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Experiencing a tornado warning to this magnitude.

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I grew up in South Texas. I have experienced 30+ hurricanes in my life. The difference for hurricanes, is we have a weeks warning and we know the path of it. A tornado warning to the magnitude that happened this past weekend for Kansas was my first experience. I live in a townhome with no basement. I decided that me and my dog SJ would come to the radio station since our building has a lower level floor that has safe areas. Listening to our sister station KFDI and Dan Dillon and his team was amazing. Listening to the storm chasers and the hearing about the locations of where the tornados touched down and having that nervous feeling in your stomach. I had never experienced that. Obviously, its tough to hear about the destruction that it could cause that these can cause.

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Wichita, KS

Scattered Clouds
Scattered Clouds
S at 10 mph

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