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Finally, there is a movie I want to see....

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Is it just me, or is the quality of movies that are out in theaters just not that appealing lately.  The last movie I went to see was Moneyball about 2 months ago.  Before that it was Mission Impossible.  So I have seen 2 movies at a movie theater in 6 months.  That's not normal for me as I usually enjoy going and checking out a movie on the weekend.  So, finally, this weekend the movie 21 Jump Street is coming out.  The trailor looks cheesy and I am really not a huge fan of the stars of the movie, Jonah Hill and I don't know much about Channing Tatum.  Ice Cube also stars in the movie.  The reason I am going is because I was a fan of the TV show 21 Jump Street back in the early 90's starring Johnny Depp.  As a matter of fact, Johnny Depp is in this movie adaptation. I am not sure how much screen time he will have.  For me, going to the movie is more curiousity than anything just to see how they do this movie and comparing it to the tv show.  We shall see.

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