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End of an Era....

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So everybody gets sad when something in their lives changes...I can name a half a dozen TV shows that ended after a long run and I was bummed.  When MASH, Happy Days, ALF, The Cosby Show, Cheers, Friends, and there are several others..  Well, TODAY, was Regis Philbin's last day on the LIVE with Regis show.  I was sad to see Andy Rooney step down but Regis stepping down is affecting me more.  I watched the show sparingly over the years, mostly in college and during the times i wasnt at school or had a job that didnt start til later.  I mostly became a fan of his through his numerous appearances on David Letterman's shows.  The two of them had a funny chemistry and so that is how i mostly became a fan of Regis.  Thank you for all the great laughs and memories. You will be missed!

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