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Who had the first US manufactured CD?

Happy 40th!!! Can't believe it's been 40 years....

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One of my ALL time favorite movies, The Godfather, is celebrating its 40th year since it was released. It's been on TV all this week.  If I am watching TV, no matter what I am watching, if I flip through the channels and I come across The Godfather, I always stop whatever I am doing and watch the movie.  It was such a classic movie, with amazing dialogue. 

And for me, it's also a special movie since my older brother was actually in the movie.  He was 4 years old at the time, I was not born yet.  His character was that of one of Tom Hagan's (Robert Duval) children.  He was in about 2-3 scenes in the movie but his most prominant part is he is in the famous 'wedding' picture from the movie. 

Here is the pic:  He is the youngest kid on the left in the white tuxedo.

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