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  • The Eisenhower Museum Called Us!

    On the air this morning, Tim Rives from the Eisenhower Museum, Library and Boyhood Home gave us some information I did not know about Ike. Ike was the only one of the 7 Eisenhower brothers born in Kansas. I did know Ike had been born in Dension, Texas and that the family had moved from Abilene and returned to abilene from Denison shortly after he was born. No wonder he always felt Kansas was his real home! Did you know President Eisenhower was the first US president with a Pilot's License? Did you know he coined the term "Airforce One"? So many ties to of the MANY reasons the airport in Wichita should be named for him. Please sign the petition and tell your friends...a World Class Name for a World Class airport is coming!

  • Let's do an experiment

    When some of us were kids, we would pull phone pranks. You know what I'm talking about right? "Is your refrigerator running?" Those type of calls. Admit it! You or someone you know did it. Well, I want to do an experiment. If you are reading this, call the Jan and Phil Show tomorrow morning (Tuesday Morning) at 8:45a.m. and pull a classic phone prank on us. I'll hook you up with a prize! Looking forward to hearing what ya got! Bring it!

  • Mid-Continent Refers to an old Oil Company Ike refers to Kansas

    If you have read and signed the petition to name our coming new, world-class airport Dwight D. Eisenhower International Airport, Thank you! If you have any questions about doing so, please email those questions directly and I will send you an email reply or call you if you include your phone number. I will not badger you, ask you for money (the petition site might, but ignore that) or try and borrow you truck. Thanks and here's to a world class airport!

  • The Manning Brothers Rap!

    Football season is on the horizon! I love Peyton Manning. Not only is he an amazing Quarterback, he is a funny guy! Who can forget the classic parody of the United Way commercial he did on Saturday Night Live? Well now Peyton and his brother Eli are at it again in a commercial for Direct T.V. Even their dad Archie makes a cameo! It's a cheesy commercial to be sure but it's another classic Manning moment. Watch:

  • "mid-continent" is a meaningless name that does not reflect Wichita..change it!

    The effort has begun to change the name of the Wichita airport! Phil and I are behind it!The city is currently building a new airport for several reasons. One reason is to build a more functional airport. Another important reason is to have our airport reflect the size, importance, history and sophistication of our city and state. That translates to more industry and more jobs. Major companies will not locate here if they think they cannot recruit top level employees to come here. What creates the first impression of people coming here? Our airport! Mid-Continent was the name of the Kansas City airport and we latched on to it after Kansas City came up with a better name. It referred to Mid-Continent Oil Company. Wichita is not even the middle of the continent! It means nothing! Go to to sign the petition we will take to the city council. Please share the petition with your friends on Facebook and otherwise. You will also find a story about this idea elsewhere on this website. Thanks for taking a look.

  • Let's Change This About Wichita

    On Monday morning at 7:30 Phil and I will reveal something we'd really like to see changed about our beloved hometown. I am hopeful you will agree from us. Please take time on Monday to listen at 7:30am and to call us with your comments pro or con on what we think needs changed. The number is 436-1045.

  • To sleep, perchance to dream!

    I love sleep. Waking up at 4 a.m. makes me love sleep even more. What's more, I love dreams. I have the best, weirdest, most fascinating dreams on a nightly basis. Friends, family and even celebrities make appearances in my dreams. I hate it when I can't sleep because I feel like crap the next day plus I didn't get to have one of my crazy dreams. The thought of only getting 1 or 2 hours of sleep is something that gives me terrible anxiety. So last night my 2 worlds collided...I fell asleep which is a good thing...I had dreams, which usually is a good thing...but what did I dream??? That I was up all night and couldn't sleep!!!! LOL!!!

  • Sure Wish Colorado Was Still Part of Kansas

    Just got back from spending time in the mountains. The weather was so wonderful, pleasant during the day and cool at night. Flowers and trees and grass love that sort of thing. And there are the views...I understand that much of Colorado was once Kansas territory...who ever convinced us to shrink our border must've been a really smooth talker, saying...."you don't want any moutains to deal with, they're so hard to drive covered wagons over" or something like that! Think of the tourist dollars we are missing now!

  • So Shirley Partridge was Fictious?

    I can't believe all the anchors on Good Morning America acting surprised at Shirley Jones' memoir that reveals she had a sex life. They also must never have heard the rumors about she and her "son" David Cassidy. Let's be real... she was a hot starlet in the 50s and 60s and starred with some of the most popular leading men of the times and they are shocked that she was not (according to her new memoir) actually totally sex-less like the character she played in the Partridge Family. Let's see, good-looks, stardom, wealth, access to other could she possibly have been having sex?

  • How Did Miss The Hooters?

    Hooters unveiled their new logo, nice change from the body of the bird looking more real to more stylized. However in reading about the new logo, I discovered the eyes of the Owl are supposed to resemble women's breasts. I have to confess, I never noticed that. Sure, I know "Hooters" wasn't all about the owl...but the eyes? Never saw them coming!

