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REALLY???? Is Cloning your Pet really the thing to do????

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I was sitting on my couch last night watching tv with my dog SJ next to me.  I was flipping through the channels and came across a show called 'I Cloned My Pet'..  REALLY???  Now, I for one and very close to my dog.  My first dog Stoney was my life and I had him for 13 years before he died in my arms.  SJ is named after Stoney.  So I am all about the bond that I have for my dog.  Would I ever consider cloning my dog.  The show followed several people that did and why they did it.  I see where they are coming from, but REALLY????  It also costs in upwards of $50,000 to do the cloning and its not a guarentee.   And then the argument, ok, so its basically the same dog, or IS IT?  Is the personality the same, etc.    I loved my dog Stoney dearly.  I love my dog SJ now dearly. I will hate to lose SJ when that day comes.  I will mourne and hopefully move on to get another dog and continue that cycle.  But cloning a dog, REALLY????

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