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The Space Shuttle program is over!!!

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Seeing in the news the other day about the shuttle's being flown to their final destination of museums is not easy for me. See, I grew up in Houston, TX. More specifically, Clear Lake City, the home of NASA and the Johnson Space Center. That facility is where all of the astronauts of the shuttle program trained. For the first 5 or so years of the program, my family personally knew about 90% of all the men and women who went into space. I personally knew 4 of the 7 that perished in the first shuttle explosion featuring the teacher. I went to school with the the kids of the astronauts. I have many friends now that work for NASA and have clearance in Mission Control. My friend's dad was appointed by President Obama to be the head of NASA. I was actually fortunate enough to walk into the 747 airplane with a Space Shuttle on top of it as it. So hearing about the program and seeing these final flights to museums is bittersweet. I hope soon that America decides to go back to manned space exploration and that the Johnson Space Center in Houston thrives once again.

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