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Losing a Parent...

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It was 8 years ago today that I lost my stepfather to lung cancer.. I miss him dearly.  It happened so fast, with him being diagnosed and losing his battle only in a 9 week period.  How I met my stepfather is a great story that i cherish to this day.  See, my mom was a nurse at a hospital.  One day when I was about 18, I was in a boating accident and was taken to the emergancy room of the hospital in which my mom worked. She happened to be there at the time, but after several times of paging her on the intercom system in the hospital, she never came down.. A few minutes later, a doctor showed up and said he was a friend of my mom's and heard her being paged, so he came down to see what was up.  He ended up taking care of my injury.  That doctor was married at the time. Not more than a year or so later, he was divorced and my mom and he being friends, took their friendship to the next level.  He became my stepfather and was a great part of my adult life.  I gained two great step sisters and am an Uncle to their children.  I have a scar on my shoulder from that injury and consider that a wonderful reminder of him and his legacy..  Miss ya Bob.

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