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  • Independence Day: Resurgence trailer has been released

    One of my all time favorite movies was Independence Day. I love sci-fi and the action in this movie was awesome. I remember vividly seeing this in the movie theater and instantly falling in love with it. As it's based around July 4th, I can also always count on it being broadcast on TV around that time of the year to continue to enjoy it. Imagine my joy when we found out earlier this year that a sequel was finally given a green light. And now we have our first look at the new movie INDEPENDENCE DAY: Resurgence! I CANNOT WAIT! - Johnny

  • Neil Peart is done with Rush????

    The band Rush recently finished up their R40 Tour. So what's next? Well, for drummer Neil Peart, it sounds like he's retiring.

  • Is it higher or lower?

    I love watching most game shows. I remember one from my youth that I watched all the time, the game show 'Card Sharks'. The questions where the host Jim Perry would ask and you would have to give a percentage of the people who you thought would do whatever the question was, while the challenger would have to say higher or lower. Then the winner of the match would play the round where you would say higher or lower than the card from the giant deck of cards that was showing to get to the top and the big money. I loved that game.

  • Under Pressure: Freddie Mercury and David Bowie

    Just how good was Freddie Mercury?

  • Rolling Stones to record new album

    As many other older bands are calling it quits, whether on the road or in the studio, the Rolling Stones continue to tour and now comes word from guitarist Keith Richards, the Rolling Stones will be heading back in to record and release a new album. The fact that they just celebrated 50 years a few years ago, doesn't seem to deter them from slowing down.

  • Top 10 Bon Jovi songs

    I was born in New Jersey. And I was exposed to the band Bon Jovi since I was a teenager. Was a big fan of the Slippery When Wet album and have fond memories of watching MTV back in the day when they actually played music videos and always turned up the volume on the tv and rocked out when they aired a Bon Jovi video.

  • Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page

    Happy Birthday today to Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. He turns 71 today. So many amazing songs from LZ and even better, Jimmy's guitar solos.

  • Baseball fans, the class of 2015 includes..........

    The 2015 Hall of Fame inductees has been announced for Major League Baseball. Its the biggest class in 60 years. Who were you hoping to get in? This years class includes two players that I saw play in my hometown of Houston. One played his entire career in Houston, the other played for a few years. This is truly an amazing class for the 2015 Hall of Fame.

  • 2015 Movies

    2015 is finally here. And if you are a movie buff like me, this is going to be a great year for either heading to the movie theater, or Netflix or going to the movie rental location to get it. Lots of big time movies are slated for release. From science fiction releases like the new Star Wars to the next Marvel Avengers installment to the classic love story novel with a movie adaptation 50 Shades of Grey and a sequel about a popular male dancer in Magic Mike XXL and even the popular cyborg returns in the Terminator story. Thrillers, action adventure, sci-fi and more, 2015 is going to be an awesome year.

  • The SIX BILLION Dollar Man....What?

    Do you remember the tv show from the 70's starring Lee Majors? He played Steve Austin, an astronaut who was fitted with bionic parts. Well, typical Hollywood fashion, its being turned into a movie. This time, counting in the inflation of the value of money, its title has changed using the letter B and also we have learned the A-list star that will play the lead role.

  • PRETTY COOL: What if the album cover was actually this?

    Album covers have become just as popular and famous as the bands and the songs featured on the specific album. A cool concept has come out to the 'what if' scenario of if the album cover picture was actually bigger than what we see and that has become famous.

  • VIDEO: Beatles pancakes????

    I love breakfast. I love eating pancakes and soaking them up with syrup. I'm a fan of the band The Beatles. So what do you get when you combine the two?

  • It's OFFICIAL.... Malcolm retires from AC/DC!

    If you're an AC/DC fan....there is GOOD news and there is BAD news!

  • The David Bowie Art exhibit is now open.....

    Are you a David Bowie fan??? In Chicago, the David Bowie art exhibit is now open and its very cool. Some really cool things are featured.

  • Who had the first US manufactured CD?

    Sept 21st, 1984 is the date the first US plant opens in Indiana to start making CD's. Which artist had the first produced CD in America? Bruce Springsteen of course!

  • VIDEO: Ice Bucket Challenge fails.... (funny)

    I love this cause. I think it's great that this movement has spread all over the country and we all probably have friends or family that have accepted and even challenged others to do the ice bucket challenge for ALS. However, a good cause doesn't always mean a perfect ice bucket challenge. hahaha

  • Rocker Peter Frampton takes it in his own hands...

    We all go to concerts. Many times, there are rules that we are told not to do. Don't take any video and don't use your flash on your camera are two of the most common ones many concerts try to enforce. Peter Frampton held a concert in Indiana and some concertgoers in the front row learned first hand what happens when you don't obey those rules. In fact, the security team didn't enforce the rule, Peter Frampton himself enforced it.


    I love wine and I prefer reds. Whenever I have a good sit down dinner I usually order a red wine with the main course. I had heard about this a while back, but never looked into it. This morning on my timeline on facebook, a friend posted a pic of the wine he had for dinner last night and it was one of these 'Wines That Rock'.

  • INCREDIBLE!!! These will make your life easier....

    I came across this link and was blown away by more than half of these I can start immediately and it would totally make my life easier. These are simple and amazing! You'll think to yourself 'why didn't I think of this' on many of them.

  • IRONY at its best.... Beetles kill a Beatle memorial tree!

    Word comes out that a memorial tree that was dedicated to George Harrison of The Beatles was destroyed by beetles, of the bug kind.

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