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Who had the first US manufactured CD?

Are they really necessary???

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Hmm. let's see...WHY are many American's in financial trouble??? The creation of Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Father's Day, Black Friday and now Cyber Monday... There are probably a few more that I can't think of right now..Let's spend money that we dont have on buying things on these so called holidays and rack up more debt to the debt we already have. Does this help the economy or make the poor poorer???    I can understand Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and certain days of rememberance that we spend money on, but the above mentioned days are just not necessary.  Shouldnt we be spending our money more wisely on mortgages, car notes, college educations, putting food on the table instead of flatscreens, the latest in tech phones, computers, etc.   Just a thought!

(and on a side note: for that Mother's day comment, I LOVE YOU MOM!!! haha)

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