  • Drilling for Oil Under Our City?

    The word is out after much behind the scenes negotiating was oilman and some members of city government want an oil well drilled right across from the old west bank stage area...what's in it for Wichita?

  • So What Do People Have Against Black Dogs?

    I don't get it. I love black dogs, but I hear from my friends in the world of sheltering animals that people shy away from adopting black dogs. I can't figure it out. Black dogs are beautiful! Do people think they look more menacing? Well, in that case they should adopt as Pit Bulls, Rotties, even Shepards are lovable dogs that can look menacing. I am particularly concerned about one dog who is black with some other markings. His name is "Rowdy" and he has resided at the "No Kill" shelter since his owner died in a motorcycle accident months ago... Could someone see the beauty of this wonderful black dog and give him a loving home. He's been without an owner who loves him for too long!

  • Are These Among the Worst Parents in America?

    I had long heard of T and T, but I had purposely avoided watching the show, knowing it would probably tick me off. Well, I stumbled upon it and it did. Five minutes was all it took to convince me that this show promotes bad parenting. My heart went out to the little girls, crying because they were being forced into ridiculous costumes so their mothers would be proud of them. I hope they are saving their proceeds from these shows for college and therapy. They'll need both.

  • Tonight There WIll Be a Public Hearing on Westar's Requested Increase

    Should Westar be allowed to raise their rates? No matter what you think, the place to let the Kansas Corporation Commision hear your thoughts is at the Hughes Metroplex at 29th and Oliver. Meeting tonight is at 6pm. Phil and I have had calls from listeners concerned that noone is calling them with automated updates as to the progress in restoring their power which was lost in high winds last Thursday. If you reading this on a neighbor's computer, because you are without power...Westar says call them again if you're still in the dark!

  • So Why Did We Buy Those Fountains?

    Seems to me the whole Water Walk project has been a series of missteps. Most people, rightly or wrongly, believed "Water Walk" meant walking to businesses that would be built along the river bank and maybe even taking water taxis up and down the "Water Walk". Perhaps that's how we ended up with the fountains we have now...a show stopper designed to embellish the arid looking area known as the "Water Walk" Unfortunately, the fountains can't operate properly due to Kansas wind. Really? Who knew we very often have sustained winds in excess of 10mph? Who knew drought was a distinct possibility?...the answer is everyone knew, except those in charge.

  • In Search of A Ring

    The saga began around 1998. At a friend's new house he and I found a class ring. I took responsibility for finding the previous owner. Without social media the search proved very difficult. I kept meaning to resume the search, but there were other priorities. Then I saw a national story about a 19 year-old reuniting a class ring and its owner and the search was back on. It's possible the 19 year-old was more concerned about the reunion of owner and ring than I was, because at 19 you're still wearing yours! Anyway, thus far it has been determined that the ring belongs to Tony Jones...Too bad his name is not Tony Jaborski or something else less common...but I am not giving up...TRJ I am looking for you!

  • iphone case is a stun gun

    So if I get the iphone case with the stun gun, then theoretically the "bad guy" will reach for or demand my iphone and I can easily stun him, correct? Hmmm seems like a good idea...catch 'em off-guard. Might be worth the $140 investment! What do you think? Email me at

  • Craziest Travel Promotion Ever

    The Japanese Island of Yoron does, according to the head of their Chamber of Commerce, appear to be shaped like the spinner from the American Board Game LIFE. Right. what does Yoron do with that? They are now inviting tourists play the game of LIFE for $5 and not just any game of LIFE, but a life-sized game...18 foot boards...spinner that is a roulette wheel, busses that look like the game pieces that drive people around to the various life stages featured in the game. Game is on July 20th until Sept 19th. Everyone who plays wins at least one-dollar in LIFE money that can be used only on the big jackpot however. Hmmm...would you want to play? Let me know at

  • I was Really Hoping That Paris Could Rise Above The Chaos

    I am so sorry to hear that Paris Jackson has attempted suicide. I was hopeful that despite what can, at best ,be described as an unusual childhood, MIchael Jackson's kids would thrive. I don't think Michael meant to harm anyone when he decided to be a father, but he had endured a difficult childhood and it is sad that he did not recognize that he created an even more difficult one for his children. I hope Paris recovers and is able to embrace whatever help she needs. I worry also about her brother and half-brother.~Jan

  • How Did Someone Find the Medallion Hunt on the Second Clue?

    The Eagle has a headline that indicates that the Medallion has been found...the first clue was, as always, more of a rules reminder so the only real hints were in clue #2. How did anyone get it so fast? I want details :>). Is it like the Lottery?...Wichita Festivals and the Eagle know the medallion has been found...they're just waiting to see who presents it? Did you know the general area after the second clue? If you did, please email me at!

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