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I can relate to hearing about the closing of Boeing Wichita!

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I grew up in Clear Lake City, TX, which is actually a portion of Houston.  Clear Lake is the home of the Johnson Space Center of NASA.  It's 'was' the  training site of astronauts who traveled into space aboard one of the shuttles.  To give a little background, for the first 5 years of the program, our family knew all of the astronauts that were involved.  I went to school with thier kids.  I personally knew four of the 7 astronauts that perished in the first shuttle disaster.  I have pictures on my wall at my home of a friend of ours during one of his space walks holding onto a satellite fixing it. 

So hearing of the recent impending closure of Boeing here in Wichita, I know is a huge blow to the city and area.  I saw and heard first hand how difficult it was for many of my friends and their families that struggled when they first learned that the shuttle program was being stopped and meant that Clear Lake and NASA would not be the same.  I continue to hear about people leaving the area to find other work or being downsized from NASA. 

My heart goes out to the employees and families of Boeing Wichita which will no doubt be a very tough time during the transition.

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