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The end is near! I am starting to believe it!

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So, the last two nights in a row, the FX channel has had on the movie 2012 staring John Cusack, Danny Glover and others.  The movie came out in 2009 and I remember going to the movie theater to watch it.  The movie was about the earth changing and eventually there would be catastophic disaster with the loss of life, civilization and basically everything.  It's got me thinking, ok, so now that it's 2012, what IS going to happen.  With the Mayan calender stopping this year, how is life as we know it going to change.  Will it be like the movie and the earth changing to cause all of the chaos, or will it be a meteor from outer space hitting earth or will the earth just explode like the scene from Star Wars.  We have heard for years of the ending in 2012, but I want to know HOW?  These are the things that are keeping me up at night!

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