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Brock Lesnar...WWE to UFC back to WWE!!!

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Ok, So I think I've mentioned before that I am still a pro wrestling fan.  Yeah, I know...lame.  It's fake. Well sure, but so what. It's a male soap opera and I am still a fan.  Well, Brock Lesnar, who was once in the WWE left years ago and went to the UFC, which is 'VERY' real and succeeded and became a champion.  Just recently, Brock came back to the WWE.  On last night's show, he showed up for a segment with John Cena.  To say the segment was faked, is not exactly the truth.  The storyline is scripted, sure, but there were several punches that connected and were very real.  As a fan, it was great to watch.  They brough back Brock for the mainstream exposure that his return would bring to the WWE. It's working.  ESPN, and several other mainstream outlets are all over this story.   I love pro wrestling... haha!

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