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WOW! The power of a tornado...

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I am from Texas.  Seeing what happened in the Dallas area the other day is still mind blowing the devastation that can occur in an instant.  I have many friends who live in the Dallas area and corresponding with them over the last few days has been eye opening to hear what was going through their minds.  Everyone I know is ok, with no damage.  Growing up in the Houston are of Texas, I was exposed to hurricanes and I have even beein in California during earthquakes.  I have never experienced a tornado and hope and pray that I never do.  Living here in Kansas now, the thought is certainly in the back of my mind.  I appreciate the siren tests I hear at 12noon at the beginning of each month and also our sister station KFDI's News department and feel much safer if something were to happen.

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Wichita, KS

WNW at 17 mph
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