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Do you play Texas Hold Em Poker???

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I do.  And now hearing that the poker room at the Kansas Star is open, I may be in trouble. haha.  Living pretty close to a casino is good and bad.  Good in that its a short drive to go relax and play cards.  Bad because it may become addicting and depending on if you win or lose, financially it could be bad.  I consider myself to be a good, tight player that only plays hands that I think I can win.  Hopefully this mentality puts me more in the win column and I can make a few extra bucks every so often.  One of the things on my 'bucket list' is to enter the WSOP and try to get in the money... The buy in is $10,000 and the chances of getting in the money is so slim since over 2,000 people play in this tournament.. But I hope to enter the tournament one day and see what happens.  Until then, I'll see you at the Kansas Star for some Texas Hold Em.

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