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I am such a movie geek....

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Last night, I sat on my couch, my dog SJ jumped up and I turned on the TV.  I flipped through the channels and I came across the movie Avatar on FX.  I was such a fan of that movie when it came out in the theater.  To me, this movie will become one of those movies that no matter what I am watching, if I flip around channels and come across it, I will stop watching what I originally was and keep it on Avatar.  Other movies that have that same effect on me are Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze, Animal House, The Godfather and The Godfather II and more recently the movie 2012 which has been on like 25 times in the last two months and I have watched it EVERY time...  Why are there movies like that, that have that effect on us.  What are the movies that you always find yourself watching when they come on the tv?  tell me.  

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