latest Information on the Airport Renaming

    Talked with the folks in Little Rock about how they renamed their new airport which opened about 18 months ago. They did not consider the process difficult. Their council voted and told the airport staff to let the FAA know..then they made sure the name change was timed to quickly get noted in the various documents pilots use. Sounds to me like this could work. Please sign the petition. Many, many thanks!

  • The Eisenhower Museum Called Us!

    On the air this morning, Tim Rives from the Eisenhower Museum, Library and Boyhood Home gave us some information I did not know about Ike. Ike was the only one of the 7 Eisenhower brothers born in Kansas. I did know Ike had been born in Dension, Texas and that the family had moved from Abilene and returned to abilene from Denison shortly after he was born. No wonder he always felt Kansas was his real home! Did you know President Eisenhower was the first US president with a Pilot's License? Did you know he coined the term "Airforce One"? So many ties to of the MANY reasons the airport in Wichita should be named for him. Please sign the petition and tell your friends...a World Class Name for a World Class airport is coming!

  • Let's do an experiment

    When some of us were kids, we would pull phone pranks. You know what I'm talking about right? "Is your refrigerator running?" Those type of calls. Admit it! You or someone you know did it. Well, I want to do an experiment. If you are reading this, call the Jan and Phil Show tomorrow morning (Tuesday Morning) at 8:45a.m. and pull a classic phone prank on us. I'll hook you up with a prize! Looking forward to hearing what ya got! Bring it!

  • Mid-Continent Refers to an old Oil Company Ike refers to Kansas

    If you have read and signed the petition to name our coming new, world-class airport Dwight D. Eisenhower International Airport, Thank you! If you have any questions about doing so, please email those questions directly and I will send you an email reply or call you if you include your phone number. I will not badger you, ask you for money (the petition site might, but ignore that) or try and borrow you truck. Thanks and here's to a world class airport!

  • The Manning Brothers Rap!

    Football season is on the horizon! I love Peyton Manning. Not only is he an amazing Quarterback, he is a funny guy! Who can forget the classic parody of the United Way commercial he did on Saturday Night Live? Well now Peyton and his brother Eli are at it again in a commercial for Direct T.V. Even their dad Archie makes a cameo! It's a cheesy commercial to be sure but it's another classic Manning moment. Watch:

  • "mid-continent" is a meaningless name that does not reflect Wichita..change it!

    The effort has begun to change the name of the Wichita airport! Phil and I are behind it!The city is currently building a new airport for several reasons. One reason is to build a more functional airport. Another important reason is to have our airport reflect the size, importance, history and sophistication of our city and state. That translates to more industry and more jobs. Major companies will not locate here if they think they cannot recruit top level employees to come here. What creates the first impression of people coming here? Our airport! Mid-Continent was the name of the Kansas City airport and we latched on to it after Kansas City came up with a better name. It referred to Mid-Continent Oil Company. Wichita is not even the middle of the continent! It means nothing! Go to to sign the petition we will take to the city council. Please share the petition with your friends on Facebook and otherwise. You will also find a story about this idea elsewhere on this website. Thanks for taking a look.

  • Let's Change This About Wichita

    On Monday morning at 7:30 Phil and I will reveal something we'd really like to see changed about our beloved hometown. I am hopeful you will agree from us. Please take time on Monday to listen at 7:30am and to call us with your comments pro or con on what we think needs changed. The number is 436-1045.

  • To sleep, perchance to dream!

    I love sleep. Waking up at 4 a.m. makes me love sleep even more. What's more, I love dreams. I have the best, weirdest, most fascinating dreams on a nightly basis. Friends, family and even celebrities make appearances in my dreams. I hate it when I can't sleep because I feel like crap the next day plus I didn't get to have one of my crazy dreams. The thought of only getting 1 or 2 hours of sleep is something that gives me terrible anxiety. So last night my 2 worlds collided...I fell asleep which is a good thing...I had dreams, which usually is a good thing...but what did I dream??? That I was up all night and couldn't sleep!!!! LOL!!!

